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    Ya I thought got a little too hunky dory at the end, but I did enjoy that they travelled to the Klingon world, with sex, drugs, and gambling were on the table so to speak.  I also liked where Ash/Voq ended up, that was very realistic.  Interesting that Michael Burnham will get a new captain, I guess it won't be Saru.  And then ending was like what? ok? Are we going to see a TOS/Disco cross over in Season 2?  
  • I thought everything was good up until the “This is Starfleet” bit. Outside of the ceremony, I thought it was a fairly solid episode. I’m looking forward to see how they tie Discovery into TOS era. 
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    Little bit of Trek lore: the guy who got Tilly stoned was Clint Howard, brother of Ron and guest star in TOS fan fave "The Corbomite Maneuver" If you're curious about Captain Pike and the Enterprise in the off-season, check out the TOS 2-parter called "The Menagerie." Pike was the captain before Kirk, and had a much different crew. Before we knew anything about Discovery, it was rumored that the main character was going to be the woman known only as "Number One," who was Pike's first officer. This is a great way for Disco to show us the Enterprise, give us a good hit of TOS fan-service, and not have to recast any of the core original characters. (We may or may not see Spock next year; I'm betting (and hoping) we don't but if we do I hope it's Zachary Quinto.)

  • Yeah I really enjoyed this first season as a whole, but yeah the finale felt a bit too neat and tidy for me and the Georgiou turn as well as the admiral’s turn felt kind of rushed to me and didn’t feel as organic as a lot of the developments in previous episodes.

    I do like where Ash/Voq ended though and how they left things with him and Michael.

    I’m very excited to see where they go with the story next season. 
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  • Love the season but disappointed in the finale. The things that made the season great imho they abandoned in the final episode for a trite Roddenberry ending. If they were going to do this they should have made Disco prime another mirror universe somewhere between all good and the Terran Empire. Would have faked everyone out and been a startling reveal. The ending would have them stranded in another universe when they jump from inside a destroyed Q'onos and then they come across the Enterprise and Pike!!
  • Ugh, did we just set course Warp Factor 9 for generic Trek?  I hope they're not throwing in Pike and the Enterprise just for fan service.  At least we'll see Georgiou and I assume Lorca again, and they're going to have to erase the spore drive knowledge from this continuity but it feels like they just wrapped up a lot of what was different about this show compared to other Treks.
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    IDK call me crazy but I want a Trek series that's chiefly about a crew of explorers boldly going where no one has gone before. This season was excellent but if the idea for season 2 is to reset to where they can be explorers again, I'm in. Also @blacksunrise7 I consider "trite Roddenberry ending" to be the highest of praise--Trek has always been earnest, hopeful, and a little bit sappy. I loved it. 
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    I had to take a little time to digest this and listen to some podcasts to really crystallize my feelings on the finale, but let me start with the season as a whole.

    This was my favourite first season of Trek. We only had one (not three like DS9) alien-influence/virus/ancient artifact weird behaviour episode. No bizarre stand-alone interstellar taxi-service missions. The acting was generally excellent. The choice to tell a strongly serialized story instead of a procedural with a myth arch really worked for me. I hope that continues in season two.

    The finale felt like it needed to be longer or even a two-parter. I wasn't prepared to accept that the inevitable result of destroying was Qo'nos was the Klingon fleet halting the attack on earth. In fact, I sort of think it would make the Klingons more likely to raze the human home world.

    I'm also not clear why L'Rell waving an iPad around was enough to get the Klingon High Council to stop laughing and take her seriously. With more time I like to think the writers could have connected A to B a little better - maybe by designing the doomsday device with a means for L'Rell to demonstrate her power without killing everyone.

    Tyler leaving surprised me but it made sense. I am really happy that Georgiou is on the loose and that Prime Lorca is still potentially out there. Yeo and Isaacs were highlights in this season and I'm so glad the door is open for them to return from time to time.

    Sonequa Martin-Green is just really, really, really good. I always liked her on TWD, but I have to say she is at a whole new level on Disco. She absolutely nails the ever-tricky "playing a character playing a character".

    I feel like I'm just going to continue to gush so I'll wrap it up. In retrospect, I feel the finale grew on me with time. I was hoping for something more cataclysmic, but that might have been unreasonable considering the confines they're operating in as a prequel.

    Good. Show.
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  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I, too was not impressed by the finale, and frankly I've started forgetting it already.

    I do remember the Pike episode TOS two-parter, but I think I saw it 15 years ago and back in the early 90s before I had even hit puberty (ie: my understanding and appreciation for it couldn't go much beyond being happy I could sit though it).

    I have read a novel or two that included Pike though, I think.
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    I started this up again. Gawd, the Klingon is so bad. Any species that communicates that slowly wouldn't make it out of the Stone Age.

    Edit: This show is such background watching material. I just saw episode 8 about the Pavons (sp?) and... absolutely nothing cool or surprising. Maybe it was a lame episode. Admittedly 7 was much better. Pressing on tomorrow...

    Edit2: @CretanBull said, "I've said here before that IMO the writing is pretty weak on this show, but it's saved by having good/interesting plots.  I think the problem with this episode is that the plot was weak so the writing was exposed."

    That exactly.
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    The kool-aid sneeze episode is, in my opinion, the weakest of the season. It's also the episode that moves the overall story the least and is the closest Discovery gets to doing a procedural-style episode this season.

    I'm interested to see what you think of the last half of the season. I watched the show week to week with a fair amount of anticipation. I'm wondering how watching back-to-back will make the last 5 episodes feel.
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    This mirror episode is everything. Episode 10. Miles beyond everything before it. 

    Edit: OMG there's another one! Can this please be the rest of the season? (Don't answer that...) I don't understand why Michael's boyfriend would go to the doctor for a diagnosis only to kill him once he gets it, but whatevs.
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    He’s Klingon lol
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    The Voq/Tyler thing was a great callback to the classic TOS episode "The Trouble With Tribbles," where it's discovered that a Klingon had been surgically altered to look like a human and was posing as an aide to a Federation minister. I love that they picked out that detail that wasn't much more than a throwaway plot point 50 years ago and built 2 characters and a story arc around it.
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