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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Well. Guess I’m an idiot. 

    I liked the party at winterfell, I think we needed to let that breathe.

    Jon leaving Ghost behind was him abandoning his Stark side.

    He confided his secret to the daughter of Eddard Stark, the man who held that secret for most of his life. He held it although it caused him immense pain. She betrayed that secret within a day. 

    Cersei lying to Euron. 

    Misandei giving her blessing to burn the city. 

    If all you're showing up for is a bloodbath, I guess I understand you’re  justified in being being “bankrupt.”  But Jaime has just agreed to abandon his soul.  Misandei is Dany’s oldest friend. She’s dead. 

    A dragon died.

    What do you want? 
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  • 607 - "The Broken Man" - SPOILER FRIENDLY!!

    @Aspiewithalibrarycard you just described season 6 in a nutshell. This has all been set up with little bread crumb book fan theory service to make it appear like the plot is moving faster than it is.

    That being said, I feel like we saw Chekov's axe. I feel like we are going to see the Hound save Brienne who has been strung up by LSH.

    I'm also bummed we missed out on Manderly and Frey pie to get crappy child acting. I'm sorry but you can't put Kit and Davos up against a kid, it makes the cringe inducing acting stick out even more.
    Crappy child acting? That was some of the better child acting that I can remember. What constitutes good child acting? 
    He's right, it was bad acting.  It was a 10yo person imitating her acting coach imitating a no-nonsense person with many many years of experience to draw from.  Even if you believe the lines were delivered convincingly (which they weren't), in GoT time she couldn't have been in this role long enough to acquire the wisdom/experience needed to behave this way.  It's not the actress's fault, it's just ridiculous to write a character/part like that, with that kind of responsibility, for a person of that age of either gender.
    Ya, ok. What are some examples of good child acting that I can compare this to. I clearly can't tell the difference, and you seem to have this down pat. I'm not buying that she isn't experienced enough to do what she's doing either. She's been the Lady of her house for a few years now, and has been trained to be the Lady of her house for longer. You don't think years of having to listen to people's stuff could give that person enough of experience? 
    And this isn't Sansa at 10.

    Lyanna Mormont was raised by a warrior woman to be a warrior woman. She was probably raised at her mother's feet learning to rule.

    I bought it. Hell, I liked it.

    She ruled better than Bran when he was left as Lord of Winterfel. We bought that.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Drogon mourning his mommy. I actually had tears. 

    He burned the throne. It corrupted her. I think he understood what Jon had to do. 
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  • 609 - "Battle of the Bastards" Spoiler friendly!

    I think I get why Dany warmed to Theon/Yarra:

    She doesn't know he's unmanned. She's seeing a BROTHER support the sibling more capable to rule, who happens to be his SISTER.

    I wonder if she's seeing them as the beggar queen/king she and Visarys were, and imagining a world where Visarys renounces his own claim to support hers. The parallels she would see between the two sets of siblings.... I mean she and Yarra names some of them, but the support has to feel so good for her to see in action.

    I'm really looking forward to what their storyline does from here.

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  • 805 - The Bells

    Man Jon. A lot of dead people in King’s Landing really wish you had sex with your aunt, so she would have tried ruling with love. 

    Just. Saying. 
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  • 801 - "Winterfell"

    Demerol said:
    Did anyone think that Sam talking with Bran was off compared to his frame of mind after leaving the library at Winterfell learning that Dany had killed his father & brother? I just thought it was a strange sequence.
    I think Sam is the kind of character who would put his own suffering aside to help someone else. 

    He comforted Jon when he was made a steward even when he was probably in the middle of the worst time of his life. He constantly steps up emotionally for Gilly. He’s a coward, but he’s not afraid to help his friends through hard times. 

    He saw Bran sitting by himself in the cold, set aside his own grief and asked him what he was doing. 

    Sam is a drowning man throwing everything that floats to the people around him. In his own way he is very brave. 
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I didn’t love Ghost going into battle with the Dothraki, he should have stayed and guarded Sansa. How bad ass would it have been to see him protecting the crypt?  Maybe he’s still salty she got his sister killed. 

    I did love the way Ghost was running, teeth bared in anticipation...  the lead up was really good. 
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I thought the whole episode was awesome. I cheered when Arya came launching out to kill the NK. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    I loved the episode. It’s starting to bum me out, all the negativity. 

    And Jon, Arya, and Sansa are going to team up against Dany. 

    Pretty sure Tyrion burns next week. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    I think if Missandei had said anything other than “Dracarys” King’s Landing is a lot less charcoal-y