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  • 208 - "International Assassin"

    It physically pains me right now that there is no instant cast for this show. 

    This was probably the best episode of television that I have ever seen. Full stop. There are some breaking bad episodes that are equal, but not better. 

    I love the humanization of Patti. I have always loved the portrayal of Patti by Ann Dowd; she is always left out of the lady love on this show. Everyone talks about Carrie Coon and Regina King (with good reason), but Ann Dowd has been bringing it since season 1, and this episode really let her shine. The little girl that they got to play her was awe-inspiring, and absolutely heart-breaking. 

    The sympathy they give to Patti, and the in-depth exploration of her character as a victim of abuse was phenomenal. It ties nicely into one of the show's major themes of grief, and dealing with grief. Patti just happened to be grieving for the life that she missed out on, because of Neil's abuse. For the abused little girl inside of her. 

    The water theme was strong in this episode. Not sure what it means, but I am loving it. 

    I'm guessing the bird that was flying around the hotel was symbolic for the birds in the boxes?

    I also thought it was interesting that all the dead people in...that place...that Kevin went to were people who died AFTER the departure (or it seemed like it anyway). 

    I really have no words to explain how great this episode was. This show has been sitting as one of my top favorite shows for a while, but now it is official. This is my absolute favorite show on TV right now. 
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  • 308 - The Book of Nora

    The HBO description for the finale reads: "Nothing is answered. Everything is answered. And then it ends." Put that on my tombstone. 

  • The host (Aaron & Jim) dynamic

    I'm a Jim fan all the way. I like the logical step-wise approach he has to every show I listen to them cover. Don't get me wrong, I love me some A.ron too, but Jim is my personal favorite. And, slightly off topic, but a thing that I think is overlooked about Jim a lot is how goddamn funny he is. I'm lucky I work in a lab by myself most of the time because I laugh out loud far too much at the podcasts. That one time that Jim said that thing about Bran's arms in the GOT season 1 podcast had me in tears man. His witty bon mots mixed with a deadpan delivery just get me every time.
  • Penny Dreadful 302: Predators Far and Near

    I just got a chance to listen to the podcast and would like to add my 2 cents to the "walking back of Lily" conversation.

    I think it is important to remember that in the Bloody Ballroom scene (S2E10), Lily makes the decision not to kill Victor because she wants him to live with what he has done, and because he might be useful at some point. This could very well fit into the theme of season 3 of father figure/creators and their mentees/creations.

    Sir Malcolm wanted Vanessa to live with what she had done to Mina, and to help get her back. Kaetenay wanted Ethan to live with the things he had done, but also needs his help for some nebulous purpose. Lily and Victor are actually a reverse of this. Lily (the created) wants Victor (the creator) to live with what he has done, and maybe even help her in her own nebulous quest to bring down MANkind. Lily asking Victor to create another immortal (that girl they saved perhaps?) sounds even crueler toward Victor than just outright killing him. I don't think we are seeing Lily's character being walked back so much as we are seeing the progression of one of the complicated relationships which fits in a theme for this season.
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  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

    Watching this episode got me thinking about Bran. A.ron and Jim have said that Bran is weird with the people around him now because of his visions and the knowledge that got downloaded to him from the weirwood network, with A.ron going so far as to compare Bran to a "high functioning" autistic person (which was more than a little cringey). 

    But this episode made me question Bran's motives for acting the way he does. I mean sure, Bran can see everything that has or might happen, but that doesn't mean he understands how to properly act so that he doesn't effect timelines or outcomes. Maybe he has pulled away from people out of fear that his actions will have ripple effects. Yeah, Sansa and Meera might be angry at him for having little diplomacy, but perhaps that was the only way Bran knew to handle those situations without effecting anything. The only overt thing we have seen him do this season is give Arya the dagger. In the same scene that he gives her dagger, it is revealed that he thought she was going to King's Landing until she changed her mind. Bran chose an overt action with Arya, because Arya needed direction, and it probably puts her on a certain timeline or path that Bran thinks is best. 

    I'm not even sure if that made any sense, but whatever, this episode was amazing! 
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  • 4.02 Breathe

    So I was watching the little Inside the Episode (or whatever they call them) video for episode 2, and Bob Odenkirk said that the two guys in the interview for Neff reminded Jimmy of his father, who was also a bit of a rube. I love that, and I think it makes the scene make a lot of sense. 
  • Atomic Blonde

    This really feels much more gender-bent John Wick to me, with a mix of Bond thrown in, not like Lucy which had a much different look and feel and wasn't as grounded in a set reality as this seems to be. The only similarity I see between the two is a female lead in an action genre. The cinematography is obviously a lot like John Wick but it also really reminds me of Drive too for some reason. Some people have compared it to Salt but the difference there is that this character has always been written as female, and this feels much more grungy and gritty. Like I said, I don't think the plot of this movie will win any awards or anything but I am very down for a badass female action hero that kicks ass.

    I think we need all kinds of female characters. We need in-depth multidimensional characters that are realistic and relatable, evil women, nurturing women, ass-kickers, etc. This is an ass-kicker and one that seems already iconic in her look and feel which is notable in this world of franchises and reboots and sameness. The raunchiness of the trailer, and presumably the film as a whole will limit the audience it can have, but I think this movie won't have any problems ascending to cult status quickly.
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  • Side Hustle Suggestions?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! 

    I am going to try to do some tutoring on the side. At my university, every undergraduate has to take a writing course at some point, and most (especially the science majors) really struggle with it. I am a pretty strong writer, both in scientific and humanities contexts, so I think I might be able to carve out a small niche for myself that way. Some of the people in my department actually teach for the writing course, so I am thinking of advertising at way. 

    I really do want to start some kind of pet care/dog-walking, etc. service, but I'm less certain of how to advertise for that. 

    I don't know how I feel about Uber/Lyft, honestly. I feel like I would be losing more money in terms of milage on my car, and gas (which is very expensive here) than I would probably make back. I just paid off my car, and it is currently in very good condition. I am really hoping to not have another car payment at least until I am done my PhD in 5-6 years. It is more important to me to keep my car in good condition, and the mileage low than to have some side money.