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Does anyone else think that the theater experience has been lessened just a bit by the fact that all of the "new" movie trailers that are shown on opening night having already been dropped on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and have talked about by everyone weeks before the theater shows them?

I remember one of the more exciting things about going to see a big blockbuster in theaters was seeing the big new trailers for movies I had no idea were being released soon, or in some instances- I had no idea were even being made. Now when I see a big new trailer for essentially any movie, I'm thinking "Yeah I saw that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer where Kurt Russell shows up at the end like 2 weeks ago. And I already know the character he's playing because every official media website has  reported it, including the director and producers in interviews"

In listening to the first-run Bald Movies, it sounds like Jim and A-ron don't pay as much attention to all of the trailers and spoiler'ish movie info being dropped on youtube and the internet, so it's new to them when they see it in the theaters and discuss it. Which is enviable in some ways.


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    Yeah, I used to be that guy, but I don't have time to be as much of a pop cultural generalist as I used to be.  I typically watch the really big stuff like Star Wars and comic book movies, but it is fun to get excited by a hot new trailer on the big screen.  Sets you up sometimes.  I was so hyped for The Cure for Wellness, and it ended up being forgettable. 
  • As a general rule I try not to watch trailers, so the only time I see them is in the theater's really; even then I will plug my ears and look away if it looks like the trailer is giving away too much. I think we're also outliers for how much people consume this stuff; most people only go to a couple of movies a year. 
  • As someone who rarely sees movies in the Theatres I'm all for home releases of trailers.
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  • I try to just see the first two trailers of any movie. And the only way I'll see more than that is at a theater. I guess the site I go to dont show new trailers unless you click on them. But I will say that even when I've seen a good one before seeing it on the big screen with a couple of hundred people is still thrilling.
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