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  • EnverEnver Toronto
    Jon's hesitation mirrors Danny's from last week. They had me worried. Glad they went through with it.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    And I was glad Stannis was there to see it.

    Which queen is Jorah planning to take Tyrion to?  I feel that  it being Cersei is a red herring.

    Is Little Finger planning to kill off the Bolton's similar to how he killed Robb Stark?  Will that gain him favour with Stannis?

    And Tatsu from Arrow had a short appearance in this episode.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, several big questions coming out of this episode, but the biggest is probably "what does Littlefinger gain from this move?"
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Is Jon Snow's sword (Longclaw?) much, much smaller than Ice was?  I guess Tywin was right that Ned's sword was ridiculously huge.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    Ice was massive (possibly even taller than me), but I also think Tywin was being a bit of an ass because he got a thrill of melting it down to make two Lannister swords.  Longclaw is still a large sword, though.  IIRC, it's between a greatsword (Ice) and a longsword.
  • EnverEnver Toronto

    Does Tyrion speak Valyrian? He certainly understood what the Asian priestess was saying but remarked in common tongue (English).

    Btw, the look she gave Tyrion was similar to Melissandre - Jon stare down from 410.

  • EnverEnver Toronto
    Cory said:

    Which queen is Jorah planning to take Tyrion to?  I feel that  it being Cersei is a red herring.

    Is Jorah aware of Tywin's death and of Tyrion being wanted?

  • CoryCory New Scotland
    @pavlovsbell - I guess I was assuming all of the Valaryan steel swords were that massive.

    @Enver - It's quite possible he does, Varys seemed to think there was danger to them from people seeking the bounty (which surprised me, I had assumed they were pretty much free of that being that far away).
  • First, I am not sure of the wisdom of Jon Snow to have Ollie in at all his important meetings.  Ollie must have intense feelings of hate at the wildings who killed his family, and Jon Snow will likely need to have some compromise with them.  Will Ollie tell others of what he may see as Jon Snow's love of the enemy?

    It seems that Jon is reading the book of WWTD (What would Tywin Do?).  Arry got to listen in on a lot of important meetings at Harrenhal

    Second - In the Instant Take, I am not sure if it was Jim or A. Ron was going on about the double standard of the seduction of Tommen by Margaery.  It is an older world, and one that is driven more by physical strength.  Therefore, the civilized thing is to have additional feelings of protection for a young girl compared to a young boy in a heterosexual relationship.

    Agreed - it is not much different today as we see lots of women teachers (finally) being arrested for sex with teenage students.  Although, it is a standard even today to treat such crimes as less serious than if the sexes were reversed.  

    For many Muslims, the Burka is looked at as a form of protection of the women to avoid sexual leering by men.  

    It even continues with the "Yes means Yes" law in California, where if a man and a woman are both drunk, and have sex, it is the guy who is guilty and the woman is the victim. 

    Absolute equal treatment for women and men doesn't exist.  Laws and customs exist to the advantage of women, to counteract the biological strength and sexual drive of men.  

    As a man, that is ok.  However, we are seeing cases of women who abuse this advantage.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    I have a sword too (a Czech replica, I think 14th century) but if I saw one of these dudes coming I would just drop it and run the other way. I mean it's a serious dangerous weapon (I have chipped furniture to prove that since everyone wants to hold it but underestimates it) and was used in real medieval Europe against armor and such, but what they carry in the show and the skill they have with it is just ridiculously threatening.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    It's crazy the situational irony that is going in the North right now. John Snow has no idea how close he is to his sister and that he can save her. He would just have to take the deal from Stannis and become a Stark and he could have Winterfell. Well, and they have to defeat the Boltons of course. Although, Little Finger defiantly had something more up his sleeve than just marring off Sansa to the Boltons. Brienne could also save the day. Or maybe Sansa will save her own damn self! Then there is Theon and Sansa. I am really interested to see what happens there. I feel like he is going to break, he hasn't felt any true compassion in some time, and there is no way she doesn't recognize him.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    BTW here is fascinating video showing some real medieval fighting techniques used for fighting in full armor. Notice how different it is from how it's usually depicted on tv.


    Particularly the way they hold their weapon, using two hands: one on the crossguard and one down the blade. Sometimes reinforcing it by clamping it in their armpit. They almost never use defensive moves with their sword, just relying on their armor and pushing forward to try to slide their weapon down a weak spot. Trying to push the opponent over with more wrestling type attacks.

    I wish we got to see that on GoT a little, instead of just the fencing styles. There are a few characters with serious armor that could fight like this if they got to square off against each other.
  • EnverEnver Toronto

    I am not sure of the wisdom of Jon Snow to have Ollie in at all his important meetings. 

    I felt the same way about Danny pillow talking Dario. I mean, he's already got her situation figured out, but don't go confiding in him and confirming your Achilles heel.

