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  • 805 - The Bells

    I really don't get the "you are too negative, i quit" posts. I listen to bald move because i value their honest opinions.  What's the point of saying that and not even addressing their criticisms? "Paint a positive picture or else?..."

    They are hardly alone in noticing the mess that the story has become. Hbo was the one that chose to end the series in 6 episodes. 
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  • For All the *Grumpy Haters*

    I think you fundamentally misunderstand what a lot of people liked about the books and early series. Ned dying, Robb dying, etc. all subvert fantasy expectations by following the actual logic of the world. It was never subverting expectations for subverting expectations. It's that the righteous moral guy will be bad at politics, that following your heart in a medieval world means betraying alliances.

    This one subverts expectations by going against the logic of the world. We expected Dany to be merciful because as recent as 8.02 she was willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the realm. We expect Jamie to be over Cersei because he was ok with staying in Winterfell when she had 2 dragons and a bigger army, and then went south when it was a close fight.

    It's one thing to subvert fantasy expectations by introducing real world logic. It's another to subvert real world logic by using fantasy logic.
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  • 202 - "Cobbler"

    I think BCS has become underrated at this point. Yeah, I know Gilligan et al get a ton of hype. But the fact is that we've come to expect so much from them that anything that isn't mind blowing gets analyzed to death. Not to pick @DrKen , but take this last post, for example, where "jump off a building" is already being called too specific for something that hasn't happened yet, because we've come to expect so much in terms of how everything ties together. And for the record, unlikely to happen, since the likely scenario is Kim marrying Jimmy and later divorcing (he has 2 ex-wives in BB, but only one so far).

    As for this episode, I thought it continues being freaking great. First, I like that it shows that Kim is into Jimmy just as much as he is into her (the whole "we" line, the playing footsie bit, etc). Second, I love the symbolism of even minor things. Like the cup that Kim gave him not fitting into his new car. If I had to guess right now what would happen between them, it would not be Kim breaking up with him for his lying, but for her not fitting in with his new life, based on that scene.

    Finally, since some people seem to have an issue with Kim being ok with the lying but not the fabricating evidence, I found that to be VERY realistic. I don't know if people know any lawyer types, but that is precisely the sort of distinction that most of the lawyers I know do. A lawyer telling a story to the cops on behalf of his client is no big deal, while submitting false evidence is not only a much bigger deal, but also by itself evidence of wrong doing. It would be impossible to prove that "Playuh" has never done squat cobbler videos, while it would be very possible to prove that the video they turned in was shot after their talks and therefore made specifically to fool them. Also note that Kim doesn't tell Jimmy not to do it again, just that it was stupid and he shouldn't tell her about it.

    In fact, I think it is interesting the way they have set up Chuck, Kim and Jimmy as different approaches to the law. Chuck sees law and practicing law as a serious and worthwhile pursuit in itself, something that should be done by serious people with noble intent. Jimmy is a risk-loving, self interested hedonist. Bend and break the rules as long as it pleases him. While Kim is a rational pragmatist: Jimmy's behavior is a problem not because it offends her sensitivities with regards to doing serious law, but because it might come back to bite him, and her, in the ass. I also think it is interesting how that is unrelated (and frequently opposed) to their personal morals. Chuck will lie and betray his brother to keep the law serious and pure. Jimmy will bend and break the rules all because he decided to do the good thing and return the Kettleman's money (which is the snowball that leads to Playuh). And Kim is the self interested one, following the law to climb up that partner track ladder.
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  • 301 - The Book of Kevin

    I too hated John scamming people reading palms. Seemed like a real jump from him in season 2 to now. But a lot could have happened in the those three years.

    I took the ending as being a flash forward, and the question being posed almost as someone who is trying to spread the word of Jesus would have asked. But I could be projecting, because I didn't even know who that was initially lol.
    The idea is not so much that he is scamming them (see him destroy the money) but that, at least in his mind, he is giving people closure that they would not otherwise have. It's like when Laurie had Tommy act like Wayne.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I, for one, really appreciate the guys, their point of view, and the fact that they treat their listeners honestly, giving their sincere opinion. If what i was getting was some focus group tested lukewarm opinion set to appease the child like listeners who take anything other than unqualified enthusiasm as a personal affront i wouldn't be a member.
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  • USA Presidential Election 2016

    Part of the issue of the democratic party is their base is largely composed of younger voters. And younger voters are notably fickle. I teach college, and the number of students who didn't vote or even register and are now super upset that Trump won is incredible.

