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  • 205 - "Akane No Mai"

    Quick note on the title: Akane No Mai means Akane's dance. Also I think the word that got @A_Ron_Hubbard confused was Ronin, basically a Samurai without a master. Ninja/Shinobi is a different class of people who are mercenaries or assassins. They are for hire and do not have allegiance to a lord.

    What a stunning finish to a great season! To me, the world in Humans just keep expanding, and the stakes keep getting higher. It started with one ordinary family in season 1 but at the end of this season you see the impact of conscious synths throughout the country (if not internationally), and how people and the government react to them. There are questions and mysteries to be answered, but never the one-note "is this guy/gal a robot?" I really think @A_Ron_Hubbard will enjoy this show because a bunch of the humans here are actively trying to learn, be more compassionate, and overcome their prejudice, even if they come up short sometimes. Side note: I freaking love the way Mia runs. It's a small touch but the mechanical awkwardness is absolutely on point.
  • The Romanoffs

    Also... I think we can likely agree that the ceiling is much lower on this because it’s episodic: no real world building, long character arcs, etc.

    That said, the first 2 episodes are just great Matthew Weiner storytelling.
    I completely agree. While watching the first episode, I had an uneasy feeling that the characters were all pretty ridiculous. But that would totally make sense since everything had to be a little louder for the story to make an impact. Once I settled in within the world Weiner has built, actually every character felt so... natural?

    I do have a minor quibble, which is that I think Weiner has a type when it comes his female leads. Sophie (ep 1) and Michelle (ep 2) can both be body doubles for Jessica Pare, and how can anyone not see Megan dancing with the Charles Manson look-alike in S7E5 The Runaways when Michelle was slinking next to the jukebox? Not to mention Shelly is basically an even thinner(!) Betty Draper. 

    Finally, Michael Romanoff is Pete Campbell-- the entitlement, the weasel-like tactic just to get laid, the obsession over a casual fling, the inability to scheme, and the hair loss. I loved them all! 

  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Pain and Glory

    The semi autobiographical film by Pedro Almodovar is so gorgeous, as you would expect from the auteur. It's also deeply moving and, at times, really funny. The tenderness of Antonio Banderas' performance is exquisite. Can't recommend it enough. If you're a creative person, go see it immediately.