creepy story on reddit


  • Well i just read through that, pretty scary stuff! 

    Don't read through those threads if you live with your rents and they just went on a trip lol

  • Those are story prompts so far I haven't seen anything real posted.
  • Yuck, scary. I freak myself out over stuff like that all the time. And my roommate went out of town for two weeks :(
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    That was a fun read, thanks!

    Do people do this often?
  • Should be on creepy pasta not Reddit. Find this hard to believe.
  • BrawnBrawn Baltimore, MD
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  • Brawn said:

    It was an entertaining read.  The whole point of NoSleep is to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.

    Ahhh. So it's like creepypasta but the Reddit version. Pretty cool. Especially the style of writing having it be like a daily update thing.
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    no sleep has some pretty talented writers. I don't read them all that often, and I don't really consider them that scary, but I've had some that left me feeling different. This story really stuck with me for about a week. The afterlife that he built was haunting and well detailed. 

  • I'm a night owl, so whenever I end up reading a /r/nosleep post or a creepypasta I'm terrified when I take my dog outside at 3 AM.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    I've read a few of the 'ritual pastas' / 'paranormal games' pastas. Also nosleep/creepy pastas about accounts of people delving too deep down the wrong back alleys of the Internet. There is some terrifying shit out there.
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