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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    Just a reminder...

    Some people here have shared some intensely personal things and others have said/suggested that they've gone through similar experiences and major reason why more haven't come forward is because of this whole issue of not being believed, people demanding evidence of you etc.

    So while some of you are having a detached academic/legal debate please keep in mind for others here this isn't removed from their own personal experience.  We can accept that the legal system has established thresholds for evidence but this isn't a courtroom, no one is being criminally charged and we aren't a jury. While you probably don't mean to, by focusing on the litigious side of things you're contributing to the type of environment that allows these types crimes to keep happening.

    If someone comes to you and tells you that they have lung cancer, don't be the a-hole that responds with "well, you could have quit smoking and you didn't".  Be the decent person who offers empathy and understanding.
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  • What Would You Do?

    So...this is what happened.

    We got to chatting as he was working and I was getting along pretty well with him, we were laughing and joking around.  After I while I felt pretty comfortable asking him and I said, "Listen, there's something I want to ask you..." and he cut me off and said "About the pizza, right?"

    He said that he saw it on the counter and thought that it had been left there for him since he was working at dinner time - I left for work at gf came home at 7pm and he was gone, so he did his work sometime between 4:30-7:00.  He told me that he ate a slice, then noticed the note that I'd left for my gf after he'd eaten it and didn't know what to do.  He said that he regretted not leaving a note of his own and spent the whole night worrying that he'd get fired.  His plan was to come and do the work today (he wasn't expecting me to be home) and order a pizza and leave it for us with a note explaining what happened.  He seemed sincere, and I believed him.  I told him that we didn't care about the pizza, we were just worried that other things might have gone missing...when I said that he went pale and told me that it didn't even occur to him.  In criminology we call that an absence of mens rea - he was looking at the situation the way an innocent person would and lacked a guilty mind.

    It turn out well!
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  • Anti-Pseudoscience Thread!

    I always get crapped on from my fellow lefties when I say this, but the anti-GMO stuff belongs on that list too.  The same science that tells us that global warming is real, also tells us that GMO wheat is a perfectly safe thing to make your bread and pasta from.

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  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    I got called a "white knight soy latte drinking beta cuck" last night and I laughed by ass off.  I was at a bar/cafe with a friend and there was a trans woman there by herself and some younger 'frat boy' types where there.  They weren't being super aggressive or threatening towards her, but they were asking rude and uncomfortable questions and it was clear that the woman didn't want to interact with them.  After a few minutes, I went over to her and asked her if she wanted to join my buddy and I until her friend showed up (earlier I'd heard her say that she was waiting for a friend).  The guys started shouting stuff and it me, the owner told the guys to settle down and one of the guys said "why are you giving us shit and not the white knight soy latte drinking beta cuck?"

    For the record, I don't think that I've ever had a latte - definitely not a soy one if I have.

  • Black Mirror Season 4 SPOILERS!

    b.larev said:

    I feel like the only person who didn't really care for 'Crocodile'. It was beautifully shot, but I felt it was just dark for darkness sake - not really rooted in social commentary as much as other episodes. Also, the beginning really reminded me of I Know What You Did Last Summer.
    I'm not looking for an argument, nor am I trying to tell you that your opinion is wrong but I think Crocodile had a really powerful bit of social commentary and developed a metaphor better than any other episode in the entire series.

    A crocodile is a danger that waits beneath the surface, the danger that it represents isn't immediately obvious.  That's what the episode is saying about technology.  The machine that was originally used exclusively by the police gained more wide spread social acceptance and was now being used for more mundane things like insurance investigations - it points to that privacy creep that we're all experiencing with Facebook selling our information, agencies like the NSA becoming more invasive etc. and how we've just accepted it.  We see that in the scene where the insurance agent is sent to interview the dentist - he has thoughts/experiences that he doesn't want to share with a stranger ("to be honest, the memory is a bit you have to use that thing?") but knows that there will be legal ramifications for him if he doesn't.  Technology meant to help the police was now being used for something unintended and the consequence was this old guy - who would have known life in a time before the technology was around - having to admit homosexual desires to a stranger who was much younger - and probably has only known life when this tech was apart of life, or was young enough to embrace it without question.

