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  • Doing better :)

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know I'm doing better and making more plans for my life, not quite sure where the motivation came from but well. Yup. Just trying to take it easy and not put too much pressure on myself or too much on my plate.

    Thanks again for the support, I really appreciate it.

    I also have a date in the 26th :)
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  • Thank you

    I know I sort of already said it but it's a big deal to me. Thank you everyone that responded to my suiside post last night it means a lot to get such a nice response and to cause me to think a little more. Suiside still isn't off the table for me but it doesn't feel like the only option right now. Although if things get worse which I can see things getting worse, well then I may not see the bright side of things. But I really hope things get better.

    Again thank you everyone
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  • I finally did it. I also finally paid off my ps4!

    So I finally did it guys and girls. I was so worried about what might happen and I told everyone about my mental health issues with very mixed results and I'm not even sure how to feel about it. Also I had about a month to come up with the remaining 80 or so £ to pay off my ps4 and finally reached it and paid it off today as the deadline was luckily Friday 25th. PHEW! now I don't own 300 with an added 140 for interest which is what would of happened
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  • Black mirror season 4!

  • 301 - The Book of Kevin

    Ah. An awesome episode of tv on my birthday :) April 17th
  • Suiside plans

    Ok 1st of all I owe you guys a massive thank you. Especially to a.ron (not trying to be biast but he's a busy guy) I'm shocked as to how easily you guys may have found my place I live but not my specific address. Suiside for me isn't off the table it's something I have been thinking about constantly. I probably need a fresh start and to meet new people and to be honest I no longer want to live with my family and I don't want to see half of them again. It's a very difficult time for me and I hope I can get through it and not give into ending it all. It's going to be tough and the hardest thing I've been through. But again thank you all soo much for the support. If someone could tag a.ron and let him know that would be nice (because I don't know how to). I was also stood up for by my date which made things a lot worse.

    Again thank you all
  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    But at least in January we have baldies and true detective so that's a great start 

    Holy shit a new cloverfield drops tomorrow on Netflix!! 

  • 4.04 Talk

  • Starting the wire

    iMatty94 said:
    A modern Greek tragedy. I’d comfortably say the most socially aware piece of fiction of the 21st Century. Some hessitate to even call it fiction. It has changed the politics of myself and people I know. The war on drugs told by somebody who see’s the bigger picture, who knows it inside out. The sad part is it comes with the sour taste of how relevant it is 15 years later. 

    Breaking Bad is great, but you get past those first 4 episodes and it will stay with you forever. 
    Do you mean the 1st 4 episodes of the wire? Breaking Bad hooked me from about half an hour into the pilot. Or whatever point it was when that police car goes past Walter 
    I mean The Wire. It’s infamously tough to get through the first half season the first time through. 
    Thanks I’ll keep that in mind as that’s around the point I stopped last time