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  • Fear the Walking Dead

    I'm sorry to hear Jim and ARom aren't covering this show because it's ripe with material. Strand should've had some board games on his ship to keep then kids entertained because they are getting into way too much BS.

    The girl is supposed to be smart but gives everything but her blood type to the hunky vice over music on the other end. What is this land of the lost?

    The non junky son needs his ass kicked with the quickness for all the pouting he's doing. People are dying and coming back and this dude is a hot topic trip away from black nail polish and crow makup.

    Strand is the only adult on the ship that's talking sense and of coarse Madison decides he has to be watched.....and the salvadoran agrees

    This has officially replaced Scandal as my one hate watch show this year, this is just bad
  • 803 - Monsters

    The second they decided to imprison 30+ saviors is the moment this show officially moved to the hate watch column of TV for me.  It makes no damned sense to keep that many battle hardened big dudes confined.  Now they have to share food and spare bodies to watch over those clowns not to mention that they'll be constantly trying to escape.  

    I say shoot each one that has a shit eating grin starting with that hair metal douche.
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    2017: When the underdog is the person who is not a racist, misogynist, homophobic pedophile, and that underdog can win thanks to black people (and younger voters) voting en masse despite voter suppression efforts. 

    I hope the Democrats learn from this and not just use black voters to save them but instead promote them to leadership positions because damn, white folks, y'all are messed up.

    Agreed, they have to be genuine as well.  I still remember when Hillary broke out the bottle of hot sauce from her purse on The Breakfast Club, whoever thought that was a good idea needs to never work in politics again.  
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    mtron32 said:
    Let's hope Doug Jones doesn't decide to celebrate with a little game of grabass with the nearest intern.

    Hopefully Franken's fall sends a message at least to Democratic politicians
    I'm just in a very dark place right now with this stuff. I am sure Doug Jones is a fine upstanding citizen. All I know about him is "not a rapist" so I can't help but add to myself "that we know of." Cause that's 2017.
    At this point please let Tom Hanks, Sam Jackson and Forest Whitaker be clean.