    People misunderstand American elections completely. If you want to make a difference in 2018, the thing to do is NOT getting into these crazy political arguments with Trump supporters like many people think. The thing to do is to make sure that that friend of yours who considers him or herself to be apolitical, but is generally socially liberal, that their vote matters a lot.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Why is it that the people who liked the finale of GoT take any criticism of the show so personally, that they have to turn to name calling when someone says something negative?
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  • Chernobyl: Episode 3. Open Wide, O Earth

    Just a side note here about some of the things that we are seeing on screen: it's not a feature of communism or capitalism, but a feature of organizations.
    Two "iron laws" to consider:
    The iron law of oligarchy:
    and the iron law of bureaucracy:

    Because of the complexity of decision making, we delegate power to key decision makers. Key decision makers can then use that power to benefit themselves and the organization itself, instead of the mission of the organization. People are then too apathetic, uniformed or powerless to do anything about it.

    We can see this again and again in the US:
    School and college administrators are paid more and more while teachers and professors are squeezed. We give out ambassadorships to donors and politically aligned people with 0 foreign policy experience. If you want more dramatic examples:

    -Hugh Thompson Jr was a legit hero who stopped the My Lai massacre. He was ostracized and condemned for making the military look bad despite the fact that what he did was much more in line with the values that the military claimed to defend. Those who helped cover up and hide the massacre were rewarded.
    - Michael Brown was in charge of FEMA during Katrina despite the fact that most of his experience had been as a disgraced commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association.
    - The 2008 financial crisis is a perfect example of the people who screwed up being in charge of cleaning up their screw ups, with the results that instead of jail sentences and help for home owners, we had bail outs and support for those who screwed up even when they defrauded home owners.

    As a college professor, I see this again and again in academia. The administrators that get the big paychecks and the big rewards are not those who quietly and efficiently improve the education of the students and the work conditions of the professors. The ones who get the big paychecks are the ones who build the big buildings, mollify the big donors and hide the big scandals.

  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    I think even if it had a good process, the odds were stacked against this trilogy living up to potential. Hamill, Fisher and Ford are all in their late 60s, early 70s. The conclusion to the Skywalker saga that people would want would feature the three more prominently, but there's no way a major studio would do that. What the more dedicated fandom would want was Luke and Mara fighting Joruus Cbaoth or something similar, which can't be due to age.

    So this was going to be a story of a hand off. Which is where I guess the bad process part comes in. And it's where for me TLJ simply ruined this trilogy for me. I really wish Rian Johnson had had the strength of his convictions. But to me the whole thing with first introducing the intergalactic elite who profits from war no matter who is in charge and who has literal child slaves, and then having our heroes free the non-horses and ignore all of that made it clear that they had no direction in mind.
    I think TLJ is a brilliant pivot point that any great writer could have run with, but my one criticism has remained throughout- Kylo and Rey should have joined forces at the end of that movie. THAT should have been the cliffhanger leading into this last movie. I don’t know if that was an RJ thing or a Disney thing, but a final conflict between Kylo/Rey and the FO/Resistance is immeasurably more interesting than what we got. 

    That, too. It makes no sense for Rey, who thought the Jedi were a legend a couple of days ago, who had a terrible introduction to jedis via grumpy Luke, would at the end reject someone she had a connection with for the Jedi.
  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    cdrive said:
    The ‘92 Dream Team beat Angola 116 to 48 in their first game as “The Dream Team.” At the end they were still doing shit like bouncing alley oops to themselves off the glass, hot dogging and laughing about all the globetrotter shit they were trying while decimating this team. They were heralded.  Just throwing that take out there for some perspective. I think if the US Men’s Soccer Team wasn’t a heaping pile of dog shit and were instead this dominant, it wouldn’t surprise me if the narrative was a little different (reference point USA Men’s Basketball) 
    This isn't true. Just one example:

    There were a lot of stories about the "ugly Americans," and Barkley complained incessantly about the way the media talked about them.