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    jleav382 said:
    Do we know when Jim's Podcast will be out? I don't see it on this week's schedule. 
    I see a written review and I’m confused 
  • need small vacation ideas, nothing stressful please.

    Without knowing details like whether you want to travel, or just stay in your hometown, or where you live-

    Some things I like to do to take a short break- The major theme is- Lose track of time, be present in the moment, limit technology use, and don't spend a ton of money (spending money is stressful for me, but if it's not for you then strike that part).

    Go to a cafe or even sit at home and have coffee or a cup of tea, sit and drink it while it's still hot (which I can never manage to do when I am working), don't look at your phone and just lose track of time. 

    Go to a place nearby that has something nice to look at- whether it's a beach, a city park with floral gardens, a walk by a river, etc. Take a slow walk and observe the details of whatever is around you. It's Ok to use your phone to take photos but again try not to look too much at your phone.

    Go to a gallery or museum and walk around looking at art, history, whatever the focus of the museum is. Let yourself take time with one or two pieces that really speak to you. Don't take photos here; it is generally frowned upon to take photos in museums. I'm not sure how museums work in the UK, but here many of them have a free night each month, and a lot of smaller ones are either free or just ask for whatever donation you can make, as a price of admission. A lot of places also have "art walks" where it's organized around one night a month (first Thursday is common in Seattle) and it's a festive event where you can walk around a whole neighborhood and take in a lot of different gallery shows.

    It's getting to be summertime- is there any kind of outdoor festival going on that might have free or low price admission where you can either experience another culture or just listen to music, try new food etc? 
    Thank you for the excellent ideas I shall consider all of them. I don't know how relaxing it could be but and I've never done it before but I'm thinking of going to a strip club just to look at the girls and have a drink?