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  • 204 - "Fear and Trembling"

    My two main shows right now are Fargo and the Leftovers. I'm enjoying them both, but disagree with this week's Leftovers podcast that the Leftovers is by far the best show on TV at the moment. I prefer Fargo. 

    I'm enjoying the Leftovers, but my concern is the same I had with Lost--they have created a world where they can do/write anything without explanation. Need more drama? How about another disappearance? or a mysterious pregnancy? or visions, or prophecies? Is this real? We don't have to answer that. How do we explain what happened? We don't have to. They are writing in a world where there are no corners.

    In Fargo, they are writing in a world where they have to be consistent, and they have to explain most things (maybe not the UFO?). And they are doing a great job.

    Both shows have great acting.

    And I'm enjoying your podcasts!

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  • 210 - "Palindrome"

    I loved it.

    I've always loved the end of Raising Arizona, so loved the beginning of this finale.

    The dude told Mike the 70's were over.

    I think we know Betsy dies. No reason to end the season with her death.
  • 210 - "Palindrome"

    It is funny. Some things work for some, don't work for others, and vice-versa. If you're not feeling a show, nothing will work--call backs, plot twists, etc. and if you're loving a show, you can go along with almost anything.

    I guess because they ran together this season, Fargo and The Leftovers seemed to almost be in competition with one another, with the whole "who won the week?" chatter. But that really should have never been the case. They are both really good shows, possibly great to some.

    For what it's worth, I enjoyed both shows. Most weeks, I felt they both won. I think there are valid criticisms of both finales, but some of us don't want to hear them or just don't care that much.

    In regards to Coen Bros call backs, I never felt they were farce (a la Family Guy Star Wars). If someone didn't recall Raising Arizona, Betsy's I had a Dream scene still works beautifully. If someone hadn't seen Miller's Crossing, the Bear-Simone scene is still beautifully brutal. The Scene where Hanzee sees Lou in the mirror may be a call back to NCfOM, but I didn't remember it, and it still makes sense in the Finale. And now that I do know it, I find it interesting.

    BTW, I don't have the URL in front of me, but there is an article I saw last night entitled something like "Noah Hawley answers 15 questions about the Finale". Worth a read.

    Edit: Just noticed that @hypergenesb made similar comments regarding the call backs as I was originally typing up my post. Great minds think alike. :-)

    Also, here is the article I refer to above, but in googling, it looks like Noah Hawley has done a handful of other interviews in the past 24 hours. I haven't read any of the others yet.

  • 210 - "Palindrome"

    There were a lot of good things to like about this episode, but some things fell flat for me and left me feeling disappointed. Hanzee's ending seemed shoehorned in there. I also didn't like Hank's story about wanting to make an archetypal language. It just seemed like the mark of a much lesser show to have a character say "Oh hey, what about that one thing?" in the epilogue and have it not affect the story in any way, or even give us insight into Hank's character while the story was going on.

    I was on the fence about the UFO thing, and I almost thought it wasn't going to be mentioned this episode at all, which might have been an interesting nod to how absurd the last episode was. But then they had a throw-away line about that too that messed it up for me. It was a decent episode overall, but my least favorite of the season by far.
    It's funny in art and entertainment... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

    I felt Hank's story about developing that picto-language did tell us something about his character, and how he dealt with loss, and I thought Ted Danson did a great job with it.

    And the "throw-away line" about the UFO? When he said that, I chuckled and thought it was the appropriate nod to what happened. The basic jist of the story (as far as the police report is concerned) is that this shootout went down, the Gerharts are finished, Hank got shot, Ed and Peggy ran away, Hanzee went after them, and Lou and Ben gave chase. The UFO? Well, let's just keep this to ourselves.

    The Hanzee ending? Well, I don't know whether or not it was shoe-horned in. Hopefully, we'll see a post-mortem interview with Noah Hawley. I think it was a cool idea to set up Numbers and Wrench. I'm sure if Noah Hawley were to do it again, he may have cast someone to look a little more Native American as Tripoli in Season 1, and maybe made some kind of suggestion that he was or used to be a bad ass, but it's too late for that now.

    But at least they didn't have him "become" Malvo. Too big a leap to believe that Hanzee could transform into Malvo's personality. But I can accept an appearance change.

    I still think this season was incredible, and I can't wait to see what they come up with for season 3.
    Here, here! I think as long as the Solversons are involved, it'll be great.
  • The 2015 Baldies Awards

    Well I finally finished all 26 hours of Baldies coverage. Very well done Jim and A.Ron. Can't say I agree with the Leftovers because it wasn't for me but everybody likes different stuff. Also, how come Leftovers didn't even get nominated for a golden globe? I thought for sure it would be nominated for something with how highly you guys speak of it, and I take your opinion seriously. Is it a Lindelof thing? They don't like him? They actors? Just seems bizarre even with the the globes being a lower class awards show.
    I think The Leftovers resonated with Jim and A.Ron (and others) in a way it didn't for others. Perhaps because of their past experiences with religion, or their current feelings towards religion, or their admiration for Lindelof, or just their personal tastes. That's cool, though. Glad they found their thing. For others, it might be Modern Family, or Mr. Robot, or Downton Abbey, or NCIS.

    To each their own. But the Baldies are not Bald Move community awards--they are Jim and A.Ron's awards. Which is fair enough--we obviously admire their opinions, or we wouldn't listen to their podcasts. :-)

  • 202 - "Cobbler"

    Boy, some of you are taking nit-picking to another level. :-)

    Relax and enjoy the show! It's really not hard to let some things go, especially for a quality show like this.