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  • I honestly can't say it enough. Thank you

    I'm going through some shit in my life, and the bald move family cheers me up whether it be Blue Yonder, Bald Movies, or Direct and the forums always put a smile on my face. Thanks Jim, A-Ron, Eric, Levi and the people who support Bald Move, it brightens my day.
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  • family members disowning you.

    I just want to take a moment and say that if you or anyone you care about have been disowned by your family over any reason, you have my sympathy. You don't deserve for your own family to shame and embarrass you over a clash of ideals. Especially in this county. It happened to me last night over this election. I won't go into specifics because it doesnt matter, but if you have been disowned by anyone you love over a clash of ideals, just know you are not at fault, and if you stood up for what you believed in, and I'm not even talking about last nights election, but any ethic or morality you hold dear, know you are righteous in doing so, and I hope you are proud of yourself. That is every human beings right, especially in the country I love and live in. (USA)

    Thank you.
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  • I honestly can't say it enough. Thank you

    I thought I'd update this since so many of you were kind enough to encourage me when I first posted this. Things have been way better (like night and day) over the past 2 months. I'm in a healthier and better place right now, and enjoying my life. Thanks again to those who came to the aid of a guy they will probably never meet, but still took time out of their day to encourage him anyway.

    Thank you.
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  • Just got fired from my job

    So sorry to hear this, if I may sound a little cheesy for a moment, I really do believe everything happens for a reason, and this can be a positive opportunity for you in a new job. We're all here for you, and I send my best wishes and hopes that you find yourself in a great job soon.

    Take care, and blessings to you and your family.
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    Blade Runner 2049 new trailer!

  • I Promised I Would Do It.

    @A_Ron_Hubbard, @Jim I bet when you guys were starting Blue Yonder, the thought never crossed ya'lls minds "someday, somebody we've never met is gonna have our faces tattooed to their bodies!" That is Badass @DoubleA_Ron! Love this community!
  • Mulholland Drive. - WHAT just happened?

    Oh my god. I watched this years ago and fucking hated it. But I decided to watch again after listening to the podcast. This blew me away. This is exactly what A.Ron said- this is a blue box on a white canvas what does it mean to you. I just finished this movie seconds ago, and I can't tell you what this means in a linear plot sense, but what I can tell you is from the moment the woman sang 'crying' til the very end, I have never felt
    This moved, but at the same time had this much difficulty describing how a movie has made me feel. I'm confused, devastated but also weirdly appreciative. And I don't know why. Way to go David Lynch! This film has single handedly made me do a 180 on how I judge you as a filmmaker. Great pick for a community commission everybody who chipped in. Thanks for giving me a reason to rewatch this masterpiece.
  • Leon: The Professional

    No, they didn't do the Professional. Was in the shop for community commissions.