Best Movies of 2014!!

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I was posting on @hypergenesb‌ best shows of 2014 , so i'm plagiarising his post here, but I was going to list some the best movies of the year too, but maybe best to have it's own thread??

This empire article was part inspiration too

My personal top 5 are

1. Interstellar
2. Wolf of Wall Street
3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
4. Dawn of the Planets of the apes
5. Guaridans of the Galaxy

Special mention for 12 years a slave and Dallas buyers club, despite them emotionally destroying me

I hear the Nightcrawler, Lego movie and imitation game are strong but i've not seen those yet, would love to hear your guys thought's


  • The Wolf of Wall Street was 2013, as was 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyer's Club.

    I haven't seen Interstellar yet but I plan to before it leaves theaters. I think I'm going to see Birdman first though. The Lego Movie was surprisingly brilliant, definitely check it out. Guardians of the Galaxy was great too. I hear good stuff about Gone Girl but I haven't seen it yet, may catch it before it leaves theaters but quite possibly not.

    Nightcrawler was very good, Jake Gyllenhaal was perfectly creepy and succeeds at making his anti-hero character likable even though he's a total sociopath.

    I'm afraid I can't agree with you about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I enjoyed it as a borderline mindless summer movie, but I think it falls short of its inspirations. It pulls too much crap like what The Walking Dead does; the set up was great but the second half of the movie just lost me, I lost count of how many times it made me roll my eyes. My first big problem with it was when the idiots thought it would be a good idea to
    send that guy out that shot the ape in the beginning, back out with the others again! WTF? Most idiotic decision ever, it made no sense. And then come to find that oh yeah, they just needed him as a convenient plot catalyst.
    I thought that was very poor lazy writing, and then they went full retard towards the end. It also irritates the shit out of me that this is called Dawn of Planet of the Apes when logically it's really Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and that Rise of the Planet of the Apes is really Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. They really shat the bed with that nomenclature.
  • Under the Skin and Only Lover's Left Alive were two of my favorites from the year (actually think they both came out in 2013, but didn't get distribution until this year). But I don't see as many movies as I used to, because the TV is so damn good.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Traditionally I wait until between Christmas and New Years to see all the oscar contenders, so I haven't really seen a lot this year. I do think that Interstellar was amazing. I'm really looking forward to Birdman.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I am like @hypergenesb‌, not a big movie fan anymore because TV is so amazing. Plus most of the plots/stories are easily forgettable. What I have seen this year that I can recommend...hmmmm Gone Girl, Grand Budapest Hotel, Edge of Tomorrow, Dallas Buyers Club, Nightcrawler, American Hustle, Birdman, Interstellar
  • @ghm3‌ My bad, didn't reference the dates and with Wolf i just remember seeing it at the beginning of Jan , but the list is a bit invalid now
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    @ghm3‌ I think when i see nightcrawler it might pip Dawn out of there, I don't think i've given guardians enough of a chance yet either, I was pretty boozed when i saw it.

    I put Dawn in there because i just like what it did, the apes were the main characters & it just worked well mostly, but there were some moments where i rolled my eyes, but overall i really loved the way it deployed apes with character and the post apocalypse earth

    As for gone girl, i'll probably see it some point , but i've been spoiled so I dunno that's the point of the movie really
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    Ahh...December - the month, in which I always get kind of depressed, because I have to face the reality that I did not see a lot of new movies. This year was better though, got to see 25 movies and I'm planning to see at least 8 more in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, here are my Top 5 - Movies of 2014 (based on the US release schedule, because "Wolf of Wall Street" and "12 Years A Slave" were released this year here in Germany):

    5 - Guardians of the Galaxy
    Iiiiiiiiiiiam hooked on a feeling - dam da-da dum - I'm high on believing that you're in love with meeeeeee...

    4 - Nightcrawler
    What do you get when you mix "Wolf of Wall Street", "America Psycho" and local television - Yes, a nasty little thriller, with a terrific main performance, a clever script and a promising writer turned director, who will be fun to watch in the years to come.