    I fear for Ollie though. There's one other person of the same age group and opposite sex at the wall, and I feel he's gonna do something stupid and buy himself a one way ticket the fire express.

    Speaking of double standards, not sure if it's been discussed already, but how do you think Cercei and Jaime would feel about the possibility of Tommen and Marcella carrying out the family tradition?

    Also, the way in which the dude who drank the water in the house of B&W was praying, is similar to how Muslims worship. And I believe ARon has made mention of their monotheistic religion being similar to Islam.


  • aberry89aberry89 California
    @Arctor  Cool video! I love learning stuff like that.  Have you seen this one on archery?   
  • edited April 2015
    @Cory i thought the same thing for a minute or two but what would he gain by bringing him to Cersei? He might know about the "warrant" or whatever you may call it but Dany seems to be the obvious choice

    But since she killed the slave Tyrion is safe in my eyes.

    Heres my question tho: does Tyrion getting captured mean the death of Varys? Dany would hate him even more cuz thats the guy Jorah was reporting too. Jorah would sell him out at the first chance he gets. Also, wouldnt Varys recognize Jorah? I mean its possible he never saw him get up in the brothel but Im curious. He must have known him before his banishment
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    @Jovial_Falcon - Yes, I think he's taking him to Dany too, although I'm not sure what Jorah thinks Dany would want him for?

    I assume Varys has some plan (likely involving Illyrio somehow) to prevent Dany dismissing and executing him.
  • edited April 2015
    @cory NAME DROP. I forgot all about illyrio. You could be right. Baraethon and Lannister are 2 names that dont go well with her. As far as I remember

    Didnt we find out Varys was cast out of Essos? Or something like that?
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I don't think we ever knew the exact reason he left Essos, just that it was after he was "cut".  He said something about being a beggar on the streets and climbing his way to becoming Master of Whispers.
    [Deleted User]
  • I dont feel like researching for sake of spoilers so ill take your word for it.

    @A_Ron_Hubbard do you know if this was answered in the show?
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    @aberry89 That is amazing! I imagine some of these guys from ancient times traveling to our time to like the Olympics and just going:

    "No, no, no, no. That is all wrong. What are you, five years old? Do you know nothing about archery? What's all this crap on this bow? Here just use mine.." *Hands them a piece of wood with a cow tendon.*
  • Did anyone else love Margaery's nod to Cersi being a drunk? 

    "I'm sorry we don't have any wine, it's a little early for us."

    Definitely my favorite line of the episode!
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    Listening to the podcast now, and it sounds like I'm maybe in the minority of generally liking Stannis? I think only behind Khaleesi ( by a pretty large margin  ) He would be the best king for the seven kingdoms.
    [Deleted User]Raiyne
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Love Stannis da Mannis too :)
  • @Underwood ya im down with Stannis but it might be because I'm all about the Lord of Light.

    We got another female "preacher" this week. Great surprise for me.

    Didnt Tyrion mention that drunkard who was suppose to convince King Robert while he was listening to her talk? I always forget everybodys name
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Stannis is moral and righteous to a fault even.

    I'm afraid to say I "like" him, for fear that as I type the words a certain author will kill him off IMMEDIATELY after.

    Not falling for THAT one again.

  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    I don't really understand the Margaery/Cersi relationship. Why would they be this hostile towards each other? It seems they have a mutual interest and would benefit more from being allies.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    edited April 2015

    Well we know from history that Cersei is a general bitch on wheels, and with her flash back we can sort of understand why.

    She comes from a powerful family, but feels underestimated as she's a female.

    She never felt she was given her due from her father, and with him now gone she is looking to fill the role he played as the real power behind the king. To do so she needs to hold on to her youngest son for dear life and Margaery is able to hold onto him with (clears throat) "other" things and exude more power over him and his decisions. Couple that with the flashback and she's REALLY feeling boxed into a corner (as she sees the new queen as her eventual undoing).

    Sidenote: I had to laugh at how much subtlety Tommen lacked when he was trying to have his mother ship off back to Casterly Rock. I'm sure she knew without a doubt that said conversation was Margaery's doing.

    As for Margaery, she's FINALLY queen as she's wanted for so long (third times the charm, huh?) so she's feeling herself a bit as assuming she's untouchable/family now. What's an alcoholic joke between family members right?
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    What's interesting is that another of my favorite characters, and probably a lot of people's, Brienne hates Stannis. If they do ever meet up, that would be a hell of a showdown
  • @Underwood Davoos will be the x factor in that scenario.... but probably get slain
  • MichaelMichael Virginia
    Ok, let's take a poll. Where are the Bolton's, Little Finger and Sansa? 

    It seems no one is really sure. Winterfell? Moat Calin? 

    It seems pretty obvious it's Moat Calin with all the views of it as they approach it, or Pod and Briene watching LF and Sansa going in. But I've been reading numerous reviews, and hearing other Pod's saying their in Winterfell. But I didn't see anything that showed them there. 
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