    To the main story, it's this helpful bit of technology that necessitates the murders.  She's an architect, she meticulously plans things for a living - she thinks of everything (except, in true Black Mirror fashion, the hamster).  She got away with the first murder because she covered it up, she likely would have gotten away with the second murder because she covered it up.  Once the insurance agent shows up for something totally unrelated to the murders, the tech that is meant to be helpful becomes the reason why the insurance lady is murdered (and her husband and their kid).  She gives herself an embarrassing memory by watching the porno, but as we saw with the dentist that doesn't matter - there is no privacy in a world where we accept memory-reading technology. Its the unintended consequences of the technology, the danger that lies beneath the privacy creep can become deadly.

    It's already a long post, but the metaphor of the crocodile is carried out in a more obvious way too...the original body dumped into the lake is a crocodile - it's something literally beneath the surface that can hurt her (if discovered).  She dumps the body of her ex beneath the new development that she designed, the 'wonders of modern living' (or however she referred to it in her presentation) literally built on a tragedy, another danger that lies below.  Then the murderer herself becomes a crocodile, when the insurance agent travels off into the country side to interview an architect about a guy who got hit by a car she has no idea what danger is there waiting for her.  And once the crocodile murders the insurance lady, her danger is no longer beneath the surface - she's exposed and becomes a predator hunting down the husband, and unexpectedly the child.

  • What's Your Best Story?

    Looks like my plans have changed, so here's my story....

    I used to work for a band in the 90's as a roadie, we toured all over the place from about '94 to the early 2000's.  This story happened at a music festival around '96 or '97, but I totally forget where "down South" somewhere.  We'd been on the road for weeks, playing a lot of shows & festivals and were a bit home sick but a Canadian band who we knew (The Watchmen) were playing this festival too so we were looking forward to touching base with some familiar people.

    We'd played a lot of shows with a lot of bad bands, but the other bands on this festival were all great (Urge Overkill, Redd Cross, Superdrag, Nada Surf among others) and we had a few days off before our next show so the plan was to make a party out of this show.  The band I worked for was opening for everyone, so the idea was get in, get set up, get their set out of the way and then drink our faces off for the rest of the day.

    And so we did...and just a few hours in, we'd drank all of the beer that was on our rider and rather than pay festival prices for beer at the concession stands, we went looking for more free beer backstage.  I ran into one of the guys from The Watchmen and asked him if they had any beer.  He told me that they were getting right back on the road after their set so as long as I left them a few beers I could take the rest of their beer.  He pointed me to their tent and said "It's in there".

    So, I went over to their tent, walked in, saw a bunch of people who i didn't recognize but I spotted a few dozen beer sitting on table in a giant plastic bin filled with ice.  I went over, pulled a few out and put them on the table so The Watchmen guys would have a few to drink when they got off stage and then just picked up the bin and walked off with the rest of the beer and brought it back to our tent.

    For the next few hours, we drank that beer as we watched the other bands, every so often dipping back into our tent to grab one.  3-4 hours later, the guy from The Watchmen who gave me the beer came into our tent to say good-bye, they were leaving to get back on the road.  At one point, he turned to me and said "If you want our beer, you'd better come and get it."  I told him that I already did, and he was like "No you didn't, it's still in our tent."

    It turns out that he either pointed to the wrong tent, or I misread where he was pointing to and I brazenly walked into Superdrag's tent and stole all of their beer!  None of them said anything to me, they were probably flabbergasted!

    At this point, I guess that I could have given them The Watchmen's beer...but I didn't, we drank that too.
  • 308 - Kiksuya

    There have been a few comments about how placing this episode 8th ruined the momentum of the take on it is that putting it 8th saved the season.

    The season has been watchable and I'm still into the show, but there have been more downs than ups IMO.  It seems to me like they felt burned that reddit 'solved' season 1 so quickly that they got into all of this convoluted multiple time line stuff just to mess with the reddit sleuths and lost part of the show along the way. 

    This single episode re-contextualizes everything.  The fact that this robot who was programmed to hate - literally - finds his humanity through love is the single biggest statement that Westworld has ever made.

  • What's Your Best Story?

    My friend's band opened for Ice-T's side band Body Count.  His tour bus pulled up to the club, but Ice-T & the band stayed inside but their roadies came out and helped set up the stage etc.  Afterwards we were all talking and one of the roadies said "We like you guys, so we're going to give you a heads up.  Ice-T is a pool shark, he'll try to take your money.  If he wants a game, just tell him that you don't play."

    Important note - one of our friends was with is and his nickname was "Dummy".  Based on that, you can probably guess where this is going.

