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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    How anyone can complain about the character who spent four seasons training to be an assassin assassinating the biggest bad guy is beyond me. Her sneaking in close, after spending a long scene earlier showing how quietly she can move and avoiding detection, makes way more sense than John single handedly fighting through the lines all the way to Bran to save the day.
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  • 307 - The Final Country

    It can’t be a coincidence Julie was calling herself Mary July and now we find the one eyed man is named Mr. June. Ms. July seems like a cute nickname you’d give yourself based on “Mr. June”. I wonder if June helped her escape eventually and tried to let her live a normal life; maybe Julie viewed June as her father, which is why she made that phone call when her real dad was on the screen. It’s a bit confusing to me why Julie knows/remembers her real name and doesn’t turn herself in.
  • Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    I honestly thought it was a great episode independent of the cliffhanger bullshit. I think they should have killed Abraham in the season finale and had Glenn's death come out of nowhere, but I can see how that might be viewed as repetitive in back to back episodes, as Abrahams death would have been shocking to people who don't read the comics.

    Speaking of the comics, that scene with Carl's arm was agonizing for me as a reader. Not sure how spoilery an explanation would be but I know other readers had to feel the same.
  • 703 - "The Cell"

    When he said "Darryl" I cheered; awesome episode. I don't mind them focusing on one group at a time as long as they're not dragging stuff out, I didn't think anything in this episode was superfluous so I'm super happy with it. They managed to make Dwight a real character. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    That was fucking awesome. Drogon was a nuclear bomb. I’m heartbroken Dany made this decision but not surprised. 
  • Black Mirror Movies

    1. Her
    2. Moon
    3. Minority Report
    4. Ex Machina
    5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    6. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    The Island is a great premise for Black Mirror, but it's a shit movie.

    Her is the ultimate example; it's one of the most unsettling movies I've ever seen. No movie has really struck the fear of AI into me like Her did. Sure, killer robots and AI taking over the world is a scary thought. But the idea that AI might simply be better than us in every way, even emotionally, was really upsetting to me. Would that make our grand place in the universe simply the harbinger of the ultimate life-form? 
  • Alan Sepinwall on the Deadwood Movie

    That was the best Timothy Olyphant has been throughout all of Deadwood in my opinion. This movie was so much better than my expectations.
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  • First look at season 4

    Oh my god so many awesome trailers today; I can hardly handle it! This fall is gonna be fucking nuts
  • 3rd Annual Bald Move Fantasy Football League

    If the links ever start working I'll pay, but even if it never works out I'll still set my lineups and do the draft.