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  • nstinson
    I am extremely conservative on most viewpoints. I don't agree with your banning, personally. I don't make waves though or cause trouble. I just read and think a lot. Some of my views have gone a little more liberal in some issues, but for the most part I disagree fundamentally with a lot of what the podcasts and forum members say... but I enjoy entertaining other thoughts :)
    August 2018
  • JoshTheBlack
    Dude, I’m with you here in the forums like 90% of the time. It feels like it’s completely fine to express your thoughts and opinions, be they vile or tame, as long as they line up with a certain mindset. If not, prepare for crucifixion.

    Also, while I think your comment in the Gunn thread was a little pointed (despite being true, IMO), the response was definitely not appropriately measured.  I think your past sins (which I have no specific knowledge of) are being held against you.

    I went back and read all of your posts in the Gunn thread and it seems you were very careful to not state any opinions that would go against the forums liberal leanings, so good on you. 

    Not or trying to stir up any trouble. I just wanted to give you a message of support after all that drama.  It can be difficult to walk on eggshells. 
    August 2018
    • anubus21
      Sorry I’m just now seeing this! I appreciate the support mate :-) It can be difficult in here at times and I made sure to let CretanBull know that what Dee said was out of line. He did a half hearted defense of Dee(what I said could have set her off so just be careful) and said he would talk to her.

      The mods are nice people I’m sure but some of them use their positions to push an agenda it seems and get away with more than I ever could.

      Thanks again and if you ever need back up I’m there!