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  • Bald Move Dictionary

    The other week on the AHS podcast, A.Ron pointed out that, because Bald Move has been around for a while, there are a lot BM jargon and catchphrases. I was thinking we could get a list or dictionary together, or just put down our favourites here. For example:

    "mildly interesting" - a response made to hide whether your friend's theory on a show's plotline is correct or not when you have prior knowledge on it, making you not reveal any spoilers. USE WITH CAUTION, as it may cause you to sound obnoxious!
    For reference, listen to Game Of Thrones Podcast.

    "bottle episode" - where an episode takes place in only one place, using minimal effects and relying mainly on the talent of the actors present. 
    For reference, listen to Breaking Good Podcast.

    A "Russell Edgington" - refers to any character played by Denis O'Hare. The origin is from the charismatic vampire from True Blood, and derivations stem from this
    For reference, listen to AHS and True Blood Authority Podcasts.

    "Kirkman REMIX" - where The Walking Dead chooses to take great events and concepts from its comic counterpart and distribute them to different characters, often with a boxed execution.
    For reference, listen to The Watching Dead Podcast

    "Bullshit!" - pronounced "BALL-SHE-IT" - a former catchphrase of the crazy redneck Daryl in seasons 1-2 of The Walking Dead. Usually used to express anger at the show by the hosts.
    For reference, listen to The Watching Dead Podcast

    That's just a few, more would be great!
  • 209 - "eps2.7_init_5.fve"

    If Elliot is Tyrell, that would probably be the worst twist the show has done so far. As BM have said before, that would require Elliot to have a low level job at Allsafe and also to have been an exec at Evil Corp, which doesn't make sense. There is also a manhunt on for Tyrell as well, so if Elliot was Tyrell, everyone would be after him. Elliot just spent a huge time in prison, so it doesn't make sense that he would be released at all if he was Tyrell. Joanna being cryptic to Elliot just fits her character - as Elliot pointed out, she was also trying to play him for information. 

    Honestly, Elliot revealing that he was Tyrell the whole time would be the worst possible outcome, and this is coming from someone who had heard about the "Elliot is an android" theory. 

    Oh, and whoever said that this is like True Detective Season 2 needs to remember that that season was bad pretty much from the get-go, whereas this season is definitely a strong, compelling follow-up to the first. I don't want to judge it before the finale, but this season is up there for Top 2016 TV shows for sure.
  • 610 - "The Winds of Winter" - SPOILERS FOR DAYS THREAD!

  • Fargo S3 casting

    I feel like Carrie Coon should just be in everything from now on.
  • 609 - "Battle of the Bastards" Spoiler friendly!

    The sound design for this episode was also amazing:
    • The music rises up when Jon is standing alone against the cavalry as a fake out to him dying - similar to Stannis' last stand.
    • When Jon gets trampled, the sound literally dies down with him, making it feel suffocating.
    • When Jon resurfaces in a Mhysa-esque shot, the music is lamenting and punctuated by groans.
    • When Jon stares at Ramsey, it gets going again, as if it's saying "Ahhh Shit! IT'S ON NOW!!! TIME FOR A BASTARDBOWL!!!!!"
  • The host (Aaron & Jim) dynamic

    I absolutely love Jim and everything he's brought to the podcast.

    That said, I can't count on three hands the amount of times he's disagreed with a piece of feedback I've sent in. XD

    He's great, his beard is great, and sometimes you need someone to keep everything on track rather than indulging in every piece of theory-crafting. 

    Can we talk about how great Cecily is tho?
  • 608 - Chapter 8

    Anyone else crack up when she said "Shelby would NEVER commit suicide. She was WAY too self-centered."
  • Surprising TV crushes (I don't know how else to word it)

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There is no other answer. XD
  • 3.09 - 3.10: 2 episode season finale

    Honestly, I really like this show, and it was nice getting the band back together, but everyone is an asshole and I hate pretty much everyone's face right now. The fact that they've put me in a position where Joe is actually decent in comparison to both Gordon and Cameron is crazy to me.

    Like, when I saw all of them around the computer at the end, I was just hoping it would all come tumbling down. Prayers for Season 4 I guess.

    Joe's character growth this season has been great, but Cameron has somehow gone backwards? She refuses to mature, refuses to take responsibility, and is constantly, constantly, trying to find ways to undermine and betray those around her. She's still basically a child, to the point where when she said "I know, all grown up, right?" I laughed at her.

    Sure Tom was being a dick - that came out of nowhere a little - but I could understand him. I believe him when he said he was only caring for Cameron. He knows how bad the cult of Joe is, how unstable Gordon can be, and how hurt Cameron was by Donna. We all need a Tom beside us when we're feeling down. He honestly deserves better.

    Going into Season 4 I'll be rooting for Donna all the way. I hope she realises that those three she left behind are terrible. She deserves better - she managed to get away from a terrible, dysfunctional marriage. I hope she finds happiness. She felt guilty about what she did, which is something that Cameron cannot grasp, because Cameron is perfect in every way, and only cares about herself being right, rather than a bigger picture. Jim, how can you like Cameron?!? Seriously!!!

    Speaking of which, single fellas! Donna's on the market!!!!

    Also, wtf happened to Joannie?! She looks like 25!!!!