    A few hours later, Ice-T comes into the club, introduces himself etc and almost immediately starts asking anyone if they want to play pool.  All of us say no.  Dummy says yes.  As soon as he agrees, Ice-T starts pressuring him to play for money "$100 a game" and keeps on him, but in a rare moment of wisdom Dummy keeps saying no.

    They play anyway, and flip a coin to see who would break.  Dummy wins.  He's super nervous - and not a particularly good player to begin with.  He flubs his break and sends the cue ball flying over the wracked-balls, hits the back cushion and ends up breaking the balls from behind.  It was a fluke shot of the century, but Ice-T thinks that it was an intentional trick-shot and can't believe it.  Dummy ends up playing the game of his life and beats Ice-T.  Ice-T thinks that Dummy was being nice to him by refusing to play for money, he says things like "you could've hustled me out of $100 but didn't, I respect that".  The two of them were inseparable for the rest of the night.

  • What's Your Best Story?

    This one happened to a friend when we were around 17 or so.  I'm gonna use some fake names to protect the guilty!

    My friend "John" was at a party one night, got wasted and fell asleep.  He woke up at like 5 am with a hangover looming and rather than fall back to sleep on the couch he'd passed out on, he left the house, walked home and sleep most of the day away in his own bed.

    Much later in the day, a bunch of us got together and we dropped some LSD.  Before it kicked in, "John" realized that we'd be out for awhile and that it would be cold later in the night so before the acid hit him he ran home to get his jacket.  When he got home, his mum was waiting for him.  The police had called and they wanted to talk to "John" ASAP.  A car had been stolen from the party that he was at, the car had crashed into a tree and was destroyed - drunk driving had been suspected.  "John" tried talking his way out of going to the police station knowing that the acid was going to hit him in about 20 mins but the more he protested the more his mum got suspicious and insisted that he go.  And so he went.

    Important note...John was pretty sure he knew who stole the car, even though it happened after he'd gone to bed.  Earlier in the night our friend "Chris" ran out of cigarettes and was trying to get someone to drive him to the store, but everyone who had a car had been drinking and didn't want to drive.  As the night wore on, "Chris" was getting more and more desperate for a smoke.  It also happened to be "Chris's" brother's car that had been stolen.

    "John" got the police station and had to wait to talk to a detective.  While waiting, the acid kicked in and he was having a hard time keeping it together.  He just kept telling himself that all he had to do was tell them that he didn't know anything and not say "Chris's" name.

    He finally got called into the detective's office and he was peaking on the acid.  He did everything that he could to focus on what the detective, but he was really losing the plot.  He made out that the stolen car was wrecked so badly that the police were expecting to find bodies inside.  In order to clear "John", they wanted him to take his shirt off - anyone involved in that accident was sure to be cut and bruised so they wanted to inspect him.

    This is the really funny part...remember Hypercoloured shirts?  For those that don't, they were kinda tie-dye looking shirts that changed colours with your body temperature.  Well, "John" was wearing one - and being on acid while being interrogated by the police knowing that if he slipped up his friend was going to jail, "John" was sweating up a storm and his shirt was a blur of changing colours!  He managed to get his shirt off to show the detective that he wasn't injured, but when he tried to put the shirt back on, he got lost in the swirl of colours.  The shirt actually was changing colours, and then you could imagine how much more intense that might look when you're on acid haha!  He got the shirt over his head, but got complete lost.  The colours were going crazy and he couldn't find the neck hole so slid his head through.  He was trying to push his head through one of the arm sleeves and started to panic, thinking that his head had gotten bigger or his shirt was shrinking! 

    He fought trying to get his shirt back on, lost in acid induced panic and a swirl of colours.  Eventually he gave up and stood there, in a detective's office high as a kite with his head half-jammed into the sleeve of his hyercoloured shirt.

    He has no idea how long he stood there like a dope while his mum and a confused cop started at him (luckily he couldn't see them through his shirt!), but eventually his mum got up and helped him out.

    To this day, he doesn't know how he got out of there without accidentally mentioning "Chris" or being arrested himself!

    The other funny flip side to this is while this was happening, my friends and I were peaking on acid too....and to us, "John" went home for 5 minutes and like 2 hours later he still hadn't come back.  In our acid brains, we were worried that he'd gotten kidnapped and all sort of other bizarre ideas got thrown around.

  • What's Your Best Story?

    So...pretty much everyone's best story is a drug story haha!