Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Spoilers

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Season premiere is up On Demand again like always 12:01 am on the day of a new episode.

Harp Death was fucking awesome.

I still kind of wish they had went with the storyline that Kelly was the daughter but I'm going to have fun watching no matter what.

Sandy Mandy Candy haha

Enjoy the Season!


  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
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    Opening was appropriately gross and campy. 
  • Missed this show. Fun mindless candy :)
  • hisdudeness915hisdudeness915 Atlanta, Ga
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    That “Take on Me” scene in episode 302 is everything I love about the Evil Dead franchise. Hilarious :D
  • Just watched episode 5 OD. Disgustingly hilarious. Another great fight scene. These guys do such a great job with originality each week. It's impressive.
  • AVED has been canceled folks. It was a fun ride.

    2 episodes left with the finale supposedly already shot as a Series Finale.

    Long Live the Ghostbeaters!!
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