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  • Bald Move AAMA

    My name is... wait for it.... Travis. Here is a picture of me dramatically running away from a giant bear statue.image
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  • 702 - "Stormborn"

    Gendry approaches Theon in his row boat, and he be all like "what's up, buddy?"
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  • The Random Interesting Stuff Thread

    I know this is really super lame and braggy, and probably completely violates the "interesting" requirement set forth in the title of this thread, but fuck it. I'm really psyched:
    I totally bowled a 300 game last night in my league! Hell yeah!
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  • Just sayin (general opinion)

    Speaking of random stuff, I was looking at my "on this day" thing on Facebook and was reminded of the most ridiculous museum display that I ever saw. This was in a car museum in Los Angeles. I get that this dude is "trying to fix the car" but I think something very different is conveyed...

    Also a part of the same exhibit, I love how the other dude just looks really confused and not-approving.

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  • Best of...

    Ha! I hadn't seen that. That's funny. 

    I'm very glad that this like-whore is at least somewhat likeable. Ha!
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    @Demerol ;
    It is 100% a dog lover thing. I think it is symbolic that Jon is leaving behind his former Stark life, and I think Ghost will be so happy North, and I am grateful beyond belief I don't have to witness Ghost's death. But all that rationality flies out the window when Jon doesn't even boop or scritch that big, floofy, good boi. Shame! Shame! Shame! 
    This shit had me yelling at the TV. I mean, just "peacing out" on Ghost like that is just fucking wrong, and it was TOTALLY a moment where I saw the typewriters clacking and the budget reports. Jon wasn't ever really a great wolf owner, but to not have a "moment" of it is just beyond wrong. I mean, this is an animal that he is connected to beyond most human animal relationships which can be incredibly meaningful without warging/mind meld types of influences. This was bullshit, and I refuse to believe that they couldn't have given the moment at least an ounce of gravity in comparison to the goodbyes with Tormund and Sam. That sucked. I liked the episode quite a bit, but that was bullshit.
  • Just a heads up (GOT leaks) *no spoilers*

    You mean this spoiler? It was a really, really convincing fake, but I think it's been debunked.

    (I'm going to keep going back to this well until it stops amusing me (aka forever))

    Seriously though, thanks for the heads up. It sucks that it's out there in the world.
  • FB Live Now- Baldmove on Local ABC channel talking GOT

    I just finished it (though it cut off abruptly at ~55 minutes). It was a good watch. Love seeing the guys getting some TV promotion. I wish my local station would do the same (C'mon KTLA. It'd be awesome to see them sit down with Sam Rubin or Dayna Devon). I wonder what the cut for air is going to look like.
  • Your Favorite Movie Scene

    This can't be my true favorite, but it was the first that came to mind. Paul Rudd will never be better than he was in this scene, and I love how absurdly long it feels. Cracks me up every time.

    EDIT: Bummer. the youtube window isn't popping up. Anyways, if you don't feel like clicking it's the scene in Wet Hot American Summer where he has to clean up his plate after swiping it onto the floor and he's super huffy about it.
  • Why are folks so upset about Jamie?

    I have a couple of problems with it, and it really is indicative of the big underlying problem of the show. Too much is left for assumption. You can tell the story that they told, but the stakes are so high in how she has manipulated and emotionally tortured Jaime and done things that he abhors (like doing precisely what he killed the Mad King for threatening to do and killing thousands of her people) to not actually give us any window into him aside from his staring pensively into a fire before he makes the call. You can tell how poorly they constructed that moment and the arc leading to it because so many people were left in the dark to what his intentions were. They told the story, and it's a story that you can certainly tell, I'm not saying it doesn't make any sense, but they left the audience behind. It's the same thing as the relationship with Jon and Dany and it's falling apart (dude can't say "but you're my aunt?" We can't have a single conversation about that? I mean it could also possibly come down to him being afraid of her. It could be both. We honestly can't say for sure. We are left to make assumptions about something this incredibly crucial). It's the same thing with Dany's descent. Varys' treason. They needed more time. They needed more scenes. I'm 100% with A.Ron on the fact that it is insane that they turned down the offer for a 10 episode season, and the show is suffering for it. What they've done is chosen vague storytelling and spotty character development and these rich arcs and these characters who are so complex and beautifully sketched and stopped showing us who they are. You can tell all of these stories and have them make perfect sense, but they've rushed it and cut corners and it diminishes the notes they're trying to hit and made it feel contrived. It's also really jarring because the foundation that the show is built on is in doing just the opposite. We've really come to understand these people, but that took a lot of work. Work that they don't seem to choose to do anymore.

    The only problem that I have with Cersei's end is that I feel like the show wanted us to pity her and that is troubling. Given the mechanics of where the story was, literally the castle was crumbling around them and it's not like there was time to give Jaime a spine, but it was just not satisfying. I mean, they set that stage. That was their choice and this character whose journey we have become so invested in just felt like it was all for nothing. Once again, you can tell that story, but they told it in a really unfulfilling way. His journey to end his journey, if you will, came down to a pensive moment staring into a fire, and that sucks.