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  • Bald Move AAMA

    My name is not Freddy Cupples, but I like that Jim and A. Ron's nickname for me is Freddy C. So that's what you can call me. Or just Tom, I guess, since that's what my beatnik parents named me. And for anyone who ever questions my devotion to the Bald Move cause, just remember, I paid both the silver price:
    And the iron price:
    Just kidding. I have alopecia totalis. Which comes in quite handy whenever friends get cancer and we all decide to do a solidarity shave.

    Any other golfers on here? I'm a mildly competent hack (sitting at a 14.8 handicap as of last month), and if I had it my way I'd play at least 5 times a week. Even played blades for a while:
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  • The Random Interesting Stuff Thread

    Ran into a friend of mine from high school tonight, and we got to talking about GoT. He asked me about which podcasts I listened to and I mentioned Bald Move; he instantly said "No way! You know Bald Move!?" Made my weekend.
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    The hug was definitely the best part. I was setting there with my best friend as we watched it, and we both just busted out laughing and he said "that's what you watch shit like this for."
  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Don't mind me, I'm just reading and smiling ear to ear.
    I'll bet. That event was so awesome it's almost hard to wrap your head around.

    P.S. Fuck Bill Murray for not stopping by. Ha ha
  • 812 - The Key

    Hey, anyone watching the Live Recording, I apologize that it was such a shit show.  Something weird was happening with our network and we were dropping video like crazy.  We just switched internet providers and are investigating what's going on.  We should have it nailed down pretty soon.
    Huh. I thought you guys were being meta and directing the podcast Nicotero style.
  • Con of Thrones

    cdrive said:
    Oh there will be parties. It is known. 
    Texas Style!

  • RIP those who died in 2018

    Just found out Stephen Hawking passed away today.
    The world has lost a brilliant man.  I'm heartbroken.    :'( 
    Aside from whatever the hell HBO puts together before the end of the year, Bald Move should do something. In the spirit of the community: Jim and A. Ron owe "God" knows how much to the man.

    On a more personal note: A man like Stephen Hawking is the type of person I have trouble expressing feelings about. In my eyes, he transcended modern humanity, if such a thing is even possible. For most people of science, he's a justification for why. For most people of faith, he's respected. Not very often you can be both. I damn sure know I'm not either, but I'm alright with that struggle knowing that I got to live in the same time as people like Hawkings and Sagan. edit: wow... that felt pompous.

  • Atlanta Season 2 (aka Atlanta Robbin' Season)

    Just started running through the first season after seeing some clips. I knew I'd like the show, but I didn't think I'd love it. Paper Boi and Darius might go down as a legendary comedy duo.
  • Jeepers Creepers 3 Spoilers.

    Yeah, fuck this movie. Fuck the first two, fuck Powder, and fuck all the rest of Victor Salva's filmography while we're at it. Seriously, his whole catalog should be on a "Baldmove banned from commissions" list.