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  • Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) Appears to be Leaving TWD. Will only be in six episodes in season 9.

    Andy Lincoln was only sticking around for the Bald Move coverage. Now there is no point.
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  • I'm mad about Roseanne

    Roseanne was not solely fired for this tweet, she had been making ABC quite uncomfortable for some time and this is what pushed them over the edge. She can’t successfully claim that it was a joke, or the Ambien talking, or whatever the next excuse is because of the context of who she is publically aside from this tweet. ABC probably should not have risked this project in the first place.

    Our Cartoon President is satire, and it’s on Showtime.
    Colbert’s late night show is satire. The man made his name with a nonstop satire of Bill O’Reilly
    Southpark is satire with heart, all of the racism and xenophobia on that show demonstrates how ridiculous it is rather than glorifying it, and it’s on Comedy Central
    Bill Maher is a bit nuts on some issues, but you know what you’re getting with him, and he’s on HBO, and he was fired by ABC
    I don’t watch the View, but I presume they don’t put up with racist declarations on a regular basis
    Michael Richards career was pretty much killed for stepping over the line on race
    Kathy Griffin’s career went through a near-death experience for stepping over the line on Trump

    To be clear: indulging in public racism is an entirely different thing that being insulting to DJT. It is not equivalent. Period. If the right chooses to take an attack on racism as an attack on the right, then they are just confirming many folks worst fears about what the right is becoming in this country.

    If you’re not a racist, but many of the people you affiliate yourself with are racists and you find yourself defending racism because attacks on it are hurting your “side,” then you have some introspective thinking to do.

    The dog whistles of Birtherism, attacks on Anthem Protests, All Lives Matter, etc. have been successful for the right, but if you go from dog whistle to bullhorn folks still draw a line.
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  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    The selective use of the jealous vengeful God of the Old Testament when convenient over the God of peace and forgiveness in the New Testament by some Christians is galling to me.

    Some folks go all Leviticus over homosexuality, but they don’t want to discuss most of the other stuff in that particular book.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    awookiee said:
    chrisk said:
    I think the complaints about the North being independent and nobody else are a bit overblown. 

    Theres a a lot of benefit to being part of the Six or Seven Kingdoms. Trade, currency, travel, etc... It’s the same reason countries have joined the EU today.

    You give up some self determination and I suppose you can say they should have debated it more but all these kingdoms have been unified for generations. So being affiliated is the default for everyone already. Sansa’s the only one we know of who’s been making noise about leaving. 

    Also - Master of Whisperers is just the spy chief right? That’s the way I read it. Whatever Bran is capable of, the position needs to exist, no?

    That goes against everything the show has shown us. Robb declaring independence was depicted as a big deal. A big deal that upset not only the Lannisters, but Renly, Stannis and Dany. And then not only do they get independence by just saying so, but the Iron Islands, who have wanted to be independent for just as long, go "you go ahead and do you, we'll stay."
    I 100% understand your argument here as the Iron Islands have pushed for Independence in the show but I want to know how the Iron Islands declares Independence and live on their own without the support of others? Surely in this new Westeros they can't go back to reaving, raping, and pillaging and while it's possible they can survive on fish and food from the sea alone, I highly doubt that's what they want to do. There's tons of benefits being united that I think the Iron Islanders would benefit from.  
    I hope you understand the frustration involved for those of us not willing to fill in the gaps here with so much off-screen head cannon. The Iron Islanders, as presented, would have wanted independence. The Dornish people would also want independence based on their history and culture.

    You can speculate about an economic system of interdependencies and trade incentives, but that’s in your head. The show used to be about precisely these kinds of politics and interplays, with the spectacle largely happening off-screen. This season is about the spectacle with the power dynamics largely offscreen.

    Still a good show, sure, but when you change Mad Men into Jack Ryan you’re appealing to an entirely different fan base.

    If the books are ultimately written, these character pivots (Jamie, Bran, Danny, etc.) won’t be shocking they will have been well founded and documented by dozens of POV chapters. The choice to sacrifice a cohesive plot for gotcha-moments wouldn’t betrays the source material and probably wouldn’t have happened if they were still able to adapt the novels.

    I know the DDs didn’t sign up to do original material, but the lack of self-awareness that caused them to do it anyway without bringing in some heavyweights to do the writing for them resulted in something like Michael Bay being brough in to finish The Wheel Of Time series after Robert Jordan’s death. It’s jarring.
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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    This reaction is like banning all lettuce after an E.Coli outbreak, or banning all Mexican food because of a Hepatitis A outbreak at a couple of Mexican restaurants.

    Some folks are apparently using a harmful additive in some vape “juice.” That additive needs to be identified and banned for this use. It’s bad for those affected, it should be investigated and addressed rapidly, but the number affected vs the number of users isn’t really significant.

    Think of the number harmed by the gun industry, tobacco industry, alcohol industry, automobile industry, food industry, etc.

    This is ludicrous.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Territory for sale isn’t really in vogue for the last 70yrs or so because societies typically care more about what residents think than they used to. A quiet inquiry is harmless, though loaded up with irony in this case, and even if that got leaked you could just say “yeah, we asked about it and they’re not interested so that’s that.”

    The irony is that Greenland is going to become a lot more valuable from a resource perspective because of global warming which the Trump administration denies while the Danes and Greenlanders believe the science. The irony is that even if the Danes were on board, you’d have to have the Greenlanders agree to it to even entertain it since they’re a self governing country within the Danish kingdom. The irony is that the bulk of Greenland’s population is indigenous people, not the pale Nordic people that Trump has explicitly said he wants more of in our country. The irony is that these people enjoy the benefits of Democratic Socialism with the right to free education and healthcare and nobody was ever going to agree to a deal that strips this stuff from their citizenry, especially in the long imperial tradition of screwing over indigenous people to strip them involuntarily of the resources on their land, so to do it you’d have to allow the Democratic Socialist welfare state to continue in Greenland; imagine thousands of Americans fleeing to a US territory to get healthcare and education, it’d be like like bizzaro-Puerto Rico.

    Edit: Also Congress would have to appropriate the funds for the purchase as well as for continuing a generous welfare state for the territory unless he goes full Emperor Trump. Can you imagine this Senate approving healthcare for all and free education, just not for US Citizens?
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Also not looking at payroll tax reduction, then definitely not looking at payroll tax reduction, then not looking at payroll tax reduction.

    Also caved on universal background checks to the NRA, and then denied caving to universal background checks to the NRA (spoiler alert: he caved to the NRA).

    Also apparently Fox is fake news now too because, you know, they do polls.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Wow, well played.