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  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    My grandfather was a blue collar worker (sanitation, parks cleanup etc.) and always voted Republican. As a kid I always thought the Republican party cared about the working class. What a sweet summer child I was. 
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    mjmullady said:
    Apologies if this was already pondered. But clearly they were waiting for a Dany at dragonstone So clearly either they knew she was coming or just were lucky and waited. 
    My question is, who is the leak? His was before Varys began talking treason so is there someone else or will we end up never knowing?
    The leak is the plot.
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Denmark's stimulus plan:

    Basically, if a company keeps a worker on the payroll rather than lay them off, the government will pay 75% of their salary.

    Based on GDP the same cost in the US would be 2.5 trillion dollars. Yet the US is proposing a 2 trillion dollar plan with a one time check of 1200 dollars for people. I don't even understand. The odds are so in favor of corporations in this country that it's laughable. I say this as someone who will not lose my job. 

    I'm so sorry for all the people who need help and the government failing them. :(
  • Protests Across the America

    We live in South Minneapolis, near where all this has been going down. I used to work in one of the stores that got looted. Our nearest post office is the one that got burned down. It's a crazy feeling. All the windows on our street got boarded up. I just watched a convoy of military vehicles and fire trucks driving to a call. 

    If I didn't have a pregnant wife and small kid I'd probably be out there protesting too. People want change and truth is that non-violent protests one the years have had no effect. Let's hope that this time things will actually change.

    Black people, people of color, and  minority groups need a fair shake in life. As someone who is half latino, I have an easier time blending in. But I've seen injustices happen to me and my friends over the course of my life, and it's time that changed. I hope something good will come out of this tragedy. 
  • The Three Body Problem, and the triumphant? return of The Double Ds

    I wouldn’t watch anything they do unless the reviews were absolutely glowing. Those guys suck. 

    I would boycott them just on the fact they wanted to make a show where the South won the civil war. F them. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    One thing Covid has shown me is how little self control the average person has, all over the world and particularly in the U.S. All it takes is a little restraint to be safe and only make essential trips, but so many people either don't care or lack the willpower to make safe choices. Following some simple rules shouldn't be that hard. It explains why most people in the U.S. don't have anything saved for retirement and are compulsive buyers of anything that costs money. Just to be clear I'm not trying to point the finger at anyone, I'm talking about seeing this from people in my family and my wife's family who are for the most part pretty normal people. Going to weddings, eating out at restaurants, refusing or complaining about masks, etc. 

    I really fear what the holidays hold for us, because most people seem to be acting like things are fairly normal. It seems to be true that the majority of U.S. people won't act responsibly until they either die or know someone who dies. Even then it's no sure guarantee, a family member kept saying these deaths are no worse than the flu and people dying from it would have died due to other reasons any way. So who knows, maybe even if a close family member dies they'll convince themselves it was for whatever conspiracy theory is out there. 

    The whole thing has really made me disappointed in humanity. 
  • MLB 2020

    So, I'm somewhat satisfied that the Rays are beating up on Houston, but at the same point I hate the Rays. So double edged sword, at least one team I hate will play in the World Series. 

  • His Dark Materials - Season 2

    Looking forward to it! 
  • MLB 2018

    Chinaski said:
    bummer. super fun year so can't help but be optimistic for next year when we don't have +5 SP on the DL.

    fist bump to @MrX and go BoSox at this point vs those asshole.

    p.s. Aaron Boone's face still sucks.
    Nice season for Oakland, if they were playing someone else I probably would root for them. 

    Not sure why you hate the Yankees so much, might want to work on that anger management. 

    The American league series' should both be real good.