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  • Gina Carano / Disney Star Wars

    I think we're going to keep seeing companies acting more swiftly to clean house when people out themselves as bigots as a sort of reaction to 1/6 and the festering of intolerance that has been allowed in American politics. I'm not versed on what she has expressed, so I can't speak to how warranted this was.  I am torn between thinking it's good to see companies like Disney act quickly to root out the rot (so to speak) and thinking that it just adds to the persecution complex the American right has.  Deplatforming seems to have worked to some degree in lowering the temperature, at least in the short term.  I'm concerned that the persecution complex is fostering more radicalization, and it is occurring in less public places than before.  I'm not convinced, but I'm inclined to think that erring towards deplatforming/"cancelling" is better than allowing the radicalism to spread unchecked as it has for the last hot minute. 

    One thing I'm tired of hearing though is people who claim their bigotry and intolerance is political opinion. It's not. We can disagree on how the government should allocate resources, and whether a particular piece of legislation will lead to a better world.  We can't disagree on treating other humans as people.  You aren't entitled to your own facts.  

    Now please, go on national news and tall about how you are being silenced. 
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  • Protests Across the America

  • Petty grievances

    My biggest pet peeve is able-bodied people moving slowly.  I'm not talking about people with disabilities, or the elderly here.  Able. Bodied. People.  If I'm driving by the front of a store and I politely come to a stop so that you can cross safely to or from the store, PUT SOME DAMN PEP IN YOUR STEP.  You should be able to cross the 2 lanes between the store and the parking lot in under 6 seconds, NOT 25!  Same issue on sidewalks.  If you and a friend are going to walk half a mile an hour, fine.  Be aware of your surroundings and when somebody comes up walking at a NORMAL pace, make room so they can pass you without stepping into the street.  Supermarkets, sidewalks, parking lots, wherever you find yourself... Just walk at a decent normal pace or GET OUT OF THE WAY.  Assholes.

    Is anybody having issues in any browser that is NOT chrome?

    Can we get some folks to post their Chrome version (Menu > Help > About Google Chrome on desktop; Menu > Settings > About on mobile) and whether they are able to successfully log in currently using it?

    I'm on Version 90.0.4430.85 on Ubuntu, 90.0.4430.91 on android.  Can't log in on either.

    EDIT:  I downgraded Chrome to v 81.0.4044.113 (shot in the dark older version) and was able to log in properly without issue.  I'm gonna play around with different versions and see what happens.  Maybe if I find which version breaks it, it will provide better info on what to look for as a solution.

    EDIT2:  It quits allowing log in with version 89.0.4389.90 for me on Ubuntu.  I dug around in the development log of changes and found some possible leads.  On the current version, I am able to reliably* (3 times in a row so far) log in by changing one of the developer flags.  Can anybody else who can't log in try this on desktop and see if they can log in?

    Type "chrome://flags/#schemeful-same-site" in to the address bar.
    Set the "Schemeful Same-Site" flag to disabled.
    It will tell you to reload, so press the reload button.
    Try to log in.

    If that is a reliable solution, it would seem @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard could look in to setting up the forums with SSL, possibly with the same certificate as the main site is hosted?  It is out of my realm of knowledge, but this flag appears to control how Chrome calculates same-siteness.  From skimming, it looks like with it enabled, it considers http and https different sites when it is enabled, and the same site when disabled.  
    Since the forums are hosted without SSL (and when trying to browse via SSL, the certificate is invalid being self-signed by plesk) I think this probably causes the break in how chrome now designates same-siteness for cookies. 

    Can we get a few people to test this?
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Guess I'm not invincible. Had a rough night after dose 2.  Feeling better now though.
  • Ted Lasso

    July 23!
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hatorian said:
    Grr. Last point. 

    We all agree that unimpeded surveillance would limit and stop some foreign and domestic terrorist attacks. No?

    So we all in agreement to let the NSA listen to every one of our calls and read our emails?

    That's a bit of a straw man.  Your likelihood of being affected by a terrorist attack is considerably lower (and different) than covid.

    Look, I don't think there should be a federal mandate.  While there has never been a federal mandate for vaccines before, there were over a dozen states that mandated smallpox vaccines, another dozen or so where local municipalities mandated it. The supreme court even upheld a mandate.

