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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    To those who are saying ‘she had her own agency, she could have left at any time’, let me recount my own story and see if it actually clears things up for you.

    In the early through mid-90s,  I was in a long-term relationship with a man who was, despite being loving at times, also very emotionally and verbally abusive. There were times when he would come home from work and, in his mind, I would not have done something correctly - laundry, my choice of what to make for dinner, the cleanliness of the house (despite being a neat freak and keeping the house OCD-level clean), my appearance (was my hair a bit out of place or messed up?), any number of things.  Maybe it was that he had had a bad day at work, or something else happened to put him in a bad mood. Who knows. I would be greeted with a very cold greeting, no real response to my loving welcome home.  At times he would just walk through the front door, slam it, then go to the bathroom and jump in the shower and not talk to me for maybe two hours or more and not even eat the dinner that I had cooked. Other times I would be the one that he let out his anger toward when he had had a bad day (verbally, never physically).  Aside from that, there would be times when we would be on the freeway and he would get pissed at somebody who cut him off or did something to bother him, and then I would be the passenger in his moment of road rage.  There were times when we would be at a public function, and he would remind me to straighten out my hair or fix my make up or straighten my dress or whatever he thought wrong at the time.  There were nights when I would be too tired to have sex, so he would get out of bed and go to the living room and turn on the TV and just sit there in silence watching TV for however long until he decided to finally come back to bed, and when he did he wouldn’t say anything to me -he would just go to sleep.  And then at other times, he was super sweet, very loving, attentive, holding doors open for me, etc.   I never knew who I was going to get from one day to the next. Did I have my own agency and the ability to leave him at any time? Yes, of course I did. But let me tell you, when you have been with somebody for a long time and you love them with your entire heart, despite the bad things that are happening, there is still a lot of love for them and you still hope that things improve. Not only that, but there is a point when unfortunately you start believing the bad things that they say to you repeatedly and you believe that you can not do better.  I stayed for as long as I did because I thought maybe things would change at some point and the bad things would stop and that he would return to being the guy who I fell in love with.  It finally came to a head one Valentine’s Day when, while he was at work, I decorated our bedroom with so many helium balloons, had the house spotlessly clean, made him his favorite dinner, had our favorite bottle of wine open and ready, everything that I thought would be perfect for him. When he got home, he went straight to the bedroom and was shouting “what the fuck is this shit?!?!?!????” while stomping on the balloons and popping them.  I left him that night.

    I don’t fault her for staying because I know what it’s like.   Rose-colored glasses, indeed.
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  • 2nd Annual Not Actually Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Marathon - Saturday, February 9th, 2019

    If anyone hasn’t stopped by the stream yet, you’re missing out. (I couldn't get super clear focus, sorry!)

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  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    I know it shouldn't, but it *always* surprises me when I see blatant homophobia/intolerance of any kind toward any minority group.  It sickens me that people still believe that it's even remotely okay to insult those different than them and/or whose lives aren't lived to the standard that their religion states they should be.  They hide behind their bibles and their keyboards and throw out words that hurt hearts and minds.  We are one human race - can't we live by the very basic idea that love is love, and love one another and uplift one another *no matter what*?  

    @A_Ron_Hubbard I appreciate that you, @Jim, and @Cecily strive to cultivate a community that is built on that principle.  Personally, I liked the logo change and even suggested that it would look great on a tank and/or tee in the merch shop. :smile: :heart:
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  • Pet chat for all animals

    I don't have any pets - do the shop dogs at work count though?  I'm with them 40 hrs. a week and they feel like the next best thing.  :) 

    1. Roman; 2. Nala; 3. Maggie; 4. Brando; 5. Lily
    There is also a 4 month old black lab named Lucy, but I don't have a picture of her.

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  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    I thought this might be kinda fun.  :smile:
    I’ll start.  

    ...when you realize you checked in on the forums around 15 times in less than a day.  :flushed:


    ...when your coworker offers you a couple of puppies for adoption, you strongly consider naming them Jim & A.Ron.  :wink:
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    I'm back in the hills again this weekend, housesitting for my boss.  Their home and land are so beautiful.  It feels like a little vacation retreat - no sounds except nature.  #myhappyplace
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  • 801 - "Winterfell"

    I like this one that was posted as a comment on the Bald Move Instant Talk post on Facebook.  Credit:  Candy Lynn Cecil

  • Congratulations Cecily and Baldmove!!!

    Way to be officially official now, @Cecily! :heart:
  • What makes Bald Move so good?

    This day:

    ...and this day:

  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    Honestly, I really liked the Mad Men finale.  I thought it wrapped up the characters in a neat little bow - happy in their futures, doing what they're best at - including Don.  After a rough childhood and amid a tormented/self-abusive adulthood, he desperately needed to find some peace, self-acceptance, and self-realization.  I do think he found that.