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  • Emmy Nominations are in... discuss

    MrX said:
    The Best Comedy Series category is way better than Drama this year IMO - I think I enjoyed Barry, Fleabag, Russian Doll, The Good Place all more than any of the nominated dramas (Succession was maybe my favorite out of the Dramas). Veep was good too, and I need to watch Schitts Creek. Limited Series is stronger too ... I guess that's the way TV is trending.
    For what it's worth, we just started watching Schitts Creek after the nomination came out and we're really enjoying it. It's more old school (as you might guess given the cast), but it's really charming. Catherine O'Hara is really fun. I have no idea what her accent is (which is on purpose), but that shit cracks me up. Just to warn if you jump in, the pilot isn't the best and it takes a couple of episodes to start finding its footing/rein in the characters, but it's worth it. Easy binge too. They just fly right by. I also like that the dude who plays Levy and O'Hara's son is actually Levy's son. They produce the show together as well. I won't lie, I'm a little surprised that Levy getting Emmy attention (O'Hara makes a little more sense), but I do really like the show and actually find that a little refreshing that they're appreciating a more old school vibed show.

    You're 100% right about comedy vs. drama. That comedy field is STACKED! I can't imagine any outcome that would make me unhappy. I guess that as much as I liked Russian Doll and am really enjoying Schitts Creek I find them to be a tier below The Good Place, Maisel, Barry, Veep, and Fleabag. I guess I'm pulling for The Good Place ultimately, but that category is insane. I wonder if it goes to Veep as a send off.

    One thought I have about multiple category nominations for a single show is they have to rein that shit in. I don't think it should be a "rule" per say that you can only have one nomination per show per category, but this shit is out of control. It just feels lazy to me. With all of the amazing performances on all of these shows you really can't find better supporting performances than to go 4 deep on GoT for best female supporting? 6 of the 13 best supporting drama roles in ALL of TV came from Game of Thrones? Really? 
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    Shit got weird for Rockwell in later years...

  • What music are you streaming?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa... You get Hulu with the premium Spotify package? I pay for both.

    Honestly, I see Spotify as a dial up library in general. Catch a whim and type in the name and go. Beyond that, I have had some pretty good luck with their recommendations. The weekly playlist has treated me well (once you get it enough data to work with about what you like). I also use Last.FM so sometimes I will see what they recommend for me for more ideas. Sometimes I'll just skim around the browse function, mostly just seeing the new releases. I also find myself making a ton of playlists (too many arguably, which can make them a pain to find when I want a specific one). With so much to draw from some great mixes have been created. I'll think more about it, but I use it in a pretty straight forward way.