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  • HBO's Euphoria

      @A_Ron_Hubbard This includes erect male penises.  
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  • Just got fired from my job

    Hey everyone. It took a little over 2 months but I finally landed a great opportunity. I'm moving to a new industry and I am really excited for the new challenges and chapter in my life. I was getting a little nervous because my prior employer fought against my unemployment and I was able to appeal it and win, and just after, this opportunity came along. I had so much support from my wife, friends, and family, and YOU GUYS and I can't be more grateful.

    It's a young but established company and I will be managing a team while doing business development-- and I'm excited for the potential for growth that is available.

    Thanks again for the advice, encouragement, and humor from this and all posts that's helped me stay positive through this entire process.
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  • Scared for my Wife

    Hey everyone, final update (hopefully): my wife was discharged and she’s doing a lot better. Honestly, the experience with the hospital we were at was an absolute nightmare. Granted, we had a wonderful experience when my wife gave birth there, but this recovery staff was terrible. To this day (3 days later) I still haven’t heard from a doctor or the hospital neurologist— only nurses (nothing against nurses, but they weren’t able to give me detailed info on aftercare, causes of my wife’s condition, etc.) I don’t know if my wife needs to stay in bed, can she do heavy lifting? (there’s chores to do.. kidding) When does she need a follow up appointment? What concerning signs should I be looking for? They literally just wheeled her out to me and shrugged their shoulders when I asked a bunch of questions. I wanted to get my wife home so I didn’t “ask for a manager” or anything. But I had about 10 calls into the doctor while she was staying there and escalated it with no call back. We are with Kaiser and the hospital she was at is out of network so they sent the prescription to an out of network pharmacy who is trying to charge $500 for 60 blood thinners. I tried calling the hospital back to transfer the prescription to our in-network pharmacy. “I’m sorry, we can’t because she’s already been discharged. Your wife should have given us the correct information when we asked”. “Mother fuckers, my wife was high on morphine, in pain, and almost had a stroke, I’m sorry if she wasn’t on the ball with her info. And I asked to be called for this type of stuff”. Also, shouldn’t I have been called when they were talking about doing a procedure on her? They were demanding she make a decision right then and there.. again, while they had her loaded up with morphine and fentynal. 

    *heavy sigh*

    Regardless, she’s home, and in good shape and I’m so thankful for everyone’s well-wishes. It was such a huge support for me during these 3 days. Thank you again. 
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  • Scared for my Wife

    Update: she’s going to probably stay in the ICU until discharge which is estimated Sat morning. They did a procedure to check the blood vessel and they confirmed it tore and it clotted, but it didn’t clot in the “danger zone”. They have her on blood thinners and they’re confident it’ll dissolve the clot and she’ll be ok. She’s being taken good care of and I feel a bit better now that we know exactly the issue and the plan. 
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  • New Bald Move Content

    what do we want?! 

    2018 Bald Move content!

    when do we want it!?

    now! (Or when it’s convenient, don’t wanna rush anyone)
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  • Scared for my Wife

     I can’t express how much all of your words of encouragement helped me through the night and were so nice to wake up to. My wife is super brave and stronger than I would be in her shoes and she’s handling it all really well. It’s pathetic that I was the one who was a blubbering mess on the phone with her and she was staying strong for me lol

     She’s waiting to hear from the drs this morning but she’s doing a lot better and her headache is not as intense so all of these baby steps are good news.

    Love you guys 
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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I’m amazed how people are obsessing with how she ran up to the night king.  ?????? It would be like if people had issue in S1E1 with how Ned got down to the crypts so fast. “We just saw him in a line with his family greeting King Robert. How in the hell did he make it down to the crypts so fast the next scene. I wanna see how he walked down those stairs”
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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    This is going to be the episode where Jon is trapped in a hotel and he has to sing karaoke? 
  • General Tomfoolery

    13 year old new BM listener: “Hey mom, can I create an account on my favorite podcast’s forums?
    Mom: “sure, lets take a look and see what they’re all about

    ..... you’re grounded”
  • Scared for my Wife

    Dee said:
    How is your wife doing now, @gguenot?
    Hey @Dee I appreciate you asking. She’s been doing a lot better and this morning was the first day she didn’t wake up in a lot of pain and didn’t reach for a Norco first thing. We finally have the wheels of the insurance industry turning and she’s had some video visits with a few nurses and finally a visit with a neurologist scheduled for Thursday. Fingers crossed!