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  • 604 - "Book of the Stranger" SPOILERS!

    Tormund+Brienne shipping; now a thing!
    I'm on the tormund Brienne ship. Har!
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  • Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer

    New trailer dropped today.

    @A_Ron_Hubbard looks like you are going to get your WW vs man fight this season.
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  • Pets

    We have three cats. Cujo and Spider used to belong to my brother in law 4 years ago but he couldn't take care of them anymore (his new place didn't allow pets) so we adopted them. Both were strays he found by his old job. We adopted Arya from a local animal rescue as a kitten

    Cujo (male, ~ 7 years old)

    Spider (male, ~10 years old)

    Arya (female, 3 years old)

    Arya (top level) and Spider (lower level)

    Spider and Cujo
  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

    Jamie's face right before drogon turned to roast him= "I immediately regret this decision"
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Spending extra time with my son today. My work has a program that pays associates based on their production efficiency and quality. I was able to leave work after 5.5 hours (but being paid for 8), pick up my son from daycare and take him to a local wet playground at one of the parks near our house. It was so nice to spend the afternoon in the beautiful weather, playing and enjoying one on one time together. 
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  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    Lovely use of “Jenny’s song” 
  • Protests Across the America

    It’s been a wild ride here in cincinnati. I had several friends arrested the first night of protests.  They were detained overnight outside with no access to shelter, water, food or restrooms. A lot of police brutality in response to peaceful protests. Journalists being arrested. But the Queen City is standing strong and continuing past curfew. Even venturing outside city limits to the suburbs. 

    Here’s one of my favorite signs so far 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    @OliviaD WTF. How is your employer even allowing them in the building!
    His supervisor “didn’t think anything of it”. I reported it to our director and they promptly sent him home. Facilities were sent to his cubicle to do a deep clean. I’m still baffled that someone could be so dumb. He didn’t think it was a big deal because he “didn’t feel sick”. 
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  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    So my work is still trying to figure out the logistics of sending hundreds of techs and pharmacists home with the correct equipment so we can perform remote entry. Yesterday I was refilling my water and started talking to a coworker who had been on PTO for a couple of weeks and I asked the usual polite water cooler coworker questions. “How was your time off?” “ do anything fun?” And this is how I learned my coworker just returned from a two week vacation in the UK and defied quarantine protocol by coming to work. So there’s that. 
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