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  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    Hey, let's talk positive! What show or shows do you think had the most satisfying ending?

    Breaking Bad is definitely one for me. Season 5 and all the Nazi stuff definitely paled in comparison to Gus but those last three episodes are just wonderful and damn near perfect. That rising final shot of Walt is something I will never forget.

    Also, a criminally underappreciated show VEEP recently ended and I thought it was a fitting send off. They hit all the right notes for their characters and that show was such a joy from beginning to end.
    I finished VEEP last week. I loved this show, but I am still haunted by the ending. Thinking about it now can make me cry. No spoilers so just going to say my opinion of two characters completely changed. I guess this is the very definition of a successful finale. 
    I am so glad I was not the only one deeply moved by the finale. Very satisfying for the emotional beats that were all true to character and ..................., just tears. And like Dee said about Boardwalk Empire the way the end made you change your perspective on the main character without being disappointed by the show was masterful 
  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    JaimieT said:
    @cdrive Can confirm, when I was 24 and my dad found out I was attending a church in Montrose, he said the pastor better not be gay.  :D
    Send your dad my way. He can go to church with my mum where the Minister is gay and his husband attends with their adopted daughter, or he can come with me to the church in my area where the Minister is a Lesbian activist - he'd probably love her "What if the American right is wrong?" and "Jesus was a Communist" sermons.  Yesterday was "Bike Blessing & Environmental Sunday" - I'm sure that's right up his alley too!
    After reading your comment I IMMEDIATELY looked to see where you are from so that if you were close (within 100 miles) I would be attending your church. Sadly You are so far away you in another country lol.  
    The church posts the sermons on Youtube :)
    You are now one of my favorite people. Period.