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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    @gguenot color me strange then, I don’t delete old convos (unless saving space) and my texts go back yearrrsssss
  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    This seems like a trap set up by the segrationist pineapple on pizza loving leadership. Come one come all to the rebellion to fight this tyranny!! #fightthepower :D 
  • Ethical implications of Meat consumption

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sighhhhhh how about not using slavery as an example....that is a very sensitive subject for many. While I get the original intention it was a poor choice To use IMO. Now we have folks “talking down” to others who have expressed concern with said example and all we are going to do is alienate certain members by shouting them down. Hopefully we can move on and get back to the original topic. 
  • 804 - Could it be...Satan?

    Loved this episode. I guess I’m all in for the craziness since almost everything seems to work for me. We still don’t know who Kathy Bots is, although it still a possible that it’s Constance (ride it until they say differently). We do see more of her, but Michael never mentions her name. 

    Michael’s entrance into hell kind of reminded me of when the Devil showed up in Constantine (focused on shoes). Im with @Michelle in really liking the Hotel tie in. I guess EP gets to play more than 2 characters this year. 

    Really liekd the scenes with the Warlocks and the power struggle they are having with the Coven. It seems that their hubris might have been their weakness. The Warlocks obviously fell somehow (or maybe some are in service of Michael) which is why the safehouse is being used as a shelter now. It would be a shame to have BD Wong for such a short period though. 

    This for sure set up the second act being the Coven (and possibly remaining Warlocks) vs Michael. He’s already proven to be more powerful than them and there are at least two who could easily defect. 

    This is episode went by really quickly for me, that usually doesn’t happen with this show. 

  • Naomi Osaka US Open Finals Match

    Bomani Jones did a segment on this for her s podcast The Right Time. I thought he brought up a good point where the lack of a voice within the media who is a woman of color and regularly covers Tennis made this difficult to speak on.  Being a man and commenting on some of this is problematic (be brings this up as well).
    Worth the listen IMO as he discusses the problems that have arisen from this. 

    (Something that I wanted to add before, but didn’t) It’s boiling down to a lot of men telling  women how to dress and act in this sport. This is a major problem, which sh was highlighted because they banned Serena from wearing her “catsuit” at the FO. 
  • Ethical implications of Meat consumption

    gguenot said:
    You took this to the “illiteracy argument” when all I’m accusing you and others of is misunderstanding the argument.. which happens everyday to every human including me and you and women and black people, gay, straight. People misunderstand things. 

    I will never understand the impact slavery and the misrepresentation and the marginalizing of those events has on the black community. But comparing the shame felt by humanity and the potential shame humans will feel about animal cruelty is paying slavery “respect” in the sense that I’m acknowledging that its peak atrocity. No one was saying animal cruelty is a kin to slavery, just the future shame we’ll experience will be similar. 

    I disagree that the same point can be made without comparing to a more sever atrocity. 
    Sorry, but you are contradicting yourself. One one part you say you’ll never understand how slavery impacts or has impacted the black community and then go on to say that it’s a legitimate argument to compare the shame felt from the events. If the shame felt is similar then the events would be similar (it’s not a stretch to connect these). 

    How about NOT slavery shame as the example to describe the shame that might be felt in the future. That’s the entire point being made. It seems that some folks here find that unreasonable and as a POC that kind of sours what was a good faith discussion.  It’s the same thing as if (as was brought up earlier) the holocost was used, or how the LGBTQ community has and still does get persecuted. Any group you try to use is going to take that VERY personally as they may have lived (and continue to live) through that persecution. @phoenyx1023 didn’t misunderstand what was stated, she took umbrage with the example used PERIOD. 

    There are not many people of color here, but this current thread and the “joy” some are getting out of what going on is a BIG turn off to what is usually an open minded welcoming community. 

  • Ethical implications of Meat consumption

    Dee said:
    *Sorry, @KingKobra - that wasn’t meant to be a reply to you; I must have hit quote in error. 
    No worries, I’m going to remove myself from the convo before I get banned for breaking the rules. 
  • Any trustworthy places I can get original star wars trilogy?

    seanray said:
    the despecialized theatrical versions?

    The “most” legit place is the forums which have the links to them and other fan made versions.

  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Solo: A Star Wars Story 7.5-8. 

    I kept my expectations in check and for the most part this was a really fun movie. This was a heist/origin story movie with Star Wars as the backdrop. 

    There are some flaws, but it deserved better than the reception it got. Hopefully more people check this out now that it’s home video bound. Might be a candidate for Unjustly Maligned.