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  • The Atlantic namechecks Bald Move in a piece about podcasting

  • 205 - "Rebecca"

    I am going to guess:

    The brothers' dad knew where the $14k went and couldn't tell Chuck, wasn't quite the saint Chuck makes him out to be, and Jimmy knows the real story but has kept his pact with his dead father.
  • Goddammit, Louis.

  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    Getting rid of net neutrality favors big content providers.

    tom_g said:
    Your government working for your - Net Neutrality might be going away . . . discuss.
    Cool. It's not the governments role to regulate the internet in favor of big content providers 

  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    After listening to the podcasts, can we stop with this false equivalency stuff about the original trilogy?  How it's just old people fans who grew up and just remember the originals well because of the nostalgia?

    I rewatched them in the last few years.  They're better executed than almost all of the current stuff.  The world building made more sense. Granted, it's easier when you're starting something and don't have a lot of old stuff you have to fit your new work into, but it is what it is.  The things that stick out now that probably didn't when I was a kid is stuff like Mark Hamill having some really clunky line deliveries, it's not the plot, it's not the world building.

    Are people really going to argue against the idea that Han Solo meeting up with old buddy Maz Kanata is a pale shadow in comparison to Han Solo meeting up with old buddy Lando on Bespin?  That the casino world and Benicio Del Toro's setup wasn't nearly as good as the combination of Han Solo being overtly mercenary in arranging payment from Obi Wan and Luke combined with the Han Shot First sequence letting us know exactly what kind of guy Han is supposed to be?  I don't think it's really that close, honestly.  
  • The Expanse

    Listened to the podcast.   I thought the actress playing Chrisjen is one of the better things about the show, actually.  
  • The Highlander reboot

    But there can be only one. 
    seanrayDeeNatter Cast
  • Legion to Premire on April 3rd

    I happen to be reading the gigantic Chris Claremont X-Men Compendium 1, and I had just read Charles Xavier's first contact with Amahl Farouk in Cairo.  They cribbed a lot from that 1978-1979 comic book for the psychic battle.  Was pretty cool.  If the Shi'ar turns into something, Hawley's definitely a Claremont fan.  

    We get A LOT of plot in this episode compared to the premiere, which was pretty much the perfect choice as far as pacing goes. 

    This is just such a fun show to watch and try to pick things out from. From the way David, Oliver and Lenny were all using their backup dancers as psychic weapons in last week’s episode to all the hexagon imagery and now to this future timeline plot- such an engaging way to watch TV, all while trying to reach into the deep parts of my brain where all the X-Men knowledge is piled up to see if I can put any of this together.

    I usually have to rewatch the episode to try to make sense of anything. The one thing I don't love about Legion and David Hawley's direction is the mixing of the Marvel universe and the new stuff created for the show. Like Syd/Ptonomy ect were created for the show but others ie shadow king/david/Shi'ar mention are from the Marvel universe. It makes it hard to know if the answers will be comic based or something new.

  • Busy April for TV shows

    Bosch is coming back on Amazon this month.
  • NFL 2017/18 Chat Thread

    That's why even if they didn't think he was the franchise, the Redskins failing to sign Cousins after the 2015 season was a terrible move.  The earlier you sign the QB, the faster you get off the escalating QB price treadmill.