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  • Bald Move AAMA

    My name is not Freddy Cupples, but I like that Jim and A. Ron's nickname for me is Freddy C. So that's what you can call me. Or just Tom, I guess, since that's what my beatnik parents named me. And for anyone who ever questions my devotion to the Bald Move cause, just remember, I paid both the silver price:
    And the iron price:
    Just kidding. I have alopecia totalis. Which comes in quite handy whenever friends get cancer and we all decide to do a solidarity shave.

    Any other golfers on here? I'm a mildly competent hack (sitting at a 14.8 handicap as of last month), and if I had it my way I'd play at least 5 times a week. Even played blades for a while:
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  • The Random Interesting Stuff Thread

    Ran into a friend of mine from high school tonight, and we got to talking about GoT. He asked me about which podcasts I listened to and I mentioned Bald Move; he instantly said "No way! You know Bald Move!?" Made my weekend.
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  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    Nothing much I can complain about. If everything goes well, my company will essentially have doubled in size in a month. Still a small company, but it's starting to feel like a real business, as opposed to a futile effort. My little port wine side project is also showing promise. Everybody who's tried it, loves it, and my current business partner already offered to invest in production if we decide to make a run at it.

  • 707 - "The Dragon and the Wolf"

    Take that, Luke and Leia!
  • 707 - "The Dragon and the Wolf"

  • Cecily Appreciation

    Also glad to have Cecily back. Enjoy her on the podcasts she can join AND when she participates in the gaming videos.
    She's arguably the funniest commentator in the gaming videos. But yeah, overall Cecily is great. Still surprises me that out of the Jim/A.Ron friendverse they've managed at least 5 great (not good, but great) podcasters.
  • Science and tech stuff

    Somewhat related to both recent events in Vanuatu and also the GoT pod pack episode, do we actually have a clear plan of what to do if one of the US continental volcanoes violently erupted? Like Alaska and Hawaii have frequent volcano troubles but what happens if the Cascades explode?

    *Note: this is extremely unlikely to occur, but interesting to hypothesize about*
    Based on recent natural disaster events, I would assume that we would all run to the nearest social media site and bitch about what physical position athletes take during the national anthem.
  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    And here is my best friends' kid walking around:

  • The Wire - I GIVE UP (and thoughts on Deadwood)

    @MrX For real, if Indian Red doesn't tug at the soul, then I can't help you.

  • Jeepers Creepers 3 Spoilers.

    Yeah, fuck this movie. Fuck the first two, fuck Powder, and fuck all the rest of Victor Salva's filmography while we're at it. Seriously, his whole catalog should be on a "Baldmove banned from commissions" list.