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  • Official Direct Thread: The 5th 'Direct' Director

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Direct returns this weekend. 

    Stay tuned. 
  • 101 - "The Original"

    Overall, I'm up on this show and I'll definitely be watching season 1. I do think there is something to Anthony Hopkin's evolution speech. Essentially, in his view, we've reached our potential as humans. The only thing left to do is become gods (his Lazarus analogy points to this). 

    I think that the reveries are, by design, his quest to create life. Real life. And we're now seeing his plan come to fruition. 

    The only thing I'm really down on is the acting performance of Sidse Babett Knudsen. I thought her performance came across as flat and lethargic (from an acting standpoint). Accordingly, I had a hard time believing her character and her scenes started to take me out of the show. I hope this is shored up.

  • Get Off My Running Back!: 2016 NFL Talk

    Obligatory GO HAWKS!!!

    I'm just excited to see what Russell Wilson does this year. As for a Superbowl prediction, I think the Hawks could get there. I think New England will probably get there (Brady +4 extra weeks to rest). But if I had to choose two other teams, I'll go with:

    Bengals vs. Cardinals

    That's right! The red rocket breaks the big cats' playoff losing streak and takes them to the promised land! But they'll ultimately fall to Arizona. Defense wins championships, my friends. 
  • I honestly can't say it enough. Thank you

    Thanks bud! Honestly, hearing this kind of feedback makes it all worth it. 

    I've always seen podcasting as a two-way street. You, the listener, is more important than anything we do on the microphone. When shit is happening in my life, I always take comfort in my Bald Move family. Just a simple Lunch with Jim and Aron can shake me out of a lurch, if even for just an hour. Not to mention all the great people who went from "rival" podcaster/regular listener to some of my closest friends today. 

    We're here for you. Remember, even when things get really dark, there's always something to be grateful for. Here's hoping that things turn around for you shortly. 

    We'll be here for you either way. 
  • Breaking Bad Movie

    Overall, I loved this recap of the series. Some thoughts:

    • The relationship with Jesse is really underplayed. This makes me think that someone unfamiliar with Breaking Bad would have a hard time following the plot. I'd be interested to see what a brand new viewer would make of the plot. from this shortened version. I'd also be interested to know why the editors made the decision to cut out Jesse so much. He really is the catalyst for the story, and helps to smooth out a lot of the plot. That moment of him driving away really represents the climax of the series for me. 
    • I was generally on Walt's side for the most part throughout the series (a Walt apologist, if you will), but this recap really does paint him as a master villain, almost from the start. It definitely helped change my view in that regard.
  • Official Direct Thread: Moonrise Kingdom

    I love the Direct pod but I erased this one after 1/3 of the way through. I'm usually fine with an opinion that isn't in line with mine but I thought Eric's dislike of this movie was completely without reason. I don't know exactly why this pod made me so mad but it did. Of course, I'll continue to listen b/c I think Eric and Levi do a great job just wasn't down with the criticism of this particular film.
    I understand that a lot of people love this film and that I'm in the minority with my opinion. I'll always give my honest opinion on this podcast, and I'm happy you appreciate that. 

    I found myself in a similar situation with Red Letter Media's review of Rogue One. I love those guys, but could not stomach their review because I disagreed with just about all of their points. They came across as nit picky and cynical. 

    I hope I didn't come across as nit picky and cynical. Moonrise Kingdom is a fine film, it's just my least favorite Anderson film. That's it. 

    Keep on keeping on...