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  • 707 - "The Dragon and the Wolf"

    Did anyone else think Jaime was going to go Valonqar before he finally left?
  • Merry Christmas Baldies!

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Life Day! 
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    Standing in line to vote now in my Atlanta suburb. This is the longest line I’ve ever seen here. At the 2016 election I walked right in with no line, for comparison.
  • 702 - "Stormborn"

    Does anyone else find the actor playing Euron kind of ridiculous? This guy is supposed to be terrifying, but I actually lol' d when he came riding down on the battering ram or whatever that was.
  • 607 - "The Broken Man" - SPOILER FRIENDLY!!

    Wow, great episode. There's no way Arya survives that wound without some sort of magical intervention, right?

    So glad Sandor is back, he was always an interesting character. I appreciate Rory McCann's comic acting, but his portrayal of Sandor's more tragic elements is fantastic.
  • Merry Christmas! Post your loot!

    Belated merry Christmas to everyone!

    We had a terrible Christmas last year with my husband, toddler son and myself all coming down with the worse stomach virus of my life, while my sister and her family were unexpectedly staying with us for the week. Total misery. So this year we wanted a chill Christmas with no company, which is just what we had. Our son is the only grandchild on my husband’s side and our only child, so he made out like a bandit. Due to our small home he doesn’t get anything big, but his love of LEGOs has definitely been stoked. 

    I received a weighted blanket and after three nights have gotten my sleep setup perfected with it. Also a planner (I remember things better if I physically write them down), a few small things, and a WTF cape/poncho/coat that looks awesome as a Lord of the Rings costume, but is not something I see myself waltzing around town in. My husband’s feelings are hurt, but I can’t stand wasting money on something that will literally never be used unless they start up a winter ren fest around here. I checked Amazon, it can be returned. Any ideas for mitigating the hurt feelings?
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions in this episode. Jon has always been dumb but honorable, so none of his choices are surprising. Arya stating that she would not be back to Winterfell was strange, after reclaiming her identity as Arya Stark of Winterfell in the house of black and white, unless she’s rethinking turning down Gendry’s proposal. I want to root for Sansa, but I’m concerned by her immediate betrayal of Jon’s trust.
  • Animal Crossing

    Hi guys! So excited more people got in on Animal Crossing. My husband set it up as a family game for the three of us and made the mistake of making our kindergartener the lead player, so I can welcome you all to Pizza Isle. Turns out that our son thinks the game is pretty boring compared to various Mario adventures, so he doesn’t want to play much. We discovered a few weeks in that this means we have to log in as him and do stuff to advance the game, because Tom Nook will only let the main player start municipal building projects and other expansions. 

    I’ll post my friend code when I get on later. It’s usually in the evening, after 7:30 est.