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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    It's been about three weeks I'm off tobacco. Been basically chain-smoking spliffs the last ten years until I got this persistent sore throat that really put the fear of death in me. Doctor stuck a camera down my nose, told me there's no tumor, and put me on a nicotine patch. Knock wood, that shit, along with an absolute conviction to give it up, seems to have got me over the initial hump. Probably still gonna die from corona now and, if not, could still end up going down with throat cancer, Michael Douglas - style, but for today, at least, I can say I'm happy I've finally quit.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    So, uhh, what was with that horse last week?

    Pale horse of death? Nah
    Arya’s dead? Nah
    Bran warged it? Nah
    Just an inexplicably clean-ass horse hanging out in an apocalypse, never to be seen again? Nailed it.
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  • Home Alone Reboot Confirmed

    I support this if they cast Macauley as one of the burglars. Bonus points if it’s an in-continuity reboot that explores Kevin McAllister’s ptsd and subsequent poor life choices. 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    bbord said:
    JaimieT said:
    Ha, ironically the instant cast this week is so nice I can't listen to it.
    They just seemed kinda sad to me. Like resigned to give it the few props it deserved but overall pretty disappointed. 
    Very much this. I have a lot of problems w this episode, but after shitting on the show for the last few weeks I can’t even muster a wet fart for this finale. It was there, it was utterly banal, it was occasionally stupid af, but it wasn’t offensive because I’d already given up hope. 

    I may be wrong, but that’s the tone I picked up on from the instant take, as well. 
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    johnphinny said:

    All of these people declaring fan bankruptcy need to calm down. Especially the book readers. I’m sorry this epic fantasy show about an imaginary planet with dragons, an army of the dead, and magic doesn’t exactly conform to the laws of physics.  It’s a story not a documentary.  The bitterness of the book reader portion of the fan base is becoming unbearable. For years you guys had the smugness of a westerosy lord because you knew exactly what was going to happen.  Now that you are in the same boat as the show only watchers you nit pick and tear down every twist and turn or decision on the show. Game of thrones doesn’t unfold exactly how you thought it was going to? Welcome to the club. That’s what game of thrones does. It moves all the characters in a direction, makes you care about the characters, and then dumps the thing on its head. It’s happened over and over again and it’s one of the reasons we’ve all invested almost a decade in this show.  The final season has everything fans have loved about the show for the previous seven seasons in spades. Epic battles, political seesawing, character deaths, and most of emotional reaction invoking storytelling. For the love of god take a break from shitting all over this season and just enjoy it, because this is it... two more episodes and it’s over. It’s hard enough to make a story about a single character come to a satisfying conclusion. GOT has to do that for dozens of characters.  There’s a lot more I’d like to say but I have to go to work.  Just sit back and let GOT do what it always has done... make you laugh, make you cry, piss you off, and you might just get some enjoyment out of these final two episodes. . 



    Listen, I'm trying to refrain from insults, but all I can think to say is that some people legitimately like Adam Sandler movies.  Some people don't.  The people who think the writing on this show sucks now aren't wrong.  The fact that people like you seem to legitimately believe it simply stems from our inability to suspend disbelief while watching the 8th season of a fantasy show - well, that tells me everything I need to know.  It's ok for you to like Adam Sandler, or to still think this show is well-written, and you don't have to justify it, but you probably shouldn't be so haughty about it. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    JaimieT said:
    Warning: radical thoughts I'm having about a radical time

    When this started, and all the jokes about how introverts already practice social distancing were flying around, I thought it was so optimistic. Even as an introvert, I get a ton of my mojo from being out in society. I just don't like talking to people all the time; but I enjoy the vibes. How long can we go on fighting people over grocery shelves, told to stay in our apartments, not being allowed to travel, to vacation, limited in the release exercise can give us, and now people can't hang out in bars and socialize? How long before we're organizing secret hangouts? Why are we waking up, living shitty lives, and going to bed, indefinitely?

    Some extroverts are defying this bullshit? Good for them. I always thought humanity should go to its death without compromising on what makes us feel alive. 

    We're a social species who need socialization like we need air, and if it means some older people can't get air a few months from now, well, that's not how the human brain reasons. I'm not sure why it should change now.
    I really don't agree with this sentiment, and I think it's unfortunately very representative of how too many people in America are thinking right now.  I'm reading a lot of news from Europe right now about the measures those countries are starting to take, the shortages they are experiencing across all areas of society, from groceries to medical supplies to hospital beds, and the way that their citizens are kind of coming together to recognize the need to assume some personal hardship at this time.  

    Americans won't fucking do that.  We won't be singing patriotic songs together from our balconies or joining together in applause across our cities from our separate homes, thanking our public health professionals.

    No, we will be cussing out doctors and nurses who tell us we can't get an appointment for our latest hypochondriac panic, hoarding supplies like gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer that should be reserved for hospitals, bitching and defying it outright if our cities try to impose any kind of quarantine, and killing each other for toilet paper a week from now instead of just washing our asses.  Whereas most countries around the world will mitigate the damage from this virus through some sense of collective responsibility, America, at best, will be dealing with the fallout of this for much longer, if we don't outright devolve into complete lawless individualism.  

    I really don't think that cutting back on our "socialization" for a few weeks or maybe months is as important to us as "air," and the thought of elderly people dying as they struggle for breath in their homes because they can't get a hospital bed, much less a ventilator, isn't something that I think should be so easily dismissed.  But I know it will be, even when it's not just "some older people" that are dying from this, because this is America, and our right to not have our social lives interrupted far outweighs any sense of civic duty we feel these days.
  • 102 - Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship (Spoilers)

    Dude’s comment about the potential tragedy of “so-called alt-right” people getting “lynched” is a pretty solid indicator that nothing else he says should be taken seriously or even honest. 
  • Protests Across the America

    Alkaid13 said:
    As far as Trump remaining President I think the simplest answer is by hook and by crook he’d just cheat to win the election November exactly like he didn’t in 2016. He’s already trying to make it as hard as possible for people to vote against him and has all but admitted he’d accept foreign help to win again. It’s just way easier to win by manipulating the regular Democratic method of staying in office rather than inventing some brand new way to either cancel the election or refuse to accept its results.  The alternative would require Trump to mobilize an actual military coup and admit that he knows he couldn’t win the election. Hard to imagine that violent insurrection and interventions by our allies wouldn’t take place if Trump literally tried a literal coup. It’s what Russia and China do, they just hold sham elections in which they rig the result in their favor.
    I hate to be alarmist, and I want to say I support the protestor's cause, though I am concerned about the methods, but I think this is already an insurrection, or at least is being dealt with as such, and is likely to grow out of control.  It's been less than a week and the military is in major metro areas squaring off with citizens.  Several police were targeted by vehicles and improvised explosives were going off in major cities, on a Monday night. This is different than protests before.  I think people are done protesting and the feds are happy to antagonize a fight, in mostly Democratic cities, I should add.  Is anybody else really fucking worried right now?
  • MLB 2020

    San Diego sports radio sounds like they're in the middle of a World Series run they're so excited about the Padres 4-1 start.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    rhcoop said:
    Am I just horribly cynical or does that justifiably give me the opposite of hope?  I mean, that's a half billion dollars to a company for...what?  They don't have shit.  Other labs are closer to a vaccine already and instead of supporting their research for the good of all we throw half a billion at a giant corporation that, IF they even get to a vaccine, will just turn around and gouge the taxpayers again when they inevitably sell it for a profit?