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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    @gguenot color me strange then, I don’t delete old convos (unless saving space) and my texts go back yearrrsssss
  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    This seems like a trap set up by the segrationist pineapple on pizza loving leadership. Come one come all to the rebellion to fight this tyranny!! #fightthepower :D 
  • Emmy nominations 2018

    The Americans should have won best drama...was kind of put off that Atlanta got no love for an outstanding series. 
  • The Age Old Question

    I blame @Hatorian for the new track this thread will now take... :D 
  • Naomi Osaka US Open Finals Match

    Bomani Jones did a segment on this for her s podcast The Right Time. I thought he brought up a good point where the lack of a voice within the media who is a woman of color and regularly covers Tennis made this difficult to speak on.  Being a man and commenting on some of this is problematic (be brings this up as well).
    Worth the listen IMO as he discusses the problems that have arisen from this. 

    (Something that I wanted to add before, but didn’t) It’s boiling down to a lot of men telling  women how to dress and act in this sport. This is a major problem, which sh was highlighted because they banned Serena from wearing her “catsuit” at the FO. 
  • Solo (Spoilers)

    Come to read about solo and get a page of TLJ and TFA talk :/ :p 

    I really enjoyed this movie. It was a fun mini origin/heist sci-fi movie that has the SWU as the backdrop. Despite what was said early on the actor who played Han did a fine job. It was close enough where it was believeable without being a forced impersonation. DG as Lando was great, but we hardly got any meat from his character. I don’t agree they didn’t set up an emotional connection between L3 and him , but some of that will have to do with how you view robots/droids. There were a few side comments made by both that showed the connection being deeper. The only break I had for EC was the sad/pained face at the end. Outside of that one bit, I thought she really did a good job. Woody is Woody and did his Woody thing. I saw a comment about Chewy not owing Han anything, but Han is the reason he was no longer imprisoned and most likely serving a death sentence. Han is also a big part in freeing his family/tribe/wife. 

    The things that slightly brought the movie down was the Darth Maul appearance, although it made the Crimson Dawn make sense. It was a drastically different looking DM, so that threw me a little off as well. The introduction of Chewy’s wife, only to have her disappear moments later and never be mentioned again. Han speaking wookie, May have been drawn out a tad too much. 

    Overall as its been said this was a hopeful movie movie which I think people tend to like. I do like my dark movies, but this one was the right amount of both for a SW movie. Lots of cheesy dialog and just enough story to keep things moving. I’ll watch this again in the near future for sure. 

    Couple of notes:
    The beginning of this movie is VERY dim prupsefully. It seems this movie wanted to use the “natual light” look throughout. I watch the 4K HDR version and whatbwas supoosed to “pop” did. I didn’t have any issues with seeing anything, but could understand if someone’s TV or theater wasn’t set up properly this movie will cause havoc. 

    I thought the reveal of the “pirates” actually being the rebellion (start of it) fit in nicely. As did having a woman at the lead (fits into the entire series of powerful women leading the way (even if not the stars)). 

    @JaimieT sorry it took so long ;) 
  • Solo (Spoilers)

    @JaimieT I think you nailed it. For Lando we only got to really hear about his “suave” and he was only using it in once quick scene (we hear him talking in background while walking to him). While underdeveloped character wise I thought he really did a good job with what he was given. To get more in depth we would need a movie about him mistreat of a movie with him as a side character that doesn’t really get much screen time.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Solo: A Star Wars Story 7.5-8. 

    I kept my expectations in check and for the most part this was a really fun movie. This was a heist/origin story movie with Star Wars as the backdrop. 

    There are some flaws, but it deserved better than the reception it got. Hopefully more people check this out now that it’s home video bound. Might be a candidate for Unjustly Maligned.