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  • 703 - The Queen's Justice

    Lady Olenna was always a boss, that's why I loved her so much and sad to see her go, but she went out a bad ass, no question. Euron is a jerk, but entertaining. Jamie, looks so sad having to take all of the insults for his sister and for what?

    Jon and Danny finally meet. We have been waiting for this moment for so long, that when it happens it seems underwhelming. I guess I wanted more sparks between Jon and Danny.

    Anyone notice even when the sun's out Dragonstone still seems gloomy and depressing. Apparently there are people living there, but it seems deserted and lonely.
    I thought there was a hint of flirtatious tension or chemistry or... Something... When she told him he could mine the dragonglass.
    You mean this?
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  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

    "How many men do we have in the North to fight? Ten thousand? Less?"

    Oh Davos, from an illiterate to a grammarian. Stannis would be proud.
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  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

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  • 702 - "Stormborn"

    That was over way too quickly. I think I cried in every Arya scene -- as soon as she heard about Jon, and then when she was begging Nymeria to return with her. Speaking of direwolves, still no sighting of Ghost. Not even a sleeping one in the corner. WTF

    Jon pulling a Ned choke slam on Littlefinger was immensely satisfying. The only thing that could have improved that scene is if he had actually killed him. I'm so sick of LF leaving a slime trail around Winterfell. Get rid of him already.
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  • LOST: A Creative Failure

    At first I was like

    Then I remembered how these threads always go

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  • 606 - "Blood of My Blood" - SPOILER THREAD!!

    MVP for the episode for me is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in the background reacting to the ridiculousness that is Mace Tyrell, who apparently needs to be led as if he is a five year old riding a pony. Jaime's expressions were not that far off from mine when Dany was making yet another entitled speech. Yes, Dany, bring your Dothraki horde to Westeros to rape, pillage, and destroy. I wonder if Jon will be the one to put the mad queen down like Jaime had to put her father down.
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  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    Since the writers are calling back to S1 so much, they could have eliminated the Gendry / raven nonsense if they had them bring a raven with them in the first place, like Mormont did when they went ranging beyond the Wall at the end of S1. It would show foresight on Jon's part as well as him learning from Mormont.
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  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

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  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    The NRA is a powerful, rich organization, but we can beat them. In the 13 VA 2017 races in which pro-gun control Democrats ran against NRA-backed Republicans, Democrats won 12. And the three at the top of the ticket (Northam, Fairfax, and Herring) were rated F by the NRA, and they all won.

    Parkland students are out in force on Twitter, clapping back at GOP senators and Fox News personalities, demanding policy change instead of "thoughts and prayers." These kids will be old to vote soon, and they will remember.

    State Attorney Generals are fighting back. The courts are fighting back. Grassroots campaigning and fundraising are working. We all have to do what we can to effect change. It's a steep hill, but it's not hopeless.
  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

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