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  • Re-introduce yourself!

    My name is Greg, I live in Toronto and I develop programs aimed at reducing the youth crime rate for the provincial government.  I love the Toronto Raptors almost as much as @Chinaski does ;)

    My milk comes in bags and I put pineapple where it belongs - on pizza.

    Damn dude, I need to get you over on 3RT sometime to share what you're doing and what you've learned along the way!
    It's pretty easy actually, most of us figure it out when we're kids.  You just need to get a special jug and the bag slides right in, like this: probably meant my job.  Right.  Any time :) 
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  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    Just a reminder...

    Some people here have shared some intensely personal things and others have said/suggested that they've gone through similar experiences and major reason why more haven't come forward is because of this whole issue of not being believed, people demanding evidence of you etc.

    So while some of you are having a detached academic/legal debate please keep in mind for others here this isn't removed from their own personal experience.  We can accept that the legal system has established thresholds for evidence but this isn't a courtroom, no one is being criminally charged and we aren't a jury. While you probably don't mean to, by focusing on the litigious side of things you're contributing to the type of environment that allows these types crimes to keep happening.

    If someone comes to you and tells you that they have lung cancer, don't be the a-hole that responds with "well, you could have quit smoking and you didn't".  Be the decent person who offers empathy and understanding.
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  • What Would You Do?

    So...this is what happened.

    We got to chatting as he was working and I was getting along pretty well with him, we were laughing and joking around.  After I while I felt pretty comfortable asking him and I said, "Listen, there's something I want to ask you..." and he cut me off and said "About the pizza, right?"

    He said that he saw it on the counter and thought that it had been left there for him since he was working at dinner time - I left for work at gf came home at 7pm and he was gone, so he did his work sometime between 4:30-7:00.  He told me that he ate a slice, then noticed the note that I'd left for my gf after he'd eaten it and didn't know what to do.  He said that he regretted not leaving a note of his own and spent the whole night worrying that he'd get fired.  His plan was to come and do the work today (he wasn't expecting me to be home) and order a pizza and leave it for us with a note explaining what happened.  He seemed sincere, and I believed him.  I told him that we didn't care about the pizza, we were just worried that other things might have gone missing...when I said that he went pale and told me that it didn't even occur to him.  In criminology we call that an absence of mens rea - he was looking at the situation the way an innocent person would and lacked a guilty mind.

    It turn out well!
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  • Jim and aron are their nicknames?

    Hatorian said:

    insightful tag for whoever can come up with the best anagram. 
    I'd like to put forward the lesbian adult performer Rubbar Hardon and her manager JJ Monies.
  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    This is basically how it went with my uncle Norman.  I asked my parents why uncle Norman was always with Raymond, and they just told me it was because they loved each other.  As a kid, that made sense to me.  It still does.

    What was far more traumatizing was when I asked my mum why uncle Norman was French and the rest of our family was English.  That's when she broke the news to me that "uncle" Norman wasn't actually my uncle...he was my aunt's friend from work. Its sad, but his family disowned him and my family adopted him - all of this happened before I was even born.  For my whole life Norman and Raymond were at every family Thanksgiving, Christmas, came to all of the family birthday parties, came to our cottage, came with us on a family vacation to Disneyland etc. He was always just my uncle to me and still is.

  • Re-introduce yourself!

    My name is Greg, I live in Toronto and I develop programs aimed at reducing the youth crime rate for the provincial government.  I love the Toronto Raptors almost as much as @Chinaski does ;)

    My milk comes in bags and I put pineapple where it belongs - on pizza.

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  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    rkcrawf said:

    cdrive said:
    Man...I've been hearing this shit sucks.  As in, the WORST of all 9 movies.  No fucking way could it be as bad as Phantom Menace, right?  .....right?  I'm a little bummed about this pumping the brakes on my hype train.  I was digging those red storm troopers with jet packs, and the return of B-Wings.
    Don’t believe the haters. I can see people not liking it for one reason or another, but anyone says it’s in the bottom half is trolling or they don’t get Star Wars movies. There’s no argument that it’s below the prequels. It exceeds them by every measure. I don’t want to repeat old arguments about TLJ, but I’m happy to shine a light on the brighter moments in Rise. 
    I hated Force Awakens and didn't like The Last Jedi, but I did think that the Last Jedi was a much better (but still not good) movie.  Rise of Skywalker was a really bad movie, the worst of the three by a long shot and is definitely worse than the prequels.  They're better made and look stunning, but they've done more damage to the themes and mythology of Star Wars.  You say that people who don't like this (or consider it among the worst) 'don't get Star Wars movies' but I totally disagree.  I think that it's JJ who doesn't get Star Wars. The one redeeming quality of The Last Jedi is that Rian Johnson fundamentally understood Star Wars - he made some terrible decisions, but they were decisions made from a fundamental understanding of what Star Wars is.

    In Force Awakens, JJ ruined the original characters - he shit all over their arcs and completely trashed them.  In Rise of  Skywalker he finished the job by shitting all of their accomplishments.  According to JJ, none of those characters amounted to shit and none of their accomplishments were worth anything.

    In JJ's world, that's a picture of a bunch of fools celebrating their non-victory over a still living Emperor.  Take note of Han's smile because its the last time you'll see him do it.  JJ will destroy his marriage, have his beloved ship stolen, have his son turn out to be a psychopath and then kill him.  It's not his critics who don't get Star Wars.  It's JJ.

    Rian understood the importance of balance. In Star Wars when one side gets too powerful, the other side is compensated.  Rian presented a true to the original story where when one side of the forces rises in power, the universe compensates.  Rian gave us a Luke who understood this.  In the original films, Luke became a Jedi when he didn't fight (he literally threw his lightsaber away).  Yoda taught him that ("Wars don't make great Warriors", "You won't need your weapons").  Luke's force projection in TLJ that so many people hate is the single most Jedi-like thing presented in any of the movies.  He distracted his enemies long enough to allow his friends to escape and sacrificed himself in the process.  That should sound familiar.

    JJ doesn't understand (or maybe he does but doesn't care about) any of this.  JJ does fan service.  Rian pushed Star Wars forward (or tried to).  People didn't like that.  They didn't want new, they wanted old repackaged.  Rian made a flawed but ambitious movie.  Fans - most of whom I would also argue don't get Star Wars, at least not in terms of themes and mythology - didn't like that.  So JJ came in with his eraser, killed the ambition and gave the trolls what they wanted.  It would take a lot of convincing to make me believe that the damage that JJ's movies have done to Star Wars isn't worse than Jar-Jar and midichlorians.

    Sorry @rkcrawf if this comes across as a personal attack of any sort, it isn't meant to...I just used your post as a springboard to rant because I've seen similar arguments made and I felt like sharing my 2 cents :) 

  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Aha, the inherent superiority of the rigid container has started to assert itself.
    India have bagged milk.  +1 billion to my side :)
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I think I posted this in the music thread awhile back, but I was reminded of it again tonight and thought that I'd share it here.  This is my best friend, I referred to her earlier in this thread (she's the one that Bono bummed a cigarette off of!)...a while back she was in LA having dinner at a hotel restaurant.  After her meal, she stepped outside for a smoke and when she came back someone had taken her seat and she had to ask the guy to move (her jacket and other belongings were still there).  The guy who stole her seat turned out to be Ghostface Killah.

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