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  • Any good dating sites in the U.S. you recommend for meeting great American guys?

    I think we made a love connection here on the board!
  • Turns out Chris Hardwick is a POS

    So there's a part of this thread that's been on my mind for a couple of days. When it got to the "arguing about whether we should be arguing" phase and @CretanBull said that he knows of people who will not share their experiences because they are afraid of the consequences.

    I have been thinking about those people and I just wanted to say, that's totally OK and you shouldn't feel like you should have to share. It's not OK that there are people who would make you suffer consquences, obviously. But when we know there might be consequences of all different sorts when we talk about things online, I don't think we should feel like we have a responsibility to share. It's great that this larger discussion is happening. People like me and Dee and Michelle can be vocal for whatever reasons- we're older, we're in safe places in our lives, we are forum ballers who don't give a shit, we live in a faraway imaginary country that may or may not have the scariest insects on earth or might just be using such "fake news" to scare others away from their amazing muffins, etc. Enough women will speak up right now that if you don't feel safe speaking up, that's OK, there's still a great discussion happening here.
  • Do you chew ice?

    Jim said:
    I'm an ice-chewer.  Unashamed.
    I appreciate when Jim shows up on the important topics. Lol
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    tom_g said:
    Please - one Bald Mover - anyone - admit you voted for Trump, and it was a mistake.
    I'm still waiting for @emnofseattle to have some kind of internal combustion over cognitive dissonance.

    But for us to say " after TODAY" can anyone be a supporter- I've felt like that at least once a week since the man was elected, so ....

  • Do you chew ice?

    I feel like we need a "relationship argument settling" sub-forum here. LOL
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  • Dumb things you become obsessed with buying

    I buy magnets when I travel, too. Now I'm into cruising and buying magnets from the ships I've been on.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody trailers

    I am excited about this too. I love Rami Malek and I was a kid when Queen was at their height. I am not expecting an in-depth exploration of Freddie Mercury's dark side. I'm more expecting an entertaining spectacle with some light history and lots of swagger.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Sorry to Bother You- Great, unique, funny, smart, has a lot to say, and some weird shit too.
  • Dumb things you become obsessed with buying

    TaraC73 said:
    @Chinaski I got a giant pack of stickers off amazon for like $8. My kids loved them all - random crap like video game characters/brands, clothing and sneakers logos, food, silly faces, same stuff you’d see in a skate shop. It may have been an add on item, and I have prime so shipping would have been free anyway for me but maybe look into it! Lots of fun!!

    @akritenbrink thanks for the restaurant recommendation!! Hubby added it to our research list!! We are already hitting up a museum on the same day we go to the space needle, I think it’s called the pop culture museum; they are having a Pearl Jam exhibit and that includes admission to the whole place!
    Yeah, the Museum of Pop Culture. It used to be called Experience Music Project and was focused on music. 

    The Funko place is in Everett though, not near downtown Seattle. You'll need a car and don't try to drive there during rush hour. :)