    3 - The Lego Movie
    This movie was the biggest surprise this year! I went with my little brother and didn't expected much, but the movie was creative, clever, meta, beautiful and last but not least, extremely funny. But please, I don't want a sequel...

    2 - Gone Girl
    Probably not the best of Fincher's thrillers, but even then, the movie is better than most "suspense thrillers" this year. Rosmund Pike really shocked me with her performance.

    1 - Grand Budapest Hotel
    Ah, Wes Anderson! This one was so entertaining, so sincere and so amazingly beautiful. I need some time and maybe a re-watch, but this movie could actually defeat the duo of "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Life Aquatic", which are currently sitting on top of my Wes Anderson - list.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Starred Up - The Raid 2 - Godzilla - Edge of Tomorrow - Captain America: Winter Soldier

    I think I might revisit this list, when I caught up with all the movies, I plan on catching up on.
  • overall a average year for movies!!! 2015 looks better.
    *Star wars
    Tv was much better this year
  • I second the votes for Edge of Tomorrow. Really enjoyed that one, esp considering how underrated it was.
  • @hypergenesb‌ I just watched Edge of tomorrow from the recommendations on here, I have a huge Tom Cruise prejudice but it was a really enjoyable film, felt like a good mix of groundhog day/source code/Starship troopers/Saving private ryan
  • @FlashGordon‌ Yeah I think it's a perfectly fine summer movie but it seemed clear like it was trying to be more and I just wasn't seeing it. The CGI was absolutely incredible, really the only flaw I noticed with it was the weightlessness/low weight that the apes had, they'd just sling along like nothing and they seemed to forget that apes weigh up to 400lbs or so.

    Yeah I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow as well. It's funny how they acknowledged the terrible name and tried to rename the movie to Live Die Repeat for the Bluray release. I really think the movie would have done better in the theaters if it was released with a better name.

    I need to check out Grand Budapest Hotel.
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    @gh2013‌ Yeh the CGI was impressive and the story was interesting enough, it's just a good easy going, high pace sic-fi action film that's got a bit of character. I watched Night Crawler today and that's gotta be one of the best films i've seen of the year too. I'd really recommend Budapest, it's a bit outside the box but great fun.

    So a revised top 5

    1. Interstellar
    2.The Grand Budapest Hotel
    3.Night Crawler
    4.Guardians of the Galaxy
    5. Dawn of the Planets of the apes

    Imitation game & lego move could feature , but i there's so much stuff out out in December that could get in there, The interview, St Vincent, a most violent year, unbroken, the hobbit, exodus..

    I get what everyone says about TV being so good but it's not black & white for me, great media is great media, I love seeing the best tv out there as much as the best movies, it like its visual equivalent of a surf n turf , why choose if you can have both..

    While TV is high budget it's not on the scale of Interstellar of Guardians, that list is pretty competitive with my tv top 5 of the year
  • not sure about nightcrawler but I think he will land some good awards for his performance, I thought it was kinda slow. Up until the end I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. The last 20 minutes made the movie.
  • @FriggingNutCase‌ I had the same feeling, I wasn't sure where it was really going, despite being shown practically the entire plot from trailers. But overall the tension worked really well and I walked away from it with it leaving a lasting uneasy impression. I think it's one of the better films of the year... not sure if i could explain why
  • ReelHeadReelHead Bochum, Germany
    @FlashGordon & @FriggingNutCase - "Nightcrawler" has this extremely uneasy quality. The character of Lou Bloom is unpredictable, the soundtrack is too pompous and too triumphant for what's happening on the screen and the plot doesn't really follow a red thread throughout. But I think that is part of the greatness of the movie, because much of it reflects Lou Bloom's personality and is total lack of human empathy. The movie seems to mime the feeling of a conventional three-act-structure and triumphant moments, because (just like Lou) it imitates a norm that we all come to accept as a normal movie experience. But that's only my interpretation... B)
  • You guys need to check out Whiplash. My favorite film of the year, it will definitely light a fire under your ass.
  • 1. Gone Girl
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Boyhood
    4. Birdman
    5. Top Five

    Honorable mention for Big Hero 6, was a lot of fun.
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