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  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    One of the many reasons I love Bald Move and this community is the opportunity to chat about common interests with people whose experiences are different from mine. If I want to know how a gay person feels about the portrayal of a gay couple on Star Trek, I can get at least a couple perspectives here from people who are both gay and real fans of the property. Those circles don't touch in the venn diagram of people I know personally. That's just one example.

    I want everyone to be a Bald Move fan and participate ESPECIALLY if they don't look, sound, walk, talk or fuck like me. 

    @A_Ron_Hubbard I want you and @Jim to know that I switched to paying monthly and avoid renewing during discount promotions because you take stands like this. 
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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    I've been reading and staying silent on the advice of my wife, who wisely pointed out that participating in this conversation was affecting my mood and I needed a break. With some time to consider my thoughts, I do want to say a few things.

    No one wants to see an innocent person accused of something terrible, but are the victims of real abuse any less innocent? How many of their lives should be destroyed to make sure it stays hard for women to come forward? Is protecting men from false accusations a good justification? I see a lot of evidence that people are worried about increased false accusations rates. That's a natural worry as #metoo gains traction. What I don't see is evidence that the rates are actually increasing or differ significantly from the rates at which other crimes are falsely reported.

    We're not talking about tilting the playing field against men so we spend every day defending ourselves from unfounded allegations because there are no consequences for lying. We are talking about removing societal barriers and preconceptions (like the ones expressed in this thread) that make it harder for actual victims to tell the truth. There may well be a larger number of false accusations (I doubt it but I'm willing to accept the possibility), but I am supremely confident the overall percentage of allegations that turn out to be false would drop if it were easier for real victims to come forward. We are not even close to the point where sexual misconduct allegations are an "easy win" for a malicious woman. Just look at this thread.

    On the other hand, every day women and girls have to think about how they behave, dress, and speak and wonder how the men they encounter will react. Will someone with more social, financial, or physical power decide to use that power to harm her career, reputation, or person? How much harder will it be for her to meet her goals as a woman? Would it be easier as a man? Would it be easier if she just dressed like one?! (All signs point to yes - thanks for that insight Jaime)

    I have no sympathy for powerful men who have to start thinking about whether they should meet with a woman alone in their office at 9pm because they don't want to be vulnerable to a false accusation. If they don't know the woman well enough to trust her, they should be thinking about how she feels being invited into that situation.

    For public opinion purposes, as others have said, reputation goes a looooooooooong way. If I wake up tomorrow to a story like this about Tom Hanks, I'm skeptical. Chris Hardwick is no Tom Hanks. And regardless, neither of them need me to stick up for them and demand evidence on their behalf.
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  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

  • Unwarranted Concern with the Boys BlacKkKlansman review goes here...

    Tom_A said:
    Just a little worried that your ideas for podcasts sound a little like creating a Progressive/liberal/dem echo chamber. That's basically what Lunch has become anyway. Just Aron screaming into the void about things I feel like most of us know. I don't think that excluding or, well actually, projecting opinions onto the Right on casts ala that Harmon example is a fair or good idea at all. That seems like somewhat of a straw man situation and deliberately divisive. 

    Someone says "we won't tolerate racism" and you respond with "how will the regressive/conservative/Republicans express their views?"  What does that tell you about what the right is saying?
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  • 805 - The Bells

    Alright, with some time to think here's how I can make sense of the differences of opinion on this episode and season:

    The biggest problem with GoT the last two seasons is there are too few episodes. The showrunners were wrong: this is not a 73 hour story.

    We may never know exactly why they decided to reduce the episode count. I've seen a lot of guesses here including budget considerations, actors' contracts, showrunner fatigue, and even the suggestion that HBO is intentionally trying to screw over the fans. It may be one, some, or none of these but in the end it doesn't really matter. The decision was made and it was never going to change once decided.

    If you take the time allotted and look at how it was spent, I think it was divided up fairly well. There are a few exceptions. A good example is the lack of Dany & Missandei scenes. I think they overestimated how much the fans would recognize the value of that relationship. Curiously, they spent this time connecting Missandei to Grey Worm instead. In most cases though, if there was 30-40% more time and each plot point's share increased proportionally I think the show's in pretty good shape.

