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  • 20 Million Downloads Q&A Extravaganza

    There's only 3 questions:

    How many walkers have you killed?

    How many people have you killed?


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  • Art in the Time of Corona

    Working on my Arcade Cabinet for retro gaming fun. Just finished the control panel.
    Starting the wiring this week hopefully

  • So you're telling me...

    ...there's a chance. Breaking news from 50m Q&A that I didn't think I'd hear from *Jim* of all people...   :)

  • I ❤️ Captain Marvel

    Hot new theory:

    We know from Capt Marvel that Nick Fury insists *everyone* calls him Fury; his mom, kids, employers/ees, strangers, etc. They go so far as to use it for him to know when something isn't on the up & up in the movie.

    Was watching Infinity War yesterday, and in the after-credits scene, Maria Hill and Nick Fury are driving down the street when The Snap™ happens. In that scene she calls him 'Nick' 2 or 3 times but never Fury...

    Agent Hill Skrull confirmed!   :)

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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    @redlancer There’s been a baby diagnosed in Australia (mother has it too). 

    I really hope it doesn’t affect the young because I cannot get my 21 yo to take it seriously at all. She’s coeliac, so potentially compromised immunity, she works in a restaurant so comes in contact with lots of people, and this weekend she’s working at a four day music festival with people who have come from all over the world to perform. But she thinks I’m being dramatic and it’s “no worse than flu” (as if proper flu isn’t bad enough anyway). It’s doing my head in. 

    Oh, kids (and anybody) can definitely get the virus and transmit it, just that beyond that it doesn't seem to affect them. CDC was referring to the covid-19 disease caused by the virus. Looking at the numbers as of 3 days ago, 44K cases of covid-19 in China, under 1% in children, 0 fatalities. Looking at CDC's site now, looks like mortality rate for anybody under 50 is in line with flu, and age 0-9 currently stands at 0. Age 60+ risk is like 3%, with 80+ being the majority with 20+% 

    When it's all said and done, I think a lot of people will find out they have/had the virus and never knew. Seems like currently around 20% of carriers get the covid-19 disease, and of those is only being a major problem for older demographics. 

    Seems to be something like chickenpox when (before their was a vaccine) it was annoying if you got it as a kid, potentially deadly as an adult.

    Still a long, long ways from having complete data, but the trend seems to be kids and anybody healthy under 50 shouldn't worry too much. I worry way more about the flu. That does kill kids.
  • THE BOYS Season 2 (Spoilers)

    lengmo said:

    Storefront’s daughter did not have superpowers.

    Well, Storefront could only encase criminals in giant paper or plastic bags, so not much in the way of powers to inherit. (I know it was just an autocorrect typo but I found it funny)

    Was it though...   ;)

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  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    okay, couple issues with this episode.

    Vulcan SF Security lady (why is she wearing sunglasses again?) hands a blue plastic thingy to Agnes and her first instinct is to put it in her mouth and eat it? Vulcan Security lady didn't say to chew it until *after* she started eating it. huh? I think something got lost in the editing there. It's like if someone hands you a casino chip and you decide it's food no questions asked....

    When their ship is trying to get away from the Cube, Agnes is definitely acting suspicious. Raffi and Rios have a few glances with each other and I'm thinking they're both getting super suspicious too. We're supposed to believe both of these people are former Starfleet officers and can see what's going on, and communicating that with each other just by their looks with each other. STNG does this a lot, with the point of one whole scene that Picard can tell his bridge officers what to do just by a single glance to capture some advanced aliens invading the bridge.

    Later in the episode I was sure they were doing a good job of some good-cop-bad-cop with Raffi giving her some cake while asking seemingly innocuous questions (and Agnes not realizing it was an interrogation). Then Rios pulls Agnes aside and does the 'I think maybe Raffi is a mole' routine, and again I'm thinking nice, Rios is doing some reverse psychology to get Agnes to admit to what him and Raffi suspect. 

    In the end no, we're led to now believe that Rios *does* think Raffi's a mole, and Raffi really did just want to give Agnes some cake...  Why? I'm pretty sure these characters are supposed to be smarter than this, they've both clearly seen some shit and no way they wouldn't immediately be on to Agnes. Agnes is a really bad mole (and I believe is being portrayed by Alison Pill that way on purpose, which good on her). If we have 2 episodes of Raffi and Rios each thinking the other is a spy... ugh.
  • The Mandalorian S2E03

    Mando is our POV character for this show, so anything he needs to learn to move the story forward we will learn also. 

    That being said, the Clone Wars and Rebels really are quite good as a whole and should be on the watch list of any casual SW fan. That feeling you get when watching The Mandalorian of "this feels like Star Wars" that was missing from a lot of the prequel/sequel movies you get from both of those shows. A lot of the creative team is the same people. I'd argue with anyone that the Twilight of the Apprentice episodes in Rebels is possibly the best 45 minutes of SW put to film.

    Beyond that, Ahsoka probably has the best character arc in all SW. She goes from annoying kid to a wise beyond her years bad-ass over the course of 12 years of content and 30 some years of in-universe time passage.

    As far as the podcast, I kinda wish Jim and ARon had some more working knowledge of those properties. It feels a little bit like listening to a podcast on Better Call Saul when the hosts haven't seen Breaking Bad. Some  "I feel like I should know this character, but moving on...". The coverage as a whole is lots of "wasn't it cool when..." which is fine since this show is meant as a fun lighthearted ride, but I think there's some plot analysis and theory crafting being left on the table that the show is leaving the breadcrumbs for.

  • The Mandalorian S2E04

    looks like he's canon now, he got his own character poster...

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