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  • Naomi Osaka US Open Finals Match

    Not to hijack the thread, but I wanted to add something from a different perspective.

    My dad was Japanese, and my mom from Guatemala.    Japan is a very homogeneous country where diversity isn't necessarily embraced or celebrated (at least not well) by most.   I was born in Guatemala, and got education in both countries  (went to elementary school in both countries, junior high school in Guatemala, and high school in Japan).  Although I have a Japanese name, and I am half Japanese, no matter how well I spoke the language, or how well I understood the culture I was seen as an outsider.  In fact, the better I spoke the language and acted "Japanese", the harsher people would evaluate me, finding the smallest thing to call me out and claim "of course you wouldn't understand this, you're not Japanese."   My dad's family being usually the harshest of critics.

    A lot of people still expect people other than themselves to behave in broad stereotypical ways, and although you may think "how is that different than most other places?", my experience has been that on the whole, people here in the United States have been more accepting and open minded.   Sure, not every person I've met her has the same level of acceptance or being open minded, but overall that has been my experience (sadly Guatemala isn't much better than Japan either when it comes to racism, sexism, homosexuality, religion).

    Sorry, I'll finally get to my point.  Naomi Osaka's father is Haitian and her mother is Japanese.  Naomi was raised in the United States.  Some of the most interesting reactions I've seen on social media (comments on twitter/youtube) from Japanese people are celebrating her win as one of their own.   Hopefully in some small way this could help people of Japan become more inclusive and change their perceptions on what it means to be Japanese, or at the very least learn to appreciate people of different backgrounds.

    PS.   Sadly the comments I also saw on the videos of her winning included a lot of "I can't believe Americans are booing a Japanese beating them!   Americans are the worst."   I suppose most of us make those statements when we see a group of people do one thing without context and assume every one of "those people" are a certain way :/. I wish I could go spend all day committing on clarifying that people weren't booing the fact that a Japanese person won, but...
  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    One thing both Aron and Jim agree on:
    a)  Harry Potter is great
    b)  Lost is great
    c)  Sapiens is great
    d) Charlie's grandpa is the worst
  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    The first "fiesta cast" was recorded to celebrate:
    a) the episode when Sansa reunites with Jon Snow
    b) the episode when the cleganebowl took place 
    c) the episode when the owner of the "Pete Pit" falls down the stairs
    d) the death of Lori Grimes
  • 306 - "Certified"

    I'm impressed that they've been able to bring the same actors back to reprise their earlier roles. We haven't seen the lady with the baby in the car since the final scene of episode 1 of the entire series and I immediately recognized her.
    Yeah. Can't believe I was able to tell right away it was her too. The background to Sam's story, and how that was connected to Laurie is so well done. The departure of Sam was such an iconic event of season one (it was in the promos for the show), and to give that story more of a background and the connection to Laurie's story was so good.

    "We're all gone"... I hope that at least Jill, Tommy, and Michael make it thru ok. I'm still hopping Kevin and Nora end up together some how.

  • World Wide Web founder reveals plan to reinvent the internet

    I don't think the objective is for inrupt to host everyone's data.  Inrupt is the company that is backing the development of Solid - the platform to decentralize the web.   I don't fully understand it all, but from what I gather the objective is to allow users to own their data, while allowing developers to write application that access that data.   The user's data will be owned by the user and can be stored in PODs.   Users can find PODs providers, or set up their own servers to host their PODs.   The users would also have control over who you share your data with (and which sets of data).

    Here is another article I found on the subject:

  • World Wide Web founder reveals plan to reinvent the internet


    I assume you are talking about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  I heard that some states in the US maybe looking at implementing their own versions of it, so I looked it up, and sure enough, California passed the "California Consumer Privacy Act" of 2018  or CCPA) which will take effect on January 1, 2020:


    So perhaps there is a little hope?

    The alternative would be for people to pay for the storage of their data and use of applications.  But I suppose at some point it probably sounded crazy for people to pay for television that you could get over the air via antennas free of charge :)

  • Avengers: Infinity War Spoilers and Theories

    I also felt a bit odd about seeing Black Panther, Spiderman, Dr Strange, the Guardians disappear, but I suppose what they are doing is showing us an alternate ending to validate the sacrifice of the folks that will probably permanently die on the next one.   What better way to show why it was important for the folks that will make the ultimate sacrifice do so by showing us what would happen if they don't?

    By the way, anyone notice at the very beginning of the New York fight, how Dr Strange used his magic against the flying doughnut and then winked at Tony Stark?   Does that have any significance?