    Joanna Robinson has talked a lot about how the actors had to do off-screen work to establish their characters' state of mind as the show rushed through the last two seasons. Emilia Clarke and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau have both made this explicit in interviews. This should have been a red flag to the producers and showrunners. In general I think the actors did a fine job showing the emotions they're meant to feel in the moment, but many watchers tended to second-guess the performance because the character development had to be internalized instead of demonstrated. For example, I never thought Jaime was leaving Brienne to kill Cersei, but many fans did. 

    So, in general I think most of the dissatisfaction is rooted in the choice to shorten the last seasons. Even if the running time is increased, only so much can be accomplished within a single episode because an episode needs a beginning, middle and end just like the overall story. 

    Personally I don't share the opinion that Dany and Jaime's actions (for example) were out-of-character. Knowing what I know about them, I thought their choices were well-within the realm of possibility. That said, the backlash would be significantly reduced if there was time to show just how precarious their positions were. I don't think the plot points are invalid or untrue to the characters - we just got there too quickly. This is especially evident if you contrast the velocity of the last two seasons with the first two.

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  • Golden Company - S08E05

    Show up without elephants: get got.
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  • IMPORTANT: The Proper Way to Take Your Shoes/Socks Off

    Assuming you're a sane person and take both socks off at the same time and shoes are right out, the proper technique is to use only your feet for the operation.

    1. Have socks on.
    2. Grasp the top of the left sock using the first two toes of the still-socked right foot.
    3. Pull the left sock down and off using your right foot. Be sure to keep the left sock held between your right toes.
    4. Grasp the top of the right sock using the first two toes of the now un-socked left foot.
    5. Pull the right sock down and off using the left foot while pulling the left sock into the right sock to form a sock bundle.
    6. Use kicking motion to fling the sock bundle at the nearest spouse, child, or other family member.

    ---- Edit ----
    My discussion assignment for a technical writing class this week was to produce a set of instructions 6-8 steps long. This thread inspired me to post the following into our class discussion forum. You'll have to imagine the superscript in place of bold-italics. :D 

    Traditional directions for sock removal tend to assume that sock-wearers have both hands and fingers. Wearing socks in no way guarantees that both hands and fingers are part of the equation, but we can safely assume that sock-wearers have feet.1 For this reason, it is my great pleasure to share this procedure for removing socks using only feet and toes.

    Puppeteers wearing socks on their hands are violating natural laws and do not deserve our consideration. 

    Before you start

    • Remove any non-sock footwear such as shoes, sandals, slippers or moccasins.
    • Have socks on.
    • Identify your left and right feet. Label as required.
    • Look for family members within a 15-foot radius and consider if they've done anything particularly nasty to you recently.


    1. Grasp the top of the left sock using the first two toes of the still-socked right foot.
    2. Pull the left sock down and off using your right foot. Be sure to keep the left sock held between your right toes.
    3. Grasp the top of the right sock using the first two toes of the now un-socked left foot.
    4. Pull the right sock down and off using the left foot while pulling the left sock into the right sock to form a sock bundle.
    5. Fling the sock bundle at the nearest spouse, child, or other family member. Use a kicking motion.
    6. Run away. 

    Warning: Avoid gravel, lego bricks, and sticky spills as you make your escape. You aren't wearing any socks.

  • 805 - The Bells

    I don't know what to tell the people who think Danys turn was unearned and out-of-nowhere. 

    They put the words right in the character's mouth and the show has been raising and re-raising this concern for years. Just because we didn't want it to happen, doesn't mean it's not a valid story.

    What did you think she meant when she said her mercy would be for the next generation and she was opting for fear? How many times does Tyrion have to talk about bells before it's obvious what's going to happen? The loooooong close up of a sleep-deprived half-mad Dany was a pretty good peak into her state of mind.

    She ends-justify-the-means'd the shit out of this so she could give in to her darker tendencies.

    I felt sick watching this because it was all so unnecessary, but that doesn't mean it came out of left field. I didn't want this to happen, but that's GoT for you.

  • Post Your Dankest Memes

    I saw the Aquabats open for Sloan in 1998. That is all I have to add.
  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post: Players Only Please

    @Flukes I'm gonna assume that you're ok with what everyone else has said and are willing to go along with it, ok?

    Update coming shortly!
    Yes, Ragnuk is just watching, listening and waiting. He's not going to lead the conversation. If some people head inside and some stay outside, he stays outside too.