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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Power has been returned. Thanks everyone for their concern. I just took the best shower of my life. Holy Toledo. All you Bald Movers rock 
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  • When parents regret having their kids

    The backstory is the child is just deathly afraid of having his picture taken. @Hatorian is the real monster here. 
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  • Thanks and Fuck You

    I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job.
    I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters. 
    Good luck with your job search.
    Thanks and fuck you. 
  • The Great California Power Blackout of 2019

    I went to take my trash out last. I came back and all the lights were on. It was like seeing the face of god.
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  • The Good Place (NBC)

    Hour-long finale tomorrow night! I think I may have something in my eyes. 
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  • 109 - See How They Fly - Spoilers

    It does strike me as odd how far they veered from what almost seemed like their mission statement in the first episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it all, but it is like once they started getting heavily into the sci-fi aspect of the story, they lost interest in the 7K stuff. I am not sure that it was that they weren't sure they could deftly pull that social commentary off, or if they didn't have more to say, or if they just became more interested in the superhero aspect. 
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  • iTunes Removing Episodes

    They ought to do what Mad Men did on iTunes. A friend and I went and rewatched "My Kentucky Home," in which a character is in blackface. They had a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode that the subject matter was kept in unedited to show what the milieu of that time was like. 

    But yeah, it is one of those things. Plenty of shows know what they are doing and poke fun at the person who is ignorantly being racist, sexist, or whatever the problematic opinion may be. I don't know if there is a right answer. But I am pretty sure that just deleting an episode instead of having a conversation about it, is not the answer I would like to see. It is the equivalent of sweeping a problem under the rug instead of dealing with it.

    As someone who also purchased that season mentioned in this thread, it is crummy to know that something that was bought could be yanked away. But that is always what we kind of knew about digital purchases. It is partly why I still have a decent digital library but have gone back to buying almost all physical releases. 
  • What are you playing?

    Yup, I am on that Tony Hawk train as well. Man, I remember being a lot better at these games. But it doesn't matter because they got the feel of it right. I get frustrated here and there, but I am still trying to channel a series that I haven't played in ages. (Tony Hawk HD doesn't count) The amount of hours I spent on this franchise has to rival about any other out there. I'd 100% each level with each pro-skater, and then of course the bonus skater of the game as well. 
  • Emmy Winners

    Michelle said:
    Yay, Schitt's Creek!  I put off watching it for so long, but am *so* glad I finally did.  It's SO good! 
    I just finished the first season last night. I wasn't blown away in the beginning. But the last handful of episodes definitely shows an upswing in quality. I hear that upswing only continues in season two, so I am excited. 
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  • The Walking Dead is actually ending...but wait, more spin-offs.

    I dare them to title the series finale "The Walking End"