Makeup Critique

Just sent in an email, but wanted to get everyone else's thoughts.

Is it just me or does it seem like the Double Ds don't have their "give a fuck" switch turned on in regards to Makeup? A-Ron's criticism of the Tapioca Pudding 3 Eyed Raven is well known , as well as The Mountain not being aged up to look older than his younger brother The Hound, when all it would have taken is a little bit of salt & peppering of his beard and hair with some gray.

I bring this up because I just did not buy the witch in the tent in Cersei's flashback scene at all. Was she rough around the edges? Sure. Would a child find that intimidating or frighting? Sure. But, add a few layers of clothing and tone down the eyeliner and she'd fit right in at Craster's Keep or any other of the low rent brothels we've seen.

To their credit, the Double Ds have always known when to omit flamboyant features (ie, no purple haried, forked bearded Darrio NyQuillis) but, for a fantasy series, featuring dragons, giants, and ice demons, it just seems like they should not be afraid to swing for the fences on notable characters and should certainly be aware of the smaller details when it comes to aging characters ​up.



  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    LOL I thought Maggy the Frog was related to Osha hahahhahah - not very woods witch to me.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    At first I thought it WAS Osha, but was wondering why child Cersei was there.
  • She was absolutely NOT what I pictured! I'm not sure why they decided to go that route with her.
  • I thought the witch looked like Natasha Lyonne. It would have been really cool if it was. That deep gravely voice would have been perfect. 

    I'm fine with the change in appearance of the witch. Bloodraven is totally unacceptable though. 
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, they need to re-work the Three eyed crow.  Season 4 TEC = The Beanpole that Rides.  Weird, but a bit part, so you can't complain about it too much.   Season 5+ TEC needs to be The Mountain.  Preferably Season One Mountain or Season Four Mountain with some salt and pepper in his beard.
    steph_bJudd B
  • They def should have done at least something to age up the Mountain for sure. It wouldn't take much for the excellent costume and makeup crew they have.
  • I have a theory on why Maggy doesn't look hideous. I think it relates to the prophecy itself and how Maggy might define the word "beautiful". Maggy is a woman who looks very much like someone who might have been very attractive at one point, but now is said to be hideous, etc. So, her interpretation of "beauty" is likely to be much different than say, Cersei's, or a lot of people's. The description of Maggy in the books is from Cersei's POV so perhaps it was never very accurate. Perhaps Cersei never would have noticed that Maggy may have been attractive once. If this is accurate, the show would have to use someone who wasn't hideous for the viewers, and might also be why instead of describing her as ugly as in the books, Cersei just calls her boring instead. Of course, we won't know until we find out who the "beauty" really is in the end. 

  • I always thought Maggie the Frog is also the Ghost of High Heart. If that is true then Arya describes her similarly to Cersei's description. Good point though about Cersei's perspective of beauty coloring her view of the witch. Although Cersei does mention that Maggie isn't as ugly and scary as she expected.
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