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  • 509 - "The Dance of Dragons" - No Spoilers!

    This has become unenjoyable writing by JRRM. The Sansa rape already felt over the top and now he keeps pushing it further; ruining his own damn creation. He's made this fictitious world where he could go in whatever creative direction he wanted. But he decided to continually shove in our face centuries of Targaryen incest, terrible murders, graphically killing a pregnant woman, Craster raping and enslaving his daughters, multiple disturbing rape scenes; the queen having three incest bastards with her brother; then now in the same episode a pedophile and a father burning his own daughter. This is a fantasy world and Martin could highlight whatever themes and aspects of the world he wished; these plots are an insight into his twisted mind. He is full of sick thoughts and I wish he had kept most of them to himself. I wish I could've seen a PG adaptation of this series. It really pisses me off because the Tyrion character; dragons; white walkers; various royal families and the whole world is so creatively interesting but its being ruined by crap that makes me sick to my stomach.
    So I was perusing the non-spoiler thread to see thoughts on the episodes and having read the books I just want you to be aware of a few things. The "double d's" as ARon calls them, do take some liberties with the books. For instance the stabbing of a pregnant woman does not happen in the books, but was created specifically for the show. Also Meryn Trant as a pedophile is not in the books. I'm not going to say he isn't a pedo because I don't know, but that isn't in there. Martin has also talked a lot about wanting to be true and realistic about the type of world he has created. It's set in a middle ages type of time period and there wasn't a lot of frolicking and pretty things and princes saving the damsels "Disney-fied" fantasy that truly went on. I agree that there is a lot of messed up things, but humans are, inherently, crazy and messed up haha. Several of the rape scenes didn't happen in the book or at least happened differently, but basically I don't want you blaming GRRM for things that the double d's actually did. Craster is the worst though, can't argue with that. I guess there is just a different in "realistic" fantasy and "fantastical" fantasy aimed at young adults...not as graphic. GRRM just wants to be true to the reality of the world I guess. Plus I'm pretty sure that incest is historically a real thing. It's not like he invented that concept in his head. I'm not saying that makes it "good" or "right" but it does exist and trying to pretend it doesn't goes against what he wanted to create.
    Anyway, not trying to attack or anything but just wanted to clarify that some of these things did not actually come from the man himself but from the creators of the show.