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  • When parents regret having their kids

    The backstory is the child is just deathly afraid of having his picture taken. @Hatorian is the real monster here. 
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  • Thanks and Fuck You

    I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job.
    I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters. 
    Good luck with your job search.
    Thanks and fuck you. 
  • You are spoiling Game of Thrones in your season 2 podcast

    I'm hoping this becomes a Berenstein bears thing where people just aren't quite sure if there was an original host or not.
    You mean Berenstain, right? 

    I showed this to my friend and she thought it was making an underlying statement about the dangers of guns and animal conservation. Granted she was very very high. 
  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Jim said:
    Well, it's the next day.  I've only just begun my journey back to feeling human but I had to get online to give it up for our community and everyone who made yesterday the craziest / most amazing 24 hours we've ever had at Bald Move. 

    You all did some amazing work keeping A.Ron and I entertained in chat and showing your support with donations for the homeless.  Everyone contributed and we all did something awesome together.  I couldn't be more grateful for everything.

    On a personal note, one of the most moving moments of this whole experience actually happened this morning after the marathon ended and I got a full night's sleep.  I was laying in bed, browsing some random gaming channels on Twitch where I saw chat after chat filled with truly disgusting people shouting slurs and hatred at the streamers and their fellow chatters.  Then I thought back to the civility and good humor of our community during the charity event.  In 24 hours, I didn't see even a single person say something meant to offend or hurt someone else.  You are honestly the best community of people I've ever seen on the internet and I'm proud to call you Bald Move fans.
    I may be unexcusably emotional for no good reason, but this made me well up. Glad you guys survived and what a successful night for everyone really. Thanks so much @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard
  • Favourite Scene of Series

    It's probably the karaoke scene at the end of Season 2. It epitomized Kevin's arc in Season 2 with gorgeous shots, masterful editing, gut-wrenching acting by Theroux. I love that he isn't singing great. Its not bad by any means, but it sounds how a real person would be singing, and I love that they didn't try and touch that up and perfect the singing.

  • Nanette - Hannah Gadsby (on Netflix)

    I just got finished watching this after hearing accolades here on the forums as well as on podcasts like /Film and such. Good god, what a powerhouse of a show. That was amazing. I literally finished it a few minutes ago, so I don't have much more to say about it, and in all honesty, I am not sure I ever will entirely feel like I can or would even necessarily want to. Best thing I have watched on Netflix in...well as far as I can remember really. 
  • Bohemian Rhapsody trailers

    I think it looks fantastic. That is all. 
  • Succession - HBO

    Sweshrung said:
    I love this show.  Because the Big Short is my fave movie, I was already set to like it.  I'm disappointed nobody covers it.  Does any have an opinion as to why it's barely covered?
    I can't speak to lack of coverage, but I do think its a strange time for a show like this to be produced. I'm glad as hell that it is, but the political climate of things makes for odd timing to see a show with so much privileged white maleness. I understand that this is poked fun at plenty, but it could be off-putting for many. It must be doing satisfactory though because HBO already ordered a second season. 
  • Westworld Podcast concerns

    Yeah, "mystery box" shows (Mr. Robot & Westworld) I have stopped reading forum threads as well as the podcasts. I still download them automatically with the firehose feed, so the boys get their downloads. But I then go back after the season is over and listen to them.