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  • Where is 2nd Scorpion Shot?

    Next week's cold open is Gendry rowing his boat and getting speared out of nowhere. 
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    For anyone that wants to see the goal being reached again by the mad man Freddy: 

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  • Dan Harmon deletes twitter account after video surfaces

    I'm glad we are going back to old jokes and holding people accountable. Now we can finally get around to throwing out that degenerate Jason Biggs for his crimes against pies. Did you think you could just hump a pie and get away with it, you freak? Not on my watch. Die in a fire you apple pie fucking asshole. 
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  • 701-"Dragonstone"

    The Ed Sheeran cameo was as cringy as I thought it would be. 
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  • Sharp Objects Ep. 1 - "Vanish"

    I choose to believe that every piece of furniture in the doll house was made by Lester Freeman. 
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  • 705- Eastwatch

    "Thought you might still be rowing" 

    Trolled by the muthafuckin' Onion Knight
  • how did you discover bald move

    I still think mine is the weirdest

    I use to post on a Howard Stern message board. One day, a poster that I think called himself Aron Hubbard started posting about having this podcast for Season 4 of Breaking Bad. I figured I'd give it a shot, and I really enjoyed it. People were asking him questions and giving him accolades for the podcast, and Aron was very gracious and appreciative. Well, turns out that wasn't the real Aron. It was someone impersonating him and pretending that it was his show. I know this because they made it a point in one of the podcasts that there was someone impersonating him and doing a really good job of it. I remember Aron being really flattered that someone would try to impersonate him and do such a close imitation, and he even offered him a free t-shirt for getting his show out there. Everyone (including myself) on the board had our pitchforks ready to go, but he never showed again. 

    Now, was it actually Aron pretending to be himself and denying it later? Maybe. I have zero way of knowing with 100% certainty. The thing is, Aron admitted as much on the podcast. I can say that I have listened for long enough now to believe that he wouldn't lie about something so trivial, and at this point, it doesn't really matter. I listened to all the Breaking Bad casts, stayed for the Mad Men and GoT, and will continue to stay for Leftovers and more. Just remember, people. It aint always Tom Cruise and Taylor Swift that people will pretend to be online. 
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 7 - Falling

    Camille apparently went to the Jimmy McNulty school of trapping suspects. 
  • RIP those who died in 2018

    RIP Aretha. Plenty of great moments and songs, but this was my favorite.

  • A few good men discussion

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