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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Power has been returned. Thanks everyone for their concern. I just took the best shower of my life. Holy Toledo. All you Bald Movers rock 
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  • When parents regret having their kids

    The backstory is the child is just deathly afraid of having his picture taken. @Hatorian is the real monster here. 
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    So I don't post much about personal things, but I work for a county in Northern California. I am a Deputy with our county's Public Guardian office. Essentially I handle conservatorships/guardianships for adults who are physically/mentally unable to manage their estate and/or healthcare decisions. If no family or anyone else is willing to help our office steps in and I am their legal decision-maker as far as the court is concerned. 

    All of that to say I need to approve all medications and healthcare stuff for my clients. About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of signing the first consent documentation for a client in our county to receive the vaccine (this person is in a skilled nursing facility, so high risk, and on the first tier to get the vaccine). It was very satisfying and exciting. 
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  • The Great California Power Blackout of 2019

    I went to take my trash out last. I came back and all the lights were on. It was like seeing the face of god.
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  • Show off your collectables

    Right next to Mandalorian oranges. 
  • Zach Synder Justice League

    Not enough slo-mo. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I got my booster on Monday. Outside of some arm soreness, no other symptoms to speak of. 
  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    I know the show isn't for everyone, but boy-howdy, was I glad to hear some coverage of Severance. It was great to hear the guys excited and into a show that I am now obsessed with. The podcast definitely had the vibe of their Devs, True Detective Season 1, or Westworld Season 1 podcasts. I also was happy to have just the briefest of theorizing, as the hive mind of the internet ruining puzzle-box tv is not something I am into. The show is so freaking good. 
  • Succession - HBO

    I know it is a stupid thing to complain about, but HBO seems dead set on not releasing the seasons (outside of the first on blu-ray). It was announced recently that the third season would be released on DVD on May 17th. They did the same thing for the second season. It is just really bizarre for one of their most praised shows to not be released on blu-ray. Why even bother with putting it out on DVD if they are so (seemingly) against sales on physical media?

    This is pretty weird, I wonder if there's a long standing deal for DVD distribution or something like that. But hey, why sell you something once for 40 bucks when you can pay them 15+ dollars a month for eternity to never own it?
    Yeah, I have no clue. But it is weird, because they went back and like re-released Chernobyl on 4K. And Westworld consistently gets 4K releases. I'm sure it has something to do with who is in charge of the physical distribution. Someone has crunched the numbers and its made sense to them. But for a guy like me who is trying to hold on to physical medium by his fingernails, it is irritating. Champagne problems to have. 
  • Justin case you haven’t seen this…

    Justin's sense of humor is probably the part of the show I like the least. So I am curious what the show looks like with Harmon running things. Regardless...not a good look, Justin.