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  • 101 - "The Original"

    I enjoyed the pilot. looking forward to the Bald Move take on it. One thing that didn't jibe with me, when the crew go down to cold storage, they open a door and water floods out. Did that water build up in the time A. Hopkins was having his drink with the older model?
  • The Orville

    I liked the first few episodes, too. I can get behind this brand of Trek. This despite a ton of negative opinions I'd read from some good critics. Goes to show, it's always better to check something out and decide for yourself whether it's good or not. TNG had some episodes much more silly than any of these I've seen of this so far. Hope it sticks. I'm used to these sorts of shows getting cancelled just as I'm settling into them.
  • 407 - Who Needs a Guy

    - I was listening to a podcast and they said that the Pilgrim character
    hugged a child at the end, aka, perhaps this means Cameron might have a
    child (ew, ew). But I didn't see that at all. The Pilgrim character was
    blue... and a larger red alien hugged it. I really loved that, like you
    think you're playing an adult but then realize you're just a lost child.

    If it was the WestCoastPodcast, I notice that they are much closer to fans doing a podcast than the Bald Move guys. They seem to misinterpret things that seem pretty straight forward to me and would be slam dunks in a BM analysis. I'm glad it's there (they do offer some opinions that shift my thinking here-and-there), but they mostly highlight how much this season needed a Bald Move podcast companion. I get that it's a tiny show, but the tiny, character/plot driven ones need these podcasts more than the big shows do. There was more going on in that last episode than in the entire run of Walking Dead.