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  • What grinds my gears (today)

    I forgot to submit a question for the 50,000,000 download extravaganza! Dammit!

    Also, shout-out to @Travis for being named the number one Bald Move fan!
    You know what grinds my gears today? The #1 Most Important Bald Move Fan Travis, totally a different Travis. 

    Ha! Happy Monday, everybody and thanks for the love all the same.
  • What music are you streaming?

    Tori Amos' From the Choir Girl Hotel is a pretty darn good record.

    That is all.
  • Do you sort your laundry?

    My wife and I have a deal where she does the laundry and I do the dishes. I often struggle with where the line is between "line dry" and "delicate dry" and her clothes would be at constant risk if this was my responsibility. That said, to the spirit of the question yes. It's not quite so important for my clothes because I don't wear a ton of white clothes and I'm not a slob, but I also am not terribly meticulous and most of my clothes are pretty durable. I would say that separating laundry into sections (shirts, pants, underwear and socks, towels, bedding, etc.) makes it much easier to put away. I never really thought about this until starting to do laundry under my wife's system but it's totally true. There is something more efficient about folding the same types of stuff all in batches. Also, definitely isolating the towels from everything else because I don't want to watch say my underwear with the rag I just used to wipe all the bathroom surfaces down using bleach. It may be to no REAL consequence, but it really feels wrong to me. Also, some things need different detergents and different levels of heat to maintain the optimal integrity for the clothes and all that good stuff.

    I guess I'm a C, or perhaps D to add one more layer of detail. Before I met my wife I came in at B.