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  • Thanks and Fuck You

    I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job.
    I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters. 
    Good luck with your job search.
    Thanks and fuck you. 
  • Doing better :)

    Great to hear, Matty. However, I am going to play the stern, concerned role here and suggest you still be seriously looking into equally serious help. I know it feels like things are better (and thats really excellent) but you were in a pretty rotten place. And I'd hate to imagine that creeping up on you again--but as I am sure you know, that stuff tends to do just that. Just my two-cents.
  • 308 - The Book of Nora

    I have nothing to offer that hasn't already been said. But I will chirp in on the Laurie thing. So in the previous episode, I was concerned that Laurie would show up in Kevin's dreamland and that would blunt the impact of what most of us perceived to be her suicide. In the language film, "Certified" led us to believe she killed herself. People had some great arguments why it was out of her character to do that, but we are all pretty astute TV watchers and with the language of not just TV but also with the bleak nature of The Leftovers, there was little doubt that she went to her death.

    So seeing her pop up in the finale definitely threw me for a loop. I initially was not a huge fan for the reason I mentioned above. It deadens the impact of what we saw before. However...after reading thoughts here, I find that it does something pretty sneaky and awesome for a bleak show like this one. It retroactively changes how we view that conversation with Jill & Tommy. And it makes the series one of hope and speaks to the main mission statement of the finale. Specifically that by connecting with loved ones, we can survive whatever mental illness, grief, or trauma we experience. Just as Kevin and Nora are given a second chance at happiness by connecting in the final minutes of the finale, we also learn that the phone call with Tommy & Jill most likely saved Laurie's life. 

    Anyway, all this stuff has been pointed out elsewhere and much more succinctly, but I find that aspect of the finale incredibly beautiful. I can totally see how people feel like they got emotionally judo flipped with the Laurie reveal. But it will be interesting to see how folks feel about this on a rewatch. The scuba scene has been entirely recontextualized, and that is pretty damn impressive if you ask me. 

    The only thing that really didn't work for me is the piece with Kevin pretending to have no knowledge. It seems that it was done for the writers to confuse and disorient the audience. There was really no reason for Kevin to have done that, and it seems just slightly manipulative when the story and character had no reason for that. 
  • You are spoiling Game of Thrones in your season 2 podcast

    I'm hoping this becomes a Berenstein bears thing where people just aren't quite sure if there was an original host or not.
    You mean Berenstain, right? 
  • Tacos Gone Wrong!

    "More than just waiting in long lines, attendees were upset by the lack of options. On Facebook, many complained that there weren’t enough taco possibilities at the food trucks."

    I feel like the writer really missed an opportunity to use the word "tacobilities" in their article here.
  • Harmontown

    I'd say go and watch it after the tour is completed. It will give you some really great insight into what was going on behind-the-scenes. And its especially cool to watch a scene of what you only really heard before. 

    I mentioned it in another thread, but I've been to a Harmontown show and it was a real blast. If you are ever in the vicinity of going to one, I'd recommend it. 
  • Cutting the Cable Cord?

    I use my Apple TV primarily and I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu (without ads), Amazon (through Prime), and HBO Now. A friend of mine lets me use her Sling (essentially this is a streaming TV) account for everything else. For things that aren't covered with all of that, I will buy a season pass. I've found most of my bases are covered through those services. And I am willing to bet all that combined is still like half of what you are paying. I don't miss cable one bit. 
  • I'm torn about following coverage

    I think I'm actually going to skip it all until I finish the season. Unfortunately, this may be what I do with Westworld as well. I almost want to watch the shows in a vacuum. The theorizing and such sort of ruins whatever spell the show wants to put on me. 
  • Destiny 2

    Alright. I grabbed the bull by the horns. Let me know if you need an invite. I sent out a handful of them already if you mentioned wanting one in this thread. You will want to make sure you have signed into Bungie and linked your gaming handle of choice. There were some people who I couldn't invite because it appears the accounts aren't linked up.