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  • 107 - "Trompe L'Oeil"

    I'm on the "this episode blew me away" camp. It contained the most satisfying reveal of theory I (95%) already knew. Plus, it added the element of not only is Bernard a 'bot... He's a killer 'bot!

    Now I want a t-shirt that says "It doesn't look like anything to me."
  • 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    Damn, I love these forums. You all provide a ton of careful insight (as do Jim and A. Ron whenever they cover a show.) 

    I don’t have much to offer except Vera (and whoever wrote his lines) just blew me away. This was perhaps the most emotionally effective hour of tv I’ve ever seen. I even like Peanut... “It’s a metaphor. I thought you said this guy was smart.”
  • "The Deuce" on HBO

    OMG. This show has hit my formative years. Back in the late ‘80s, I was the publisher of “Consumer Electronics Daily,” a daily guide to what was going on at CES. We printed about 30,000 copies a day and left them at hotel rooms and had models pass them out at the entrance to the show.

    At that time, VHS porn was already big. But video stores were, for the most part, local “mom & pop” outfits (Blockbuster didn’t exist...yet) that catered to their community. But they all had a curtained off area in the back for the x-rated tapes. So porn was a big part of CES and actually selling tapes to store owners was a big part of exhibiting there. (You could get great deals on the last day!) By then, though, the porn booths were in a completely different hotel and eventually split off to be the Video Business Show (which we also published a magazine for.) 

    My best story (besides playing blackjack with King Kong Bundy) was when I won a contest for a date with Kitten Natividad (a Russ Meyers model/actress...look her up). You had to guess her measurements, weight, height and shoe size(!) to win. I had all my models cruise the booth and give me their opinions before I entered. I won, but the “date” included her husband and a rep from the video company. But at least they gave me $100 to game a bit. I lost it all. But I still have the photo of her and me.
  • Daybreak

    There’s a lot to like about this show; the story (a nuclear blast that only affects grown ups), the characters (including a 10yo pyromaniac, a jock turned samurai pacifist, and a guy just trying to find his girl), the bad guys (“Lord of the Flies” children) run amok in East LA plus pseudo zombies! What’s not to like?

    There are a LOT of tip-of-the-hat tropes to past movies (Mathew Broderick as the HS principal!?, the action at the mall, etc.) and that just makes each turn more fun. A good drama-comedy. You guys should cover least a little.