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  • Goddammit, Louis.

    I tend to not make comments in these types of threads as I don’t often feel I have anything of value to add that hasn’t already been said. But I just want to say that I find these types of threads and discussions to be incredibly valuable and I am constantly impressed by the Bald Move community’s ability have discussions like these and largely remain civil. It’s easily my favorite place on the internet. 

    And I am so appreciative of the voices of so many people here sharing experiences and ideas from perspectives outside of my personal life experience. One thing that I have made a conscious effort to do over the past year or so is start following more women and people of color on Twitter and unfollowing a lot of the white dudes I used to follow and it’s completely changed the stuff that I am exposed to and has really opened my eyes to a lot of viewpoints I just hadn’t considered before.

    One thing I did want to say on the issue of sexual harassment/abuse is that I really think the onus needs to be put on men. This is an idea I saw someone tweet about, so I can’t take credit, but we often talk about sexual harassment/abuse as something that happens to women, as opposed to something that men are actively doing, and that is a problem. When you talk about it in the passive voice it makes it seem like it’s just a thing that happens and there’s nothing we can do about it. One sickening example in Tokyo is that there used to be a sign near the stairs in Akihabara station (The electronics capital of Japan) that warned women that men may be lurking to take upskirt photos so they should be careful. But where was the sign warning men not to be predatory assholes and not do that type of shit? Sexual harassment/abuse runs rampant in this country and nobody likes to talk about it. It’s kind of normalized actually, which scares me.

    Also, following on from what @hypergenesb was saying about raising a daughter, I have a 4-month old daughter and I have a lot of the same anxieties and she’s still just a baby. I also have a 3-year old son and, and I am doing everything I can to raise him to be a good man and be respectful of women. But I also know I won’t be around him as much once he’s in school and and I’m really worried about influences around him and I just hope that I can do enough. In any case I have a lot of anxieties about that too. 
  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    Not adding anything substantive to the conversation. Just came to say this was my kind of episode.

    While it is a bit frustrating that narrative short cuts were taken to get everyone in the same space, which potentially cheapens some of the exchanges, I still ate it all up. Especially the Jaimie and Brienne moments. Those were fantastic and a long time coming.
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  • 2017 Baldies Awards voting now open!

    I agree that award shows are ridiculous including this one, but the Baldies is easily the one I look forward to the most these days.

    My write-in was for Kyle MachLachan playing three distinct characters on Twin Peaks The Return.
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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Game Night. Great cast. I thought it was funny. 
  • What is the actual justification for not using Russian/Eastern European actors for Chernobyl?

    For what it’s worth this guy on Twitter is recapping each episode and has gotten the attention of the show runner. He was born and raised in the Soviet Union and brings that perspective to his recaps and he’s amazed at the authenticity that an American/British production was able to capture. His first three recaps are pinned and Episode 4 is further down the timeline.

  • What music are you streaming?

    Really digging the new Tyler the Creator album, IGOR
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Yeah the squeaky toy is amazing in the bullet removal scene. Had me in tears.
  • What are you playing?

    If anyone has PS Plus and hasn’t played it I’d highly recommend SOMA. It’s one of the free games this month.

    The mechanics of the game kind of hold it back for a lot of people but if you can get past those and into the rhythm of it it’s an amazing experience and has a hell of an ending. And it’s just a great sci-fi story period, regardless of medium.

    I know the on the PC the devs went back and made a mode where you could play it through engaging in some of the mechanics that annoyed people. Not sure if that mode made it into the PS version of the game.