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  • 20 Million Downloads Q&A Extravaganza

    Congrats on the 20 mil mark. This must mean you guys are averaging close to 1 million downloads per month!!?!! Wow. 

    It wouldn't be a Q&A Extravaganza without me asking, "Where the fuck is the Bald Move Super Deluxe Edition Cast for The Wire?" 

    I'll never stop asking...
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  • Twin Peaks S1-2 Pod

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really enjoyed doing this podcast. Twin Peaks is a world I always enjoy returning to. I too am looking forward to Aron's thoughts on FWWM and The Return series. 
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  • Lmao ok... Aron, "Stipend" is pronounced "StYpend"

    I don't know about ya'll, but the attempt to finish a pronunciation of "mesothelioma" on the BCS Bali Ha'i cast had me in tears this morning. easily top 5 "A.Ronciations". that word really made the bear dance.
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  • New Bald Move Content

    Exactly. I'm itching for my 12+ hours of rambling, insanely detailed Baldies banter. 
  • Altered Carbon

    I burned through Altered Carbon this weekend. Some thoughts:
    • Lead actors were weak. Joel Kinnaman - This guy is exactly the same in this show as he was on House of Cards and last couple roles. Same notes, expressions, the works. I liked this character most, when it wasn't played Kinnaman. Marta Higareda as Ortega simply didn't have the range this show was asking of her. Purefoy was acceptable as the uber-rich asshole. Dichen Lachman, who I don't normally like, gave one of the better performances. Secondary cast gave the most interesting performances.
    • There was a lot fat that could have been trimmed out of this season. Too many head fakes made the crime investigation a bit tedious. Most critics are right: The back half of this season was far more interesting than the first half.
    • The sci-fi world building is incredible, but it's like they tried to cram too many concepts into this story. Just the idea of sleeves is enough. But they added tons of secondary concepts, that served more as distractions, than interesting elements that contributed to the story. There could be some fantastic stories built in this universe. I hope they keep the show, but treat it more like an anthology.
  • 312 - Congregation & 313 - Abbadon’s Gate

    To all Bald Move Beltalowdas: Just want to publicly admit that I was wrong about The Expanse. I tried 3 times to watch Season 1, and I never could get past episode 5. It just seemed too "murder mystery in space" cliche, and frankly, I couldn't get past my irrational hatred of Thomas Jane (I won't go into details). There has never been a show that so many in the Bald Move community love, that I did not. And I just couldn't understand it. So I stuck with Season 3 this year, mainly so I could enjoy & understand the podcast, and hoped I could derive what the love was all about. Right around episode 3.04, it started to really sink in - the appeal of the show. I started connecting with some of the characters, and finally saw how different their portrayal of life in space really was. So in parallel to watching S3, I watched Season 2 (which was f'ing fantastic). After I finished that, I watched Season 1. Yeah, it's a totally ass-backwards way to watch the show, but man, I really love The Expanse now. And Season 3 has been so rewarding. I'm still not ready to say this show is better than BSG, but I'm en route. Thanks for steering my ship into the ring. 
  • The Terror (spoilers)

    This is type of show that should be the focus of, or at least a big chunk of, Bald Move TV. 
  • 803 - Forbidden Fruit

    I'm still crying over that read for the new sponsor. #baldbutt
  • Empire Business- Jason Cabassi

    One of the reason's I find these Empire casts so compelling and relevant is that they effectively demystify the glamour-ish appeal of creating & running an ongoing podcast. Yes, technology has made podcasting relatively straightforward and fairly democratized. But podcasting well, consistently well, is deceptively hard. Making a business out of it is even harder. Again, thanks for sharing. 
  • Breaking Bald

    Stone cold perfection. More please!