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  • Petty grievances

    My biggest pet peeve is able-bodied people moving slowly.  I'm not talking about people with disabilities, or the elderly here.  Able. Bodied. People.  If I'm driving by the front of a store and I politely come to a stop so that you can cross safely to or from the store, PUT SOME DAMN PEP IN YOUR STEP.  You should be able to cross the 2 lanes between the store and the parking lot in under 6 seconds, NOT 25!  Same issue on sidewalks.  If you and a friend are going to walk half a mile an hour, fine.  Be aware of your surroundings and when somebody comes up walking at a NORMAL pace, make room so they can pass you without stepping into the street.  Supermarkets, sidewalks, parking lots, wherever you find yourself... Just walk at a decent normal pace or GET OUT OF THE WAY.  Assholes.
  • Protests Across the America

    asmallcat said:

    So this picture of Trump walking to his insane bible photo-op ("Is it your bible?" "It's A bible." Seriously, any one who claims to be Christian who still supports this guy can pound sand) has been making the rounds, and as a Detroit Lions fan we use FTP to mean "Fuck the Packers" (another football team in the Lions' division that has had substantially more success than the Lions) and literally every time I see it I think "wow someone in DC really dislikes the Packers" and it takes my brain a second to remember that for normal people that means "fuck the police." 
    Here I was thinking, "File Transfer Protocol... what an odd thing to graffiti."
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  • Eating Their Own. And their $$$

    Alkaid13 said:
    I’ll admit I started out with a joke but I did in fact immediately follow this up by informing the poster that Aron and Jim were very likely to hash it out with them about their decisions on why politics had been moved off the forums, as did @Murderbear, which seems like all response needed, if they were genuinely looking to get a reasoned discussion about why politics were not on the forums anymore they could have started from that viewpoint instead of screaming “fuck you guys I’m taking my ball and going home” in a very public fashion. I know that you have are a guy who engages in reasonable discussion @JoshTheBlack and I respect that but also you didn’t come in hot and heavy from the jump with little to no explanation about what you’re even angry about.

    @Redrum0376 didn’t even start with what he found so disagreeable in the first place which seems like a bad faith way to start an argument, and notably he has had an account here for a while and his only post on here is a vaguely worded complaint about quitting Bald Move for undefined reasons. If @Redrum0376 would like to engage in an actual argument I will be perfectly willing to take him up on it. I believe you have the best interest in heart but also you can’t claim to know what someone is thinking based on zero evidence if they themselves are unwilling to engage. I am not obliged to assume that someone is arguing in good faith with no prior evidence to that fact or examples of their character. 
    This is fair.  My point isn't that you should engage with with every angry drive by poster who complains about BMs politics. My point is our community is already prone to bully people who attack our favorite podcasters.  It's not a good look.  When every few months somebody flames out of the community and we all just pile on and make fun of them, it says a lot about us.  I'm suggesting that we follow the forum rules as posted. 

    Rule 1: Don't be a dick.

    Can you honestly say that the majority of this thread, including @Redrum0376 adheres to that?  

    Every serious discussion doesn't have to turn in to pineapples on pizza. It's a deflection.  

    Again, I'm only asking people to engage or ignore, and not to deflect and hijack.  

    And your jokes at the start weren't that egregious outside of the fact it normalizes the dismissiveness that has led to so many people leaving our community. 

    2 is a coincidence, 3 is a pattern.  What are we at now? 6? 12? It's easy to say good riddance.  It probably feels pretty good.  But what if you're the one with a grievance, and everyone is memeing up your sincere complaint?  It's not that hard to see happening. 

    Sorry to call you out. I just want us all to be better than this as a community. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Remember back when we had a politics thread, it was titled "U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020."  

    Oh how dreadfully naive we were.  
  • Under the Radar Science Fiction Movies & TV

    jluzania said:
    Not sure how many of these are considered under the radar, but...