    I am 100% for businesses, should they so choose mandating vaccines for their employees and customers. 

    Just as you should make distinctions between the vaccine-hesitant and the anti-vax (disinfo spreaders, conspiracy theorists, hostile foreign actors and their agents), so should you make a distinction between the vaccines and the vaccine distributors. Does it suck that vaccinations are putting money into companies with terrible histories of human rights abuses? Absolutely.  Is that a reason to not get a vaccine? Absolutely not.  If anything, it's a reason to take the vaccines developed largely with public funds open source. 

    The MRNA vaccine can be built in a factory costing around $100k.  It can out out hundreds of millions of doses a year. If not for a lack of political will to step on pharmas pockets, we could have every person in the world vaccinated in 12-16 months. 

    The problem with allowing so many to remain unvaccinated because of personal freedom, is there are large numbers of people who have fallen victim to propaganda who are being killed or disabled.  Every day we haven't reached herd immunity is a day that the virus can mutate into one that is deadlier, more transmissible, or vaccine resistant. 

    Being a hostile keyboard warrior won't help though.  You are right about that.  The data shows that the person most likely to change someone's mind is someone they know. Friends, family, their PCP, clergy.  People who with compassion listen to their concerns, and help them address those concerns with real world facts, kindness, and understanding. 

    It's getting harder to do that with each passing day, because of how stubborn people are, and how much danger they have put people in. 

    Finally, the anger and resentment is a sign of care.  The opposite of love isn't hate.  It's indifference.  Which is an emotion I'm having a hard time fighting. 
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Got my booster this past monday.  Originally got the 2-dose Pfizer.  Got the Moderna booster.  

    First shot: no symptoms. 
    Second shot: about a day and a half of chills, sluggishness, and feeling generally really bad.  Like scale of 1-10, it was probably an 6 on the shitty scale.

    Booster: Sore arm, a hint of a chill that evening and mild sluggishness the next day.  Scale of 1-10, like a 2.  
  • Bald Move Christmas 2021! A MERRY SCARY CHRISTMAS!

    Has the Belter Christmas been shelved?
    I believe the Belter Christmas thing is still happening as a separate project from the typical BM Christmas celebration.  

    Think of it as a Paul Giamatti's One Man Manger project being released separately and to the wider Expanse community.  At least, that's how I understand it.
  • Thoughts on Elan's Hostile Take Over of Twitter

    I think Elon's gotten exactly what he wanted.  People talking about him nonstop. I put odds of the deal happening at around 60%.  I think it's probably a bad thing for the world, but I don't know if its that much worse than it currently is.  Elon has a pretty checkered past when it comes to "free speech" so having him be the arbiter of it on twitter seems pretty sus.  Ultimately, I think twitters lawyers (and Elon's should he be successful) will mitigate a lot of the "free speech" stuff he wants, because in reality its a business and lack of moderation is bad for business.
    If you want to see what an unmoderated "free speech" platform looks like, just head on over to 8kun or 4chan.  It's not pretty.  The hate speech is abundant, and there is very little pushback because most of the users are nazis and racists.  The normal people were scared off long ago.  Imagine taking a massive platform like Twitter that is mildly profitable and turning it into 8kun.  Better off having a bonfire with that $44b.  At least you can roast marshmellows over it.

    Twitter operates all over the world.  Allowing all speech that is legal in every country it operates, and not allowing all speech that is illegal wherever it is illegal is a pretty massive undertaking. 

    Further, twitter is a massive platform for people across the world.  It has the ability to sort of shape reality.  As a private company it's owner could leverage that to his benefit, though I think it would be difficult to maneuver.  In that sense I think attempting to buy twitter is kind of a hedge for the trouble that climate change combined with massive inequality is bringing.  Worlds second richest man wrestles for control of the ability to moderate speech on twitter.  Also kind of a hedge for the potential collapse of Teslas stock price.  IMO, it has been massively over-inflated for a while, and as more of the bigger, longer-standing traditional car companies continue to pump out more affordable and better built electric vehicles, Teslas stock will likely drop considerably.