Season Five Preview Cast! *BOOK SPOILERS*

We will be recording this tomorrow.  If you want to talk about spoiler speculation, here is the place to do it! 


  • I hear their giving Jon Snow the ADWD treatment this season. That outta produce some interesting fan reaction if it really does happen this season.

    I'm pretty shocked Aegon is being excluded entirely. I really thought he was going to be a major player even though he most certainly isn't who he claims to be.
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    Here's is a review of the first episode with details of what happens. Spoilers ahead
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    I wonder if Aegon is actually not going to be excluded, and D&D have just been holding it tight. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gave an interview last week and at the end he held up a duck and said it was a spoiler for book readers ... could be f-ing with us BUT a lot of online chatter thinks duck = Duck aka Rolly Duckfield aka one of Young Griff's knights. Seems like a strech. Honestly I'm fine w/ skipping the Aegon/Griff story and streamlining Tyrion's path to Dany. But who knows? It all depends what is really important to the end game that GRRM told them, since all indications are that they are following his intended ending.

    Another interpretation is that "duck" is what Brienne says to Lady Stoneheart ... so if he's hinting to that, fuck yea.

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    I have a few ideas with how this story is going to flow this season with the belief that stone heart will be hinted at and introduced either in the finale or the opening for season 6.  Here are my reasons for thinking this.  So Jaime is going to dorne and replacing I am guessing if or  when Jaime recovers Mrycella he will have to turn north and have to go through the riverlands in order to get back to Kings Landing.  Now your probably asking yourself why take the road instead of by ship! Well another thought is that one of the Greyjoys are reeving on the coasts making travel by ship very risky.  Now so Jaime is in the Riverlands and Brieene will probably end up there searching for Sansa Stark.  Then that sets everything up for Stoneheart to make her undead enterance.  

    A lot of speculation but let me know what you guys think.
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    Yeah, the double d's have also said they aren't doing lady stoneheart.  No way they get away with that?  I do wonder, with the radical departure from Jamie's arc and presumably Brienne's... what if a lot of the story I like in Feast and Dragons turns out to be pointless or a distraction?
  • There will not be LSH.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard thats exactly why I got so pissed at the news that the books would spoil the show. Did we just find out the long ass bullshit bunny trail GRRM led us down? If so, that is ice fucking cold.

  • It's on GRRM's official website for some reason I can't paste the link here from my phone.
  • Awesome thanks @steph_b
  • It's soooooo good!! I want the whole book now!!!

    I assume we get to see something like this in season 5. It must be why they released it now.

    Kinda like releasing the Arya/Mercy chapter last year before her scene at the Inn.
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    I really want to make some insightful
    comments, but I can't remember shit for some
    reason. Everything from the books along with the show bleeds together. I
    can read something about something and it totally comes back to me, but
    otherwise I draw blanks.I wish I had the will power to just ignore
    everything that is ASOIAF for the next 15 years and then just binge on
    it when the work is completed. But I can't. It's worse than cigarettes
    and crack cocaine.

    BTW, I know what your thinking, 15 years... Sheeeeee-it
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    From what I recall in the Season 5 preview, it looked like Sansa and LF had a tournament in the background, the release of this chapter really does make sense. Sansa is now becoming more the 'daughter' of LF and is learning to 'seduce' to get what she wants and play the long con.  

    Hmmm and they say GRRM has little influence on the show and visa versa. Ya right :P
  • There has been some speculation about Sansa replacing Fake Arya and marrying Ramsay.

    I hope the show sticks with the Harry the Heir bit and doesn't go too off the rails.
  • That seems pretty far fetched. Littlefinger doesn't benefit at all by marrying Sansa to Ramsey, and even if it did I don't think he would subject Sansa to that. Yes, he's manipulative and ambition, but I think he genuinely cares for Sansa, albeit in a fairly creepy way. It's far more likely that they will use Ramsey's already established paramour as fake Arya.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I think Sansa will play more of the Wyman Manderly role. Go to Winterfell sabotage incognito the Bolton and Frey plans. IF she does go to Winterfell. 

    I agree the more likely Fake Arya is Ramsey's girl friend that likes to hunt with her in the show. 

     Angry GOT Fan is really far fetched at times and out there.  
  • Angry GOT fan doesn't think the theory is very plausible. and he didn't write that. Shelley did. The piece was supposed to be analyzing someone else's theory that was posted on Reddit.
  • Sansa taking on the Wyman Manderly role seems more plausible, especially when the previews for this season feature LF telling Sansa 'to avenge them' so prominently. 

    So I tried posting this earlier, and it looks like it didn't come trough, but if my computer is simply just fucking I apologize if I already posted this, but I'm pretty sure this season will end with Jon Snow meeting his demise, and I wonder if it will have the same impact on the show that it did in the book. Jon Snow, or Jon Show if you will, isn't as compelling of a character, and most non-book readers I talk to wouldn't rank him in the top 3 of their favorite characters. Really, it wasn't until "YEW KNEA NATHIN JAN SNEAU", most  people I talked to just referred to him as the Stark kid at the wall. 

    I trust the Double D's and they have done a terrific job, but the Jon Snow's stabbing and possible death is a huge cliffhanger and could have a huge impact to the overall story (Martin has even said he wrote that chapter years ago, and he wanted to put it in the perfect spot), I just hope it doesn't get lost on the tv audience.
  • Not sure how long this will be up but someone who supposedly saw the first 4 GOT episodes does an AMA and its pretty shocking to me. 

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    Just wanted to start off by saying i have not read the books but I love hearing the spoiler section since I know it's going to be different from the books and I don't know when I will get around to read them. After listening to Bald Move's first spoiler episode for season 5, I came up with 2 predictions.

    I've heard story is going to change in the show by going to Dorn (I think thats how you spell it) instead of wherever he goes in the books. I've also heard Jamie might take the role of the kingsmen who went with Marcella when she was sent away by Tyrian if the previews are saying he's going to Dorn. Since we're not sure what the writers will do with him, maybe he gets killed off for shock value. I don't know every characters name, so I'm not going to try to confuse everyone and myself to try to explain and go deeper into this theory. 

    It's a wild guess and it might need to be placed with the mermaid theories but since we don't have any book material to compare with the show, it would add great shock value to kill off Jamie.

    Also, I know the mountain becomes some kind of Frankenstein death monster and if HBO says it's too much money to bring back the actress for Lady Stoneheart, maybe they combine the two characters. I don't really know their roles in the books but it might be  more cost efficient if they combine a zombie with Frankenstein's monster. Have Death Mountain do things Lady Stoneheart does? 

    I don't know but can't wait for this season to start! Hopefully the season finale will be in IMAX!!
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    Once again great job on the spoiler cast Aron and Jim - thoroughly enjoyable.
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    MUCH prefer the new music! 

    Thinking more about Stoneheart, if they do away with that it seems like that changes a lot of Brienne's story too, and possibly Jaime's by extension. 

    I pretty much love the idea of Sansa being the new Manderly. Makes a lot of sense.
  • Looks like the Sansa = Fake Arya is happening after all. Looks like Shelly and Angry GOT Fan were onto something all the way back in December. So many people gave them shit for that too. People can be merciless when you put your neck out and make predictions or post theories online. But it can be so sweet if one of them actually comes to pass. I wouldnt know much about that personally since I'm almost always wrong with my predictions. Most recently I was dead ass wrong about Martha on The Americans. :(
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Sansa is Farya, Lady Dustin, Manderley and LSH all in one lol
  • Good luck to the DDs on that effort!
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