    Never Let Me Go
    Edge of Tomorrow (a.k.a. Live, Die, Repeat)
    The Signal (2007)

    For TV, Farscape.
    I came here to say Moon.  Heartily seconded.  I liked all of these movies you listed though.  


    Europa Report
    Coherence (Loved this one!)
    Cronocrímenes (a.k.a. Time Crimes)
    The Man From Earth
    The Endless (2017)
    Resolution (2012)
  • Snowpiercer (TV Show)

    I really enjoyed this show.  I saw the movie one time, in all likelihood in an altered state.  I didn't really recall much of the movie, apart from the main themes of class struggle and eternal engine/generational train.  I also remember a theory a few years ago that Snowpiercer was a sequel to Willy Wonka...

    Anyway.  Despite really enjoying the show, I wouldn't quite classify it among the top quality shows.  It was certainly better than any of the CW shows, or Walking Dead though.  
  • Help me a writing project? Anyone familiar with digital encryption needed!

    How would a USB drive with encrypted data, how would this look?

    Realistically, it could look a lot of different ways.  There are different methods of encryption. 
    With whole disk encryption (a la TrueCrypt [open source, discontinued by author, fully audited] or BitLocker [closed source, owned by Microsoft]), plugging in the USB drive would likely give you a message that the device is unformatted and prompt you to format it.  Doing so would destroy any data on the drive. 

    With file based encryption (a la GnuPG [free and open source]) the filenames would look normal, and by default would have a extension matching the program.  (i.e. .gpg)  The owner of the device could rename these to whatever she pleased, however.  Opening them with a hex editor (larger files like pictures, videos, audio) or a text editor (smaller files like documents, text, etc) would reveal what looks like gibberish.  With a file-based approach, there would likely be inconspicuous encrypted files mixed in among a much larger number of unencrypted "innocent" files that are rather mundane.

    If they just encrypted some text to be easily copy/pasted, it might look like this:

    -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----

















    -----END PGP MESSAGE-----

    (You can decrypt the above text using GnuPG's notepad function and the password "testing"  It should decrypt to "This is a test")  The above block is encrypted with a standard password, AND to a public key (to which I have the private key pair).  An unsigned block with no public key would be significantly smaller.  Encryption using public key pairs is much more secure than just password based encryption.  Public key encryption is asymmetrical, meaning it can only be decrypted by the person who has the private key associated with it AND the password to that private key.  With this type of encryption, just as with file encryption, you would likely have the coded block buried in an inconspicuous file among many other inconspicuous "innocent" files.

    I recommend installing GnuPG and playing around with it.  Create a key pair, learn to copy and paste your public key.  Try encrypting some files and take a look at them.  Small files you can open in notepad.  Larger files you will need to open them with a hex editor.  That will give you a good idea of how they would appear, if you choose to go the file based route.

    The easy route would be your character KNOWS there is data on the drive, but plugging it in wants to format it.  (i.e. Whole drive encryption)  Knowing there has to be something there, takes it to an expert.  Whole drive encryption requires being "mounted" using the correct software and password.  For a long time, TrueCrypt was the #1 tool for this.  It has been discontinued, however your character could very well still be using it.  You cannot download from official sources anymore to play around with it, however Steve Gibson is hosting a mirror of it here:  You are looking for 7.1a installation packages if you want to play around with it.

    Digital bitcoin:  Several different options here as well, but the most likely scenario for someone who is this privacy conscious would be a backup of their bitcoin wallet being stored on the encrypted drive.  (Also called the Bitcoin wallet's private key!)  I recommend downloading a bitcoin wallet app and create a wallet, try to export it to a file and see what that looks like.  

    If the character is less security conscious, they probably use a bitcoin wallet hosted online (as most people do these days) and maybe you find their usernames and passcodes for lots of places (i.e. facebook, twitter,, etc) and it includes their login for an online bitcoin wallet (i.e. coinbase).

    Recommended fiction that deals with public key encryption and sharing of encrypted data:  Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.  Available for FREE from the author here.

    His sequel "Homeland" is also very good.  It's available from the same site.