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  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    So bat boy has the resources to mobilize all those people, move all those giant logs, etc. on short notice just to impress 50-odd people?  Why hasn't bat boy rebuilt more of civilization then? 

    I'm guessing season 7 is going to be all about bat boy.  Like someone else said, at this point I don't think I can watch it live.
  • 605 - "Now"

    I totally think they are setting something up with Ron.  When was the last time a teenager said, "you were right" to anyone?
    I think it's possible Ron is just using the strategy he developed to deal with his father.
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  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    @AmandaG With the manpower the Saviors have, as well as the communication network [...] in addition to the seeming ability to constantly ambush even a badass like Daryl [....]

    The idea Rick & Co don't use scouts, hardly bother with comms when going out, travel in one easily bullet sprayed vehicle, etc show just how dumb they are [....]
    The TV show has made the Saviors appear overwhelmingly powerful.*  It's not clear how Rick & Co. can defeat them next season in a way which doesn't come across as unlikely or stupid.

    OTOH, I will defend the show not having Rick & Co. behave as professional soldiers.  It seems to me part of the appeal of the show to a general audience is normal-ish people dealing with the ZA.  Make them do a bunch of weird radio discipline and special tactics and that goes out the window.

    * Seriously, with that kind of manpower and equipment, all bat boy does is steal from people?  Bat boy could have made a huge zombie-free zone people are thrilled to serve in.
  • 805 - The Big Scary U

    Also, the writers have zero faith in the audience if they have to explicitly discuss getting sick from guts the scene before Gabriel gets sick from guts.
    Except nobody in TWD or FTWD has gotten sick from wearing walker guts before, IIRC.


    The helicopter is worrying -- is Heath back to save the day?  Are they introducing some new big bad before the fight with Negan is over?  Is some military outpost going to join the fight?