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  • 716 - "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"

    Half boring and half ridiculous.

    The double crossing stuff isn't surprising or even interesting at this stage, we know you can't trust anyone.  I thought they might be going for the double-double cross but no.

    What becomes really stupid, is how so many people conveniently just decide not to shoot during a massive gunfight. Key characters have guns pointed at them and don't get shot. No one thinks to shoot that Negan guy they've all been after. Negan doesn't tell anyone to shoot Rick. Then there's the reinforcements showing up mid-swing of a bat. If you're going to come and help, perhaps come a little sooner. 

    I think I'd have bought into it a little more if they'd come just after he'd killed Carl, just to show it's not completely contrived timing. 
  • Life is Strange

    I randomly came across this game about a month ago, hadn't played many games in ages but was looking for a decent story. Dialogue aside I loved it and it stayed with me after finishing it. Had no idea you guys had covered it! Also never thought I'd really enjoy a couple of hours of watching two fully grown men play a video game about teenage girls. Life really is strange.

  • Books

    I'm sure someone has asked before, but have there been any bald move book podcasts? I'd love to hear a book club style one.  I know doing the winds of winter on the GoT podcast was mentioned but I think it would work for other books too, either divided up into chapters or focusing on a whole book.
    Nope. Jim's not a big reader and I guess they're too busy with movies and TV. There was a casual read along of a Stephen King book in the forums a year or so ago (The Shining, I think? I can't remember offhand - it's 6am here and pre-coffee), but nothing really since.

    Fair enough. A forum book club style thing would be good.  I often find the one thing missing about books I read is no one to talk to about them!  Been to a couple of books clubs but a lot of people drop out and the book choices haven't always been great.
  • 301- "Mabel"

    I wonder if Gene is dead. Imagine if season 4 is the final season and it just opens with Gene's sparsely attended funeral.  

    On the one hand, it would nicely round off the series and I wouldn't be surprised if they do contrast the height of Saul with a dark ending. But I keep hoping we'll get more of the post breaking bad world.  Maybe too much to ask, too risky for them?  Gene's life seems bleak enough that he'd risk going to see someone from his old life.  

    Was excited for this episode and it was ok, but found the pace a little slow. Also hate seeing things go Chuck's way, quite looking forward to his demise however harsh.  And once the preview podcast mentioned him in the same retirement home as Hector, I'm not convinced that will happen!