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  • Thanks and Fuck You

    I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job.
    I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters. 

    Good luck with your job search.
    Thanks and fuck you. 
  • Doing better :)

    Great to hear, Matty. However, I am going to play the stern, concerned role here and suggest you still be seriously looking into equally serious help. I know it feels like things are better (and thats really excellent) but you were in a pretty rotten place. And I'd hate to imagine that creeping up on you again--but as I am sure you know, that stuff tends to do just that. Just my two-cents.
  • 210 - "I Live Here Now"

    Good god....I haven't really commented in these threads much, as I didn't have much to add and was worried that I may run into spoilers. I am only now getting around to watching the series, but finished Season 2 last night. 

    I liked season 1...but I always thought the series burned brightest when it showcased characters individually. The Lindelof et al must have felt the same way because they leaned heavily into that in Season 2. I adored it. Like ADORED it in a way I haven't another series in a very long time. I am still struggling with International Assassin, but I think on rewatch I will like it quite a bit more.

    To the point at hand however...not once, not twice, but three times I found myself not just getting misty, but out and out crying during this final episode. The first was the horror of watching the baby almost trampled by crazed people on the bridge. I kept waiting for that to happen. It reminded me of @A_Ron_Hubbard mentioning how frightened he was of seeing the baby in the first episode almost get bit by the snake...only to be saved as well.

    The second time was during Kevin's song performance. He sounded not-that-great...but that wasn't the point. the emotion was there.(See the end of the post for more) And because he sounded not-that-great, it added to the realism and I was absolutely transfixed. I pretty much lost it entirely at that point...especially seeing Kevin cry onstage...that was when it really hit. What a perfect song and how expertly done. @A_Ron_Hubbard mentioned it in the cast, but the tight rope this show walks is absolutely phenomenal. A lesser show would have totally botched this scene. Nope...not here.

    The third was when Kevin finally returned home. From the moment he told John that he could come to his house if no one was home until the reunion with Kevin's just was too much. God damn you Leftovers (in the best possible way). I ended up a weepy mess on a Thursday night from a show that I only started watching out of boredom a month or two ago.

    Anyway. Suffice to say I am beyond stoked for the third and final season. Lindelof and co. seem to have perfected their craft. And I can't wait to see what is in store for us all. 

    Oh and here is the example of a song not sung particularly well, (at least in a conventional sense) but done in her own style. Interestingly enough also the same artist as who did Season 2's opening credits. This song is most notably the end-credits of the True Grit remake by the Coens from a few years back. I know this post has been all about me crying...but this song does it for me too. I have played it for others who were less than impressed, but I think it hits all the emotional beats that just cut me to the core.

  • 301- "Mabel"

     But, this is exactly the type of cool, subtle detail Vince and Peter put in to making this universe.

    ... to be frank, I was hoping to find something about David Niven that would allow me to make a bold, if not crazy prediction about Jimmy / Saul. Niven died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1983. Do with that information what you will.
    Listen, I am not trying to shit on your theory, but I don't think Gene will die of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1983. 
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  • 20 Million Downloads Q&A Extravaganza

    Unfortunately no, the video was eaten by a grue, and we were unable to recover it. We were pretty pissed about it.
    Can't you guys just go back and just lip-sync the whole thing on video? Its only a 3 hour podcast. Thats not too much to ask is it?
  • 607 - "The Broken Man" - No Spoilers!

    I thought the kid did an amazing job. I am surprised people are having a problem with it. She had more poise and maturity in her pinky toe than Joffrey had in his entire body.
  • Westworld and JWJ&A


    "J" = Jogging? Joking? Judging? Juicing? or Jeeping, perhaps?
  • Jessica Jones Netflixs 11/20

    Yeah, I am very curious for how this turns out. Count me in. I'd like to see a legitimate trailer. These teasers are fun, but they need to show me a tad more.

    I want to see more too, but it's refreshing to see a teaser that actually just teases, rather than giving you too much. 
    Oh definitely. It is just surprising since the release is a month away or so.
    Frakkin T
  • 301- "Mabel"

    A good episode that sets the table for the season. I've noticed more and more that it is a tad odd that there aren't more courtroom scenes for a show about a bunch of lawyers. I am not unhappy with what we have received so far, but I guess I thought we'd have more courtroom drama by this point in the show.