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  • 801 - "Winterfell"

    I (my wife) fucked up and agreed to go to watch party.  Couldn’t hear it too well and people were cheering and talking. Definitely not doing that again, I just need low light and silence, no more watch parties
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  • Fear the Walking Dead

    I'm sorry to hear Jim and ARom aren't covering this show because it's ripe with material. Strand should've had some board games on his ship to keep then kids entertained because they are getting into way too much BS.

    The girl is supposed to be smart but gives everything but her blood type to the hunky vice over music on the other end. What is this land of the lost?

    The non junky son needs his ass kicked with the quickness for all the pouting he's doing. People are dying and coming back and this dude is a hot topic trip away from black nail polish and crow makup.

    Strand is the only adult on the ship that's talking sense and of coarse Madison decides he has to be watched.....and the salvadoran agrees

    This has officially replaced Scandal as my one hate watch show this year, this is just bad
  • 805 - The Bells

    I was holding on as long as I could. I made excuses, and I was optimistic. I can't process Dany right now...

    But Jaime and Cersei? That's how they go? After everything they've done, no one actually gets to kill either one of them?

    I think I'm going to do it, I'm probably hitting that bankruptcy button.
    I hit that button the moment they ran out of book material, result: I was able to enjoy this bullshit on a purley episode 3 level.  Goooooood Khaleesi, let the hate flow.
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  • The Crown - Season 2

    Just started this show with my wife.  After 4 episodes, I can honestly say this show is fantastic.  
  • Netflix: Another Life

    rhcoop said:
    mtron32 said:
    Whoever cut that trailer is a genius because that's the worst Netflix show I've ever seen.  I watched two and a half episodes because I wasn't going to start another show and just said fuckit and and went to bed, my dreams have better writing and casting than the trash I was watching.  It wasn't even the so bad it's good variety since none of the characters were likable, just a trash show.   
    I agree, I do like Sackoff, but I watched about 10 mins of the first episode and noped out of it.  It was aggressively pedestrian. 
    Sackoff got me to que it, but the rest of those actors were an instant repellent where my only pleasure was hoping she'd elbow